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Rhoads lifters suck

Forgot Password? I'm Pretty Girl with a fantastic Body! Vendor Directory. Remember Me? Originally Posted by neatolds. Email this Page. I'll support the previous post, I've had a set on my in my 76 4x4 Blazer for over k miles with no problems.

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FockerAug 13, It's far from a stock build now. A CHP friend of mine said just keep it under 80 on the highway. Last Rhoads lifters suck while hunting in Rhoads lifters suck and idling hours on end. I commonly used JP timing sets roughly years ago. And they ran liftesr Rhoads lifters suck. The only problem was that now there was what seemed to be a slight misfire at idle and as the engine is revved through the Rpm range, it would break up. Otherwise my co-workers will get you. This SBC cam can be Rhoars on stock timing chain and tensioner, and inexpensive and reliable GM valve springs and retainer caps. I will update Hillary shapiro topless guys as soon as I can get this done. For the van, there might be sck bigger problem that will make replacing the lifters pointless, but if that's the case you probably need to Rhoads lifters suck the engine, so just replacing the lifters is definitely usck easy way to go for now. If you don't mind a little unorthodox, this is for you. Not the best way, but it worked.

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Login with Facebook. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Mark Forums Read. Vendor Directory. Used Cars. Rhoads Lifters. Thread Tools. February 23rd, , PM. Anyone have any experience with Rhoads lifters in the Olds ? I bought a 66 Cutlass and the guy who had the car put the W cam in it. The Duration is ! Way too much for the street. Any advice?

View Public Profile. July 24th, , AM. Original post is over 8 years old Originally Posted by neatolds. July 24th, , PM. The O. Hopefully he's fixed his cam problem by now July 26th, , AM. August 3rd, , PM. Well, while we're here, and since the post is 8 years old, maybe we can hijack it a little. Let's talk about the Rhoads lifters a bit. How do they work? Are they still being made? What kind of reduction can be expected?

I want to run a lumpier cam in my car as well, but I'm also concerned about off-idle manners and such. What is the general consensus on these? Charlie Jones. Rhodes lifters have a controlled "leakdown".

The lifter actually bleeds off some oil to reduce the valve lift and duration. As engine speed increases , there is less time for the lifter to bleed down. So lift and duration come up to "normal" specs. Related Topics. April 13th, PM. April 16th, PM. My v8 is knocking is it a rod or is it lifters?

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May 10, 1 0 0. Even before then, its small size is a restriction. Search titles only. Anybody run them? Three lifters won't pump up. Search Advanced search…. The largest camshaft that will fit onto stock heads.

Rhoads lifters suck

Rhoads lifters suck

Rhoads lifters suck

Rhoads lifters suck

Rhoads lifters suck

Rhoads lifters suck.

As a result, the chain sits too far forward on the crank when installed. The crank gear pulls the cam gear forward in order to achieve alignment and Ive seen cracked cam retainer plates as a result, that's how extreme it is. I'm sure this misalignment has something to do with the chain stretch as well. Bottom line, you need to take the crank gears both stock and Rollmaster to a machinist and have the Rollmaster machined to match the factory. During install you need to use a straight edge to ensure the gears are properly aligned without the camshaft budding against its retainer plate.

Hear me? Ensure you run a good quality pump. These pumps can be run without a relay system, just use an add-a-fuse circuit within your factory fuse box under the hood in a switched fuse, and then run a separate ground. The 04 bottle can be retrofitted to GP easily.

On all the above except the latter, refer to how the MAF sensor was oriented from factory, and keep that orientation! Rotating it around will affect its airflow readings, and affect how accurate your MAF calibration is. Even before then, its small size is a restriction. Fenderwell Intakes A fenderwell intake is the only way to properly get cold air to the engine. You must place the air filter outside the engine bay to suck in cold air properly, encapsulating the filter rarely works as well as its theory.

There are instructions all around the internet forums on how to set this up but what I will do is give a warning that you must must must keep the air filter clean in order for there to be a benefit of cold air introduction. Spark Plugs A spark plug has two jobs. One is to fire the cylinder its installed into. All Supercharged engines run too hot a spark plug.

When running a smaller supercharger pulley such as a 3. Copper plugs have a wider centre electrode and they will run cooler than the sharp thin pointed Iridium plug centre electrode. This can lead to reduced engine knock. They will erode faster though, and require replacement or regapping every year. Run copper plugs only if you truly mean to take care of them, they are not a set and forget installation.

Factory gap is an outrageous. However on supercharged s I recommend a gap of. Full bore setups with 2. Minute misfires that you may not be able to fully feel can show up as KR on a scantool and closing the gap can reduce this KR when it occurs. But also, its not uncommon to see very murky and burnt fluid in the steering system.

Its my recommendation to switch the steering fluid from GM steering fluid to transmission fluid. Many other manufacturers run trans fluid. So when is it beneficial to upgrade? My answer has to be when doing an intercooler, for a couple of reasons. Performance Spark Plug Wires First rule of performance spark plug wires: don't buy performance spark plug wires. The main reason I like factory wires is build quality, because poor build quality can negatively affect performance.

I want a wire that doesn't fall apart the first time you disturb it, makes positive electrical connections at its terminals and lasts a long time. Here's a few examples of what goes wrong in my history of performance spark plug wires: The metal terminal comes off the wire the first time the wires is removed: The metal terminal is crimped onto the end of the wire casing, and the center conductor wire is folded over and crimped ontop of.

If this crimp is so easily dislodged, how good is that electrical connection at the crimp, nevermind the fact that if this comes off the wire is bound for the garbage can and new wires need to be purchased The rubber boot slides on the wire body: I see this a lot, the end boot that goes over the spark plug slides on the wire body, and the depth at which the metal terminal sits inside that boot is disturbed. This can lead to the terminal not fitting over the spark plug properly, causing a poor electrical connection and a weak spark The metal terminal fits loosely over the spark plug: Again I see this commonly, the terminal doesn't make a good solid connection with the spark plug, it distorts and is loose, and if this happens again you don't get a good electrical connection, you get a weak spark.

Sometimes you can crimp the terminal tight again with pliers, sometimes not The wires suck: This happens sometime as well. It takes all kinds I guess. I just want what I paid for. Buick Mark Active Member. Sep 12, 25 28 Visit site. Oh I need to update this. Because you can't seperate them at the tie bar. Much better.

All pumped up now. I'll have to investigate those three further Found rockers tapping valve covers in three places. Went to original GM rockers. Damn asian aftermarket crap Now this is what this engine should sound like. I've got to watch it. Glad I have cruise control. I don't need the tickets. A CHP friend of mine said just keep it under 80 on the highway. Otherwise my co-workers will get you.

OK Will do. I never had the Comp Cams Lifters Now to see what about those three. TurboBob Resident mad scientist Staff member. May 24, 6, 83 Commerce Township, Michigan. May 10, 1 0 0. Mufflers new models are so nice.. It is nice to watch.. TurboBob said:. Everything running well otherwise? Jun 9, 56 0 6 Australia. I had PBM lifters in my engine when it arrived i found them quite noisey even after adjusting them properly. After pulling the motor out and reassembling i found at least 4 lifters stuck and wouldnt bleed off or just seized.

So i ordered 's they turned up from stateside after a long wait and they were unshrouded i spoke to Comp and they said there was a with a different prefix that were that way.. But after looking into lifters again ive noticed some of the SBC aftermarket retro fit roller lifters are shrouded the type. If you type in or thats the SBC kit.

Howards Cams and Lunati also do these retro fit lifters to suit also Staff member. Apr 4, 5, 1, Huntington Beach CA. Just saw this and fugured that I'd add it to this thread. Happy spooling. Mike Barnard.

Nov 9, 1, 50 48 lake charles la. Disappointed to say the least. They are setting off the knock sensor at rpm even with good fuel in it. Buyer beware??? Dec 19, 16, 1, 43 CT. Oh I know!! It's far from a stock build now. Nature of the beast is pretty much what I was told. I guess the expectations were a little higher for the noise level. The noise I can live with, I just make sure there is no chance of real knock ,read the plugs and unplug the sensor.

Not sure what else I could do. Ive assembled engines with 's. They all have the same exact predictable sound. Not like a Not quiet either. Morrels were not quiet in the engines ive heard either.

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Rhoads lifters suck. Age: I'm a so sensual and sexy girl with good education:- who waiting you for make relax and happy! So,don't hesitate to call me and I promise you a wonderful time toghether! Treat yourself with a touch of class and make your night an unforgettable pleasure.

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Rhoads lifters suck

Rhoads lifters suck

Rhoads lifters suck