Saiyuki blowing wind-Listen & view Gensomaden Saiyuki's lyrics & tabs

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Saiyuki blowing wind

Saiyuki blowing wind

Saiyuki blowing wind

Tachi Agare. Goku's Theme. And don't worry, the translating will definitely continue! Goku wants to see a buff Konzen! David Guetta.

Mass sex offenders list. Top Tracks of Gensomaden Saiyuki

Retrieved 26 January Retrieved 22 November Saiyuki blowing wind from the original on 7 October Synopsis After the flashback: we catch up with the ikkou eating at an inn, Goku cramming down the stir-fry so fast that Gojyo chides Saiyuki blowing wind, saying he can't possibly be able to taste the food that way. There's a girl in a birdcage! I'm not going Penis tuck let either of them out. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Add another takoyaki. How can we improve? Sanzo snorts winf focuses on his cigarette. Namespaces Article Talk. The normal forest sounds could clearly be heard. Goku's body bloing to pass through Saiyuki blowing wind bars and even through Hakkai's grasping hand as he tried to stop it.

Gensomaden Saiyuki.

  • The group was stopping a little early today.
  • Joe Hisaishi , in his first collaboration with Miyazaki, composed the film's score.
  • The Sanzo Ikkou is going to a firework's festival and Gojyo insists that such festivals are the best places to bring girls.
  • Saiyuki didn't know what to say, her mind felled with words and other things, her parents where ninjas, Naruto looked to his frozen daughter and asked "Saiyuki?

Thank you seiten-taisei for sharing this, and a bunch of drama CDs! Go here for links to my translations of the other stories in this anthology. Oh my, what happened to your leg? Gojyo: Shut it. We get it already. Hakkai: The map must be old. Narration: Thoroughly prepared. Goku: Seriously!? Great job Hakkai!! Hakkai: I bought them in the previous town just in case. Goku: Aw yeah. Gojyo: Wait!! Goku: Huh? Goku: Whaaat!? Gojyo: Dog-eat-dog, I eat manju. Goku: No fair, pervy kappa!!

Servants should suck it up. Hand them over to Sanzo-sama. Hakkai: Ahahaha. Can you believe it? Baby Panda: Mother, that boy was a youkai. P Goku: There. Come with me. P Hakkai: Hm? Sanzo: Yeah. The monkey is annoying, so leave it for him. Hakkai: That was your bad, Gojyo. Gojyo: The starving brat just fussed too much. Boo, boo. P Goku: Wow! That looks tasty! Baby Panda: Can you eat this?

Goku: Yum!! Baby Panda: Uh huh, go ahead. Baby Panda: Go for it. They eat humans when they get hungry. Baby Panda: No Mother, he ate them like they tasted good. Baby Panda:? Goku: …………. Go where you like. Obtain what you want. For yourself. You made me realize. Loneliness, hunger, and how to ease them. P Goku: thinking You taught me all of that.

Goku: …… Heh. Goku: Hehe… Did you know? Guess I can give some to Hakkai. P Baby Panda: Mother, humans youkai? Whaddya bring back? Hakkai: Welcome back. We were worried, Goku. Sanzo was waiting too. Sanzo: What are you talking about? Hakkai: Well, the manju was. Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful creation. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for the Sanzo Ikkou.

Usatoru I am so grateful I was able to participate in this! I had a lot of fun drawing. Ueda Shinsyu Congratulations on 20 years of Saiyuki! Congratulations on the new new new Saiyuki anime!

I wonder if this is what it means to get old… My favorite character is Sharak Sanzo, and I love everything about her so much. Also, I reread all the books to prep for this anthology, and I think Hakkai and Kanan are just too cute! Character limit? So heartless. P Kogami Nana Thank you very much for inviting me to participate in this. Congratulations on the anime!

I really love how Kougaiji interacts with Lirin-chan. I plan to continue stalking Sanzo and watching over him for years to come. Tachibana Congratulations on 20 years of the Saiyuki series!! The difficulty increases 1. I got to have fun and draw my beloved Gojyo getting defiant! Suzumoto Jun Thank you so much for letting me participate in this Saiyuki Anthology!

I was happy I got to draw Kougaiji because I like him. It was fun having lots of characters appear! I got to draw an image that contrasts with the Gaiden anthology, and exclaim over the coolness of the Sanzo Ikkou. Thank you very much for this opportunity! I started thinking of a plot that would let me draw a lot of the cool Sharak Sanzo-sama, but it ended up being a manga all about silly Hassan-san. The world begins to go crazy. There is no relation to actual people, groups, or events. You can read my translations of the other stories in this collection, linked from the table of contents in this post.

Keep reading. Check out this post by seiten-taisei to download this anthology and a bunch of other stuff she was nice enough to share! Thank you to marikumagica and seiten-taisei for alerting me to and sharing these character info sheets from the back of Reload Blast vol 3! My notes are in [square brackets]. See the table of contents in this entry for links to translations of the other stories in this collection. See the table of contents in this entry for links to my translations of the other stories in this collection as I post them.

Kenren and Konzen help? This is the start of the Saiyuki Gaiden Anthology, raws provided by the lovely seiten-taisei. Check out her post here , where she shares a bunch of stuff this anthology is near the bottom of the list. Soto Note: text in parenthesis are part of the article.

Text in [square brackets] are notes from me. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Goku helps a baby panda in this last story of the anthology. Loneliness, hunger, and how to ease them P Goku: thinking You taught me all of that.

Saiyuki Gaiden Anthology: Know The Appropriate Timing seiten-taisei was the amazing person who shared the raws; check them out here. Goku plays hide-and-seek, and Jiroushin is a pro at dealing with Kanzeon Bosatsu. We all really appreciate you and your work and I'd like to be able to give you a little for your work, at least.

Saiyuki Gaiden Anthology: What If At That Time Check out this post by seiten-taisei to download this anthology and a bunch of other stuff she was nice enough to share!

Tokuma Shoten. I'll starve to death! Where did she run off to?! Why not let her be free from it all. Retrieved 28 March First, two beers!

Saiyuki blowing wind

Saiyuki blowing wind

Saiyuki blowing wind. Navigation menu

Add another takoyaki. Oh, and beer too. Hanzo, hu huys hinally hame. Two beers. First, two beers! Even though I have to watch it with you bastards.

What about you? You gotta pay in cash. Gojyo sighs and shells out the cash [ Mister ]: Thank you, come again! Ooh, wahaha, soo good!!! You already ate! Can I eat strawberry and melon both? Shall I have plain syrup? Gimme three frankfurters!

The sound of a toy gun going off [ Hakkai ]: clapping Wonderful! A direct hit. What are you doing. Pay the man. Why do I hafta. Goku gets lose and runs off [ Goku ]: Mister! She looked very, very annoyed. They actually reincarnated your violent droopy eyed ass. It's good to know they finally kicked your violent ass out of heaven but in plus years you'd think you would gather enough bad karma to come back as a stink work or a dung beetle or something.

I can't believe the monkey managed to attach himself to his glorious sun all over again. I'm sorry about the name calling.

Then she noticed the other two. I was talking about a couple hands of poker, maybe a game or two of mahjong. Goku pulled at her hand and it didn't work. You might not want your friends to hear. And with that she yanked him into the cage with her. Goku's body seemed to pass through the bars and even through Hakkai's grasping hand as he tried to stop it. So you bring Mr. Droopy Eyes back up here and get me out of this! The monkey stays with me until I'm out of this oversized bird cage.

Goku was now starring at her in horror and disbelief. But it was stopped, not because it couldn't fit between the bars, but because some unseen force had stopped it. Hakkai left the clearing as Gojyo continued to glare at her prone form. Then Gojyo also left the clearing. You guys just can't leave me here! He turned frantically to his cellmate who was sitting there laughing and not in the insane or desperate sort of way either. It's just that I make such a horrible villain.

By the way, it is great to see you, even if you're still just as gullible and naive as when we met. No need to break your brain coming up with all that poetical shit. I'll let you out tomorrow afternoon, maybe late morning if you're really pathetic.

And all of this is hinging on the slim possibility your friends don't show up for you first. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Now do it again. Now think, are you hungry right now? In a cage like this you won't get hungry or thirsty or tired. We only get hot cold and desperately bored and lonely. He should've had enough time to get back here by now.

I'm not going to let either of them out. How long to you think she can stand with the monkey in there with her. For all those wondering this story is set right at the end of the Saiyuki manga and before Saiyuki Reload.

All information that I happen to collect outside of these titles may or may not be used because I am the writer and therefore I am the god of this universe. I intend to post a chapter about every Thursday if you all are wondering. This is my first fan fiction on this site and the first I've posted online for at least four years. Disclaimer:I do not own anything from this series except for the manga sitting on my bookcase at home.

Do not touch these. I have covered them in poison in case someone decides they want to run off with them. Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Sanzo group is camping out for the night. While Goku is out fetching wood, he gets distracted by a girl in a bird cage who apparently knows his past and is quite desperate to get out.

Something was different about this forest. Do you remember anything before your own punishment? I'll miss four meals! I'll starve to death! I remember being so lonely for someone to talk to. He's going to be really pissed when he finally gets out. Enjoy, read, review, and flames will be used to roast marshmallows. Song of the Caged Girl 2. Late Night Discussions 3. Elemental Myths 4.

Listen & view Saiyuki's lyrics & tabs

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Link Reply Thread. Link Reply Parent Thread. Congrats on graduating and welcome back!!! XD Thanks for the translation. And don't worry, with all that you do for us Saiyuki fans, it's only fair to give you time to get back into the translate-y groove. XD No worries. Congratulations on your graduation! Thank you for translating, this is already shaping up to be a good story!

Duh, it's by Minekura-sensei, how could it not? I didn't even get through the first page before I gave up. Good thing I remembered this was posted! Thank you so much for translating this!! I've been curious ever since I first heard about it. And welcome back!! Hi, congratulation on graduating, and thank you for translation!

Link Reply Parent Thread Expand. Congratulations on the Graduation! It's good to have you back. Thank you for all the effort you put in translating the awesomeness! Thank you! Thank you, you wonderful translator you! Thank you for all the time,work and effort that you're putting into this. So are there gonna be lei pics on your personal LJ?

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Saiyuki blowing wind