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I can offer a few suggestions of why that may be. One common comorbidity with autism is ADHD. People with ADHD are hyperactive and often have poor stimulus control. If this person with ASD and ADHD is in his teens or early twenties then it may be fair to say that that person is still in the midst of puberty. The brain is developing the pre frontal cortex in the midst of puberty and often this can mean poor emotional control and mood swings and less inhibition.

Puberty tvsh

Puberty tvsh

In this way, the media and thus the public will receive the necessary information on the government tasks and policies. Newsletters Archive. In the course of this project, 45 Puberty tvsh journalists were trained, and a core of six Pubrety tutors was formed. Quora Userstudied at University of Groningen. The first part of the project is Puberty tvsh at training PR representatives from several municipalities and counties from all over the country. On OctoberNCRT granted national licenses only to three TVs and two radios, which sparked a controversy that has not faded away yet. This project is supported by the Danish International Development Agency. The main aim of this workshop was to train young TV reporters to build news stories. Finally the participants constantly tested what they learnt in practice, building, maintaining, and editing their websites.

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Using combinations of colored connected beads, the player follows images in the illustrated guide to Brad pitt vanity fair interview pictures vibrant designs that are either two-dimensional puzzles or layered structures. Camp is available for rising K3-rising 6th grade andOpen is open to theBasketball, public. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information. Using the SimCity software, the students developed Pubrty showcased Puberty tvsh innovative virtual city named Aquasilient. For details and to register visit christunitedstudents. Dates: July The Kindergarten class at North Mobile Christian celebrated the th day of School by dressing Puberty tvsh as year old Puberty tvsh and women. Pius X Knights of Columbus free throw contest winners for students yvsh She is a young lady that displays Godly character on and off of the court! Like denim jeans, sheepskin ugg boots had their beginnings many years back, lengthy prior to they became style components. Learning to navigate the choppy waters of friendship formation is a big part of the camp experience. Our families are from all over the Gulf Coast and all have beautiful stories to tell. Austin Elementary Student Council Officers Puberty tvsh Representatives welcomed prospective parents during a community open house on January 31st.

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I can offer a few suggestions of why that may be. One common comorbidity with autism is ADHD. People with ADHD are hyperactive and often have poor stimulus control. If this person with ASD and ADHD is in his teens or early twenties then it may be fair to say that that person is still in the midst of puberty.

The brain is developing the pre frontal cortex in the midst of puberty and often this can mean poor emotional control and mood swings and less inhibition. These are Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. How can Aspergers or high functioning autism be possibly misdiagnosed as BPD or bipolar? Update Cancel. Make your SaaS safe. Read this free e-book for a detailed checklist of what your SaaS security needs. You dismissed this ad. Answer Wiki. Quora User , studied at University of Groningen.

If you enjoy city building and strategy, Forge is a must-try. Journey through the ages—from the Stone Age to the Space Age and beyond—in this award-winning game. Play Now. How can someone be misdiagnosed with autism? Are there any conditions that are sometimes misdiagnosed as Asperger's high functioning autism? Why is autism misdiagnosed as bipolar in females? Why can Asperger's or high functioning autism in women be misdiagnosed as BPD?

Has anyone ever been misdiagnosed with autism? In which ways is BPD similar to bipolar disorder? Can BPD be misdiagnosed as bipolar? Can I get misdiagnosed with Asperger? Has anyone been misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder? I was misdiagnosed for bipolar, when I had BPD. How many people with BPD are misdiagnosed with having bipolar? How common is it for someone to be both autistic and bipolar? What if someone is both bipolar and autistic to high levels?

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and fun will be provided each day. It is a chance for kids to try out new interests and activities. When an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just one day to put things right again. If say to have so a team killed be concerned about, so the football also is done not have so absorbing. She may tremble with excitement about her role in the theater production.

Puberty tvsh

Puberty tvsh

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Live music will be provided and beverages will be on sale. Children under age 6 are free with an adult who has a ticket. Call for details or like us on Facebook. The tenth annual Little Black Dress cocktail party and runway show will be held Thursday, March 28, at Fort Whiting in Mobile, with doors opening at p.

Little Black Dress is the premier fundraising event for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mobile, which provides a supportive home environment offering care, compassion and hope to families with seriously ill and injured children being treated at Mobile area hospitals.

Attendees must be 21 years of age or older. Mobile Bay Parents I March One of our goals is to help spark a love of reading in as many children as possible. At the festival, and in all of our initiative programs, we want to get books into the hands of every child possible. A canal, complete with working water wheel, wind throughout the floral features, just as the canals run through Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

Produced by the Providence Hospital Foundation, the Festival of Flowers continues the tradition of delighting and educating visitors of all ages with over eight acres of exhibits under open sky and massive tents. Visit www. Join us for a fun day to discover new products and services for your baby or your family.

Physicians and our own experts from The Birthing Suites at Springhill will be making presentations throughout the day that feature best practices for taking care of your baby. Register for gifts to be given out to attendees during the event and a grand prize. USA Health is introducing the Beautiful Beginnings Baby Expo, a new community event planned for March 10, , to showcase the exclusive services provided to expectant moms and new parents in the region. Planned from 2 to 4 p.

The baby expo is a free and family-friendly event celebrating expectant moms and families with children under age four, and those who are considering becoming a parent. The baby expo will include door prizes, exhibitors, guided hospital tours and opportunities to meet the care teams at the hospital. Demonstrations and other giveaways will be available from local vendors.

For information, call or email beautifulbeginningsbabyexpo gmail. This super fun family event will be held at the Gulf Coast Exploreum from 10 a.

Come learn about all the area's summer camp options, be entertained with live animals, face painting, balloon twisting, and demonstrations all while browsing through the amazing Exploreum's permanent exhibits. Great fun for the whole family! The Village of Spring Hill, Inc. You may pre-register online at www. There are fun activities after the walk as well — DJ, games, and treats. When an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just one day to put things right again.

Freaky Friday is a heartfelt, comedic, and unexpectedly emotional update on an American classic. March at The Steeple on St. All shows begin at PM. The Steeple will open at each evening. The Room will be open prior to the show, theatre doors will open shortly after.

Concessions will also be available for purchase in The Room. You must bring your ticket on your phone or printed out to be admitted into The Steeple. Seating is assigned seating. Tickets are available now online at www. Strep Throat Strep throat is a very common diagnosis any time of the year. Group A Strep is the only strain of streptococcus that can cause strep throat.

This bacteria attaches to receptors on and around the tonsils and causes the infection. These receptors are not present in a child until they are about 6 months old, which is why young infants typically cannot get strep throat. Sometimes strep throat can cause a. The diagnosis is made by swabbing the throat and running it for a rapid strep test or a throat culture. Specific antibiotics, such as penicillin and amoxicillin, will treat strep throat.

If left untreated, an individual may be at greater risk of complications such as rheumatic fever, post-strep glomerulonephritis, post-strep myocarditis, or post-strep arthritis months after the initial strep throat has resolved.

Problems like this that involve the heart, joints, kidneys, and other organs can be very serious, but are also very rare. It is important to discard of any objects that are regularly used in the mouth like a toothbrush so that the child cannot be not reinfected with. It is also important to finish the full course of antibiotics, as bacteria can linger and reinfect the person if not fully treated.

If you suspect your child has strep throat, be diligent about washing their hands, avoid sharing drinks, and keep them away from others, especially if they have a fever. Make an appointment with your pediatrician if you suspect strep throat. Jennifer Adair, M. He asked faculty, staff and students to bring new, unwrapped items, that could be used at the shelter to aid victims of domestic violence. Sandra Shropshire is a 5th grade student at Collier Elementary.

Before she was adopted this past June, her and her siblings were in foster care for days. She received a journey bag at her new foster home on her first night. The journey bag helped her feel safe and cared about during a very sad time. Thousands of items and hundreds of dollars were donated!

This will allow students to learn how to control drones which are used in manufacturing to keep track of inventory. The company also brought and set up three new computers in the classroom. Students from Gilliard elementary participated in the Great Kindness Challenge recently. The students wrote kind notes to encourage each other.

A little kindness can go a long way! The run will be held on March 24 at St. You can show your support for Children's Hospital by donating or sponsoring the Color Run. For reservations, sponsorships or additional information email Lt. Reese, one of the Courageous Eight who organized the Selma-to-Montgomery marches back in Crystal Galloway of Mary B. These teachers were selected from a distinguished list of 89 educators who were named the Teachers of the Year at their respective schools.

They will be recognized at an awards ceremony in May. Galloway pictured far right , a gifted education teacher, is known for her innovative lessons that challenge gifted students to think above and beyond the curriculum, including the Genius Hour, where she spends one hour a week working with groups of fifth-graders on individual areas of interest.

Students pick their own topic, research it and present on it. Nasty will be nice and the city of Mobile will be ogre-the-moon when the Fine Arts students of W. The family-friendly musical comedy follows the adventures of an ogre named Shrek who sets off on a quest to save a princess from a dragon. However, it turns out that in order to ultimately succeed, Shrek must battle an even bigger obstacle: learning how to believe in himself and open his heart to others.

A variety of activities took place celebrating this week. Students also participated in a field day where they split into teams to complete a challenge. The goal of EPIC is to offer students the opportunity to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Founded in , E-Week is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding about engineering and technology careers.

Today, E-Week reaches thousands of schools, businesses, and community groups across the United States. It has remained untouched except for upkeep to the building. They have a lot of the original hospital equipment and medical tools used to treat patients during that time. The goal was for the students to see what medical care consisted of and how far it has come since that time period. Junior and senior students at Satsuma High School participated in a career fair in January.

Representatives of industry from the surrounding areas were invited to come and meet face to face with our students and give insight into what their professions entail. Students were encouraged to visit as many booths as possible during their allotted time for the purpose of gathering information in the fields in which they were interested. The morning was a great success, and our students gained helpful information for making career choices in the future.

Pictured are students learning about the career of a dental hygienist. Austin, participated in a walking field trip around the Village of Springhill as part of their 2nd quarter PBL. They spent the quarter learning how to be money smart with an emphasis on earning, saving, donating and spending. Throughout the field trip, students purchased snacks and lunch with money they earned from completing chores.

They were also able to see pumpkins that they had donated earlier in the quarter displayed among the businesses in the Village of Springhill. While on the field trip, students learned how to start a savings account, start a business and how to make a transaction at a store.

Congratulation to the Burns Middle School basketball team on their victory. They clinched the County Championship with a score of Thank you Coach Epps for your dedication and leadership to our team. Throughout the football season, Angela assisted in filming all five home games capturing the action on the field and interviewing excited fans as they cheered on their Mighty Vikings!

Angela is a dedicated Viking Daily staff member who always has a smile on her face and an extended hand to assist others. MGM would also like to congratulate Mr. James Crawford who is co-sponsor of the sports broadcasting division of Viking Daily for receiving the Distinguished Teacher Award at the Seymour award ceremony. They are among 24 schools statewide to earn the honor, which is presented annually to exemplary schools with unique studentcentered programs that have shown proven success through the previous school year.

Eight of these 24 schools, one in each state Board of Education district, will be chosen as CLAS Banner Schools, to serve as models for other schools across the state. Alma Bryant was recognized, in part, for its partnership with Ingalls Shipbuilding to train the next generation of welders in its Talent Development Lab. Tanner Williams was recognized for its use of technology in project-based learning lessons that emphasize problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and collaboration.

Launched during Catholic Schools Week, St. Visitors for Family and Alumni Day were able to visit each post hosted by St.

Mary students. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students help kick off Black History month by decorating a tree with ornaments to honor famous African Americans. The school will host a Black History program at the end of the month to celebrate.

Congratulations to St. Pius X Knights of Columbus free throw contest winners for students ages These winners have the opportunity to go to Montgomery for the state competition. We had 3 teams competing and our B team took 1st place in the private school division, A team took 2nd and our C team tied for 4th. We also placed 3rd Overall for all schools. Luke's 5th graders tour the upper campus to get a sneak peak at life on the other campus.

They were able to hear from students in middle school and high school, teachers and coaches as well as have lunch. We feel pretty confident that they are excited about next year! The Mary B. Austin Elementary Student Council Officers and Representatives welcomed prospective parents during a community open house on January 31st. They hosted hallway and classroom tours while sharing stories about their time as Austin Innovators.

They received plaques from the Optimist Club and attended a luncheon to honor them. Congratulations to E. Alison Stacey. Stacey teaches fourth grade math, science, and social studies. Dickson is proud to have Ms. Stacey represent the school as Teacher of the Year.

Join us for a new, FREE family-friendly event celebrating expectant moms and families! After receiving this certification, we accepted four 8th grade students from the Great Light Baptist School in Seoul, South Korea into our school. This fall, we were able to accept two new students from the Charity Christian School in Yangju, South Korea who are both seniors and will be graduating from LBA in the fall.

Additionally, our relationship with Great Light Baptist School continued and at the start of the spring semester we welcomed seven new 8th grade students. As a school we are thrilled to have a part in the education of these students as well as exposing our local students to another culture. The Leadership Class at St. Paul's Episcopal School works with our students each week by providing mentoring and tutoring.

We are so appreciative for all you and your students do for us at Prichard Prep! Mary Catholic students study plant growth in the Bicentennial Garden, St. Mary's project that earned their place as one of Bicentennial Schools in the State of Alabama. The garden includes raised beds for each grade level from PreK3 through 8th grade and for each of the science classes, a pond, and an outdoor classroom. The students are able to plant different varieties of seeds, watch them grown and note their progress.

A complete science curriculum coincides with the garden under the direction of St. Mary S. Plant Coordinator, Lauree Riggin. Mary students, parents, and members of the community are also welcome to participate though St.

Mary's Garden Club. Students had the opportunity to express themselves in artistic drawing and sharing why they love their school! Thank you, parents, for choosing the LWCC Kingdom Academy to provide your children's educational needs, training them as leaders and to be disciples of Christ!

They displayed different projects representing the days of the school year. They also, paraded their projects around the Lower Elementary building to show all of the classes their projects. He is Risen! Join us for a wonderful day filled with fun as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Junior Varsity team finished in 5th place out of 10 teams, and the Elementary Team finished in 5th place out of 12 teams. Students selected for membership into the NJHS serve as role models for other students in the school. In addition to the strong academic records which established the eligibility for membership, the members are leaders in many student organizations and serve the school and community through activities.

Students at St. Pius X school were pretty much starstruck at the possibility of meeting some future NFL players, but as the morning wore on they felt they had made some new friends. Pius X on Friday, January 25 to speak with students concern the importance of a good education on the road to fulfilling your dreams.

The three players each spoke at a school assembly and then visited classrooms to give autographs, answer questions and for photo ops. Way to go Rams! She will now take an online test to see if she qualifies to go to the state competition. Great job Eagles! Open to students in grades Football Banquet in Montgomery, on January During the season Flip caught 81 passes for 1, yards and 24 touchdowns as the Warriors won the Class 2A, Region 1 title and made the playoffs for the first time since joining the AHSAA.

Rudolph also had 10 kickoff returns for yards and three touchdowns. Spreading Kindness like confetti! Time: p. The students observed the Storm Tracker van and also enjoyed a slide on storm safety presented by Mr. Pius X recognized Accelerated Reader Outstanding Readers at the school's award ceremony and with and ice cream sundae party.

Pictured are some middle school awardees enjoying ice cream. Now registering for the school year! Established in , Corpus Christi Catholic School provides students in K2 through eighth grade an outstanding education. The mission of Corpus Christi Catholic School is to nurture every child by providing opportunities to grow in faith, achieve academic success, and serve others as disciples of Jesus.

Go Eagles! Two eighth graders took the top positions in the competition. Grant Carney right , came in first and Jim Pryor left was a close second. Social Studies teacher, Mr. Owen Smith, organized the bee, and expressed his pride over the winners who spent so much time preparing for the challenge. With her throw of , she set the new 7A indoor shot put record, a new Birmingham Complex record, and she will finish this indoor season 13 in the National Rankings!

Hannah has committed to compete in Track and Field at Stamford University next fall. First Grade teacher, Mrs. Amy Heim joined the fun by becoming Cruella De Vil! Pictured is Mrs. Heim's First Grade class. These students earned the ability to take this trip and represent our school. They were able to visit many monuments and Congress while they were in D.

Anna Couey has shown great effort the entire season and for every game. She is a young lady that displays Godly character on and off of the court! We are very proud of her! Congrats to St. Luke's 8th grader, Will Hattaway, who won the Geography Bee and will be advancing to the next round!

Robert E. The construction of this city focused on creating a power grid capable of withstanding a natural disaster. Using the SimCity software, the students developed and showcased an innovative virtual city named Aquasilient. Students continued by writing a word essay describing the city and its many features. Following, a model was built to depict their future city. Of the 20 schools who entered the competition, Robert E. The competition was hosted at the U. This was Robert E.

Mary Catholic School! Pictured: St. Mary Principal, Debbie Ollis and St. Mary Pastor, Msgr. Warren Wall, as she accepts her award. Levy H. Knox, lit the Presidential candle.

The 8th grade students used the flame of the Presidential candle to light their candle as a symbol of the passing of the torch of leadership, upholding the light of Christ. Knox prayed over them and spoke words of life into their destiny. Anna is pictured with Mrs. Mansfield and Ms. Barto, who organized the school Bee.

Congratulations Lillie and good luck as you continue your career at The University of South Alabama next fall! Students participating in MaPP events will solve puzzles, break codes, and engage with new areas of real mathematics used in academia and industry.

Phillips Preparatory is now officially the only school in the region and one of only seven in the state to offer the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. With this designation, Phillips — located on Old Shell Road in Mobile — joins 1, schools in countries offering the challenging curriculum that encourages students to think globally.

The Middle Years Programme is a whole-school program with a flexible curriculum that promotes intercultural understanding, communication and holistic learning, according to the IB website. Officials with International Baccalaureate, which is based in Switzerland, visited the school in November to observe classes and interview students, educators and parents, and determined students there are being taught to be principled, caring and creative thinkers.

Students in the IB Diploma Programme take tests their senior year that allow them to earn college credit. And colleges seek out students who have completed the program. We are so thankful! The Kindergarten class at North Mobile Christian celebrated the th day of School by dressing up as year old men and women.

Dominic Catholic School students, teachers, parents and priests paid their respects to Officer Tuder and his family by attending his funeral procession. Students brought flags and handmade signs.

The Saint Dominic community continues to pray for Officer Tuder's family and all of our first responders. Following the ceremony, Justin was able to engage with these company leaders about future opportunities in the field of aviation. PPS is one of the few private schools with music as part of the daily curriculum. The music program includes not only vocal training and the PPS Ensemble, but also learning to play the piano and other instruments.

Meredith King, PPS music teacher, instructs students in fundamental classical skills such as correct finger placement on the keyboard, posture, and reading music. She allows time for independent work, but also time with each student one-on-one. There is always music playing in our ears! King with 2nd grader Bryson Gable.

Several of St. Ollis this past February. Mary and their guests! Camp is available for rising K3-rising 6th grade andOpen is open to theBasketball, public. Enrollment begins in February and will be accepted in Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Enrollment begins in February and will be accepted in the order received.

Catherine was a student at Dunbar Magnet Middle when she created the film. The Ocean Awareness Contest invited students to explore the impacts of climate change on our blue planet through visual art, film, music, poetry, or prose.

Each year the Contest invites students to explore how human actions impact ocean health — with a focus on our roles as both problem-makers and problemsolvers — through the creative arts. Since its launch, the Contest has engaged nearly 10, teens from 78 countries and all 50 U. Nicholas Garvin, R. Congratulations to our talented students and sponsor. Brayden BB Butler is right.

His healthcare team is among the best in the nation! While practicing a motocross jump, BB fell and suffered a brain bleed. It would take half a year and surgeons, physicians, nurses and therapists to help him recover.

Faith Academy's student body collected coats and blankets for the anything warm drive. It was a wonderful opportunity to serve others and share the love of Christ. Little Flower Catholic School first graders all achieved their Accelerated Reader goals in recent months. Their teacher, Ms. Elisabeth Harbaugh, encourages them to find just the right book on their reading level, and to read for pleasure and comprehension.

Achieving their reading goals can earn points that can be cashed in for prizes. Dickson Elementary would like to thank Mr.

Stringfellow was presented a thank you gift from Mrs. Katryna Kinn, Principal, and Ms. Luke's lower school students line up down Azalea Road to pay their respects to Office Tuder during the funeral procession. Saint Dominic Catholic School Kindergarten students really aged overnight as they all became years old to celebrate the th Day of School!

They had special treats and crafts in recognition of becoming days smarter! Laurie Michener, Principal, also surprised the students with a special visit to the classrooms dressed in a grey wig, curlers, and glasses. Lori Phinney's Kindergarten class. On February 6, three of the MCS seniors announced their college decision.

Hours: Monday-Friday, ampm. Ages: Rising 1st-8th graders. This organization made up of students in grades performs two productions each year. Congratulations to the Arts Department, Mrs. We are so proud of this talented group of students and cannot wait to see what they perform next! The girls finished the season as Tournament Champions, only sustaining one loss on the season. Congratulations to the Lady Warriors and Coach Chason on a very successful season.

We saw lots of gray hair, walking canes, oxygen masks, suspenders, and support hose! Way to go Mrs. This year two businesses were recognized for their service to the school. Members of the St. The SPX team competed last year against both middle and high school teams and were the only Catholic elementary team in the competition.

Middle school science teacher Mike McElroy is the faculty moderator of the aquarobotics team. Maura Hutson. Colors, textures, and shapes come together to make interesting and different images made by individual student artists. In addition to teaching art, Ms. Hutson is also the fourth grade teacher at Little Flower.

Four difficulty levels and a wide variety of subjects make this a fun trivia game for kids. Kids Quiz! Through a fun story laced with choices, kids get to determine how their monsters evolve. Kids have to know about the concept of mating to understand some of the choices. Like an audio-based choose-your-own-adventure book, this skill lets kids decide what happens next. Some of the stories are mildly creepy, so they may not be a great fit for little kids.

Still, the interactive element is super fun. Other good ones to try include Earplay and Storyflow, and if your kid just wants to listen, Amazon Storytime is a good choice.

To find the best skills, go to the Amazon Alexa app or the Alexa section of the Amazon website. Start in the Kids section and look for skills with lots of reviews and a high star rating.

If you or your kid is really ambitious, you can even create your own skill. Animal Workout. To get little kids moving, this skill tells them to pretend to be a certain animal and do movements to match while music plays.

This skill will entertain your kids for two minutes by doing things like singing a kid-authored story or telling jokes. When you have to be away from home and your kid is too little to text or call on their own, they can use this skill to touch base.

After they say their message to Alexa, it will send it to you via text message, and then you can respond. It works for all parents, of course.

Song Quiz. Some adults will remember the game show Name That Tune, and this skill has that feel. Kids get a virtual passport, answer questions, and learn facts as they travel via Alexa to different countries. Because of its narrative format, this is a fun way for kids to learn about different places and cultures.

If your teen needs reminders about school, chores, activities, or something else they need to do for the day, this skill might help.

Teens can set a list of tasks that recur each day. As they work through them, they can have the satisfaction of virtually crossing them off the list. Name a pressing social issue and Do Good will let you know about the organizations that are working to help. While the lack of actual visual cues might be tricky for some teens, this could be a fun game for older kids to play together.

With word problems addressing a variety of math skills, this activity requires careful listening. Though the math on the Easy level is fairly simple, the Medium and Hard levels are likely challenging enough for upper elementary school students.

This simple activity asks kids to sit down, relax, and just listen to sounds such as gongs until the sound fades. You can use the Focus Game as a standalone activity or to calm kids before they settle down for homework.

College Kids and Debt Q. Recently, I learned she got a department store credit card despite my advice. She has stayed within her credit limit, but she has never made any of the payments. Should I pay it off for her this one time? She knew what she was doing when she signed up for that credit card. She knew what it meant, what was expected, and she is the one who should have to make good on the repayment.

At this point, my advice is to put your arm around her, talk to her, and lovingly explain where she went wrong and why it was a bad idea. But leave the payments to her. His idea is to pay off the remainder, then let us pay him back over time.

In the past, he has loaned us much. I understand, too, you have a solid track record with this kind of thing. When you do something like this, especially with such a large amount, the money issue is likely to be a shadow hovering over your relationship. I assume your father-in-law is doing well financially, since he can afford to make this offer. If I were in his shoes, I might offer instead to pay off the mortgage as a gift No strings attached.

If you have a nice, stable family, this debt will always be there in the back of your mind. Babies first experience solo play as they reach for mobiles, kick dangling toys in their bouncy seat and shake a rattle in their fist. The importance of playing alone can get lost among the increasing social opportunities that many children enjoy. Nonetheless, solo play is vital to cultivating independence and encouraging individual problem solving.

Playing alone also teaches kids how to self calm and to feel comfortable by themselves. The following toys and games offer ideal opportunities for kids to explore the ways they can be their own best playmate. Colorful and compelling, Kanoodle is a tactile type of solitaire that stimulates threedimensional thinking in solo players.

Using combinations of colored connected beads, the player follows images in the illustrated guide to construct vibrant designs that are either two-dimensional puzzles or layered structures. Visual cues, concentration, and experimentation all contribute to recreating the Kanoodle illustrations with the bead pieces. There are hundreds of possible combinations, but only one completes each puzzle. Compact and portable, the puzzle pieces fit inside the handy pocket-sized case with built-in game boards, so kids can Kanoodle anywhere!

There are vast options for remote control toys with varying degrees of performance and complexity. Two directions of travel forward and reverse left and the simple two-button controller minimize frustration for new operators. Crafted from non-toxic plastic, the vehicle features honking sounds, music and flashing lights which can also be turned off for quieter driving.

Letting kids take the wheel empowers them with control and independence as they guide their RC Police Car to the rescue!

The popular Find It Games feature a sealed clear plastic tube filled with irregularly shaped pellets that hide distinctive treasures within their tumbled mass. The player consults a legend with cues to a series of themed objects that can only be found by spinning, twisting, shaking and tilting the cylinder. As the pellets shift, sharp eyes dart to find and identify the objects from the list. Specially designed for younger players, the Sesame Street Find It Game features extra figures to uncover and a Way to Play booklet with additional challenges as children start their addictive quest to find every signature object from the Sesame Street world, right between the palms of their hands.

With a pull of the lever, the arrow will spin around the face before selecting one of eight different community members. And while a child learns about others, they can also learn about themselves. A hinged ring flips open to reveal eight emotions with expressions that kids can explore.

Gerry Paige Smith is a syndicated columnist recommending the best products for kids and their families. Parents spend a lot of time trying to motivate kids. We use chore charts, checklists, reminders and rewards to get them to feed the dog, clean their rooms, and complete schoolwork. Real motivation must come from within. The Psychology of Summer Camp Time at camp may be all it takes to spark a little self-determination in your kid. I know it sounds too good to be true.

Your school-age slacker — the one who expects you to find his homework and pack his lunch — might start doing some things for himself. Psychologists use self-determination theory SDT to explain why some experiences make us feel engaged and excited while others drain and deplete us.

The premise is simple: when an activity meets our needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness, we are energized and empowered. Kids want to do things for themselves. They crave a sense of accomplishment and routinely seek feedback. And kids thrive on connections with loved ones and peers. Feelings of belongingness boost their self-worth. Summer camp offers loads of opportunities to meet all these needs.

And that should make kids and parents very happy campers indeed. At camp, your son will have endless opportunities to care for himself.

No one will delay dessert until he eats his veggies. Independence is what camp is all about. His peers will speak up if he gets super stinky. During the school year, many kids jump from one regularly scheduled activity to the next with no unstructured time in between. Camp puts kids in charge of their own activities. Maybe your daughter will take a hike. Competence - The need for competence is satisfied when kids learn new things and get positive feedback about their efforts.

Your kid might choose a camp focused on art, science, sports, or music. Or he may opt for a good old-fashioned sleep-away experience, complete with row boats and weenie roasts. Stretching is good. Your child may be unsure she can cross the slippery log over the creek.

She may tremble with excitement about her role in the theater production. Peers and counselors will coax her along and give constructive advice. If your kid is an experienced camper, encourage him to share what he knows with newbies. Teaching a peer how to trim a sail or chip a golf ball out of the tall grass will. Relatedness - Your biggest concerns about summer camp may center on the social scene.

Your child may not know anyone on arrival. Camps create connections in many ways. Your kid will be instantly bonded with bunkmates because they share a home base. Family-style dining and friendly competitions encourage interaction, too. Extroverted kids may make lots of friends at camp.

Less sociable souls may not. Learning to navigate the choppy waters of friendship formation is a big part of the camp experience. Your kid spends his mornings watching you drag yourself to the bathroom mirror, pile some shaving cream in your hand, break out your razor, and start shaving your face. Soon, your son or maybe even daughter decides they need to shave too. Fast-forward a few years. Okay, maybe your teen actually needs to trim a few straggly hairs from his chin now.

Their spirit of independence makes them believe they are ready to tackle the world, when they can barely tackle their homework!

As parents we know that maturity is the byproduct of responsibility and experience. We only gain maturity because we have to in order to survive! And so unless our teens are given responsibility, they will get stuck in a state of perpetual immaturity. When your child is learning to ride a bike, you eventually have to take the training wheels off. You take off those extra wheels while your child is still young, fully realizing he or she will wobble and weeble, and probably crash a few times.

How could you have crashed? What were thinking? Life is like that bicycle. Your teenager will crash. Gaining experience and becoming responsible takes time.

So when your teen falls over, pick her up, and keep encouraging her to pedal. It only teaches him how to tune you out and treat your instructions like white noise. Of course some parents have the opposite tendency. Instead of stepping up to the plate and teaching our kids how to take initiative, we become passive observers and watch our teens float through life without ever growing up. Thankfully, moms and dads can work together so the bumps in one personality fill in the dips in another.

By working together and communicating with each other well, parents can encourage each other and ensure that they are striking a good balance between nagging and passivity.

Moms and dads may tend towards one end of the spectrum or the other, but both nurturing and pushing are incredibly important to the development of a teen.

Now, you might be a single parent, and this method for pushing and relaxing is a bit harder. You have to play both roles. So, try this. The other days of the week, focus on loving and encouraging instead. Have a game plan in place to take those training wheels off and get her moving in the right direction.

It might look something like this: 12 to 13 years old—Require your daughter to make her own lunch for school. Assign your son weekly household chores. Extend her curfew. Place him in charge of the family pet. Hold him responsible to get up each morning and make it to school.

Have her wash her own laundry. Allow him to decide the family dinner once a week. Make him responsible for finishing his homework and school projects without parental supervision. Make her find a summer job to supplement a decreasing allowance. Require him to volunteer time at a local charity on a regular basis. This is just a sample of the plan that you might use to develop maturity in your child. Tailor it to fit your family and teen. For example, take the recent trend of young female musicians pushing the envelope.

Ask your teen daughter about her thoughts on the issue. Are these young artists simply being creative? What message are they projecting? Do their actions help or hurt them? When you sit down to watch a television show with your son, engage his mind afterwards. As your teens answer, the synapses in their brain start to fire, and connections begin to be made.

It might take a while for them to see the logic or illogic in their thoughts, but you are starting them on a path that will help them see the world in a critical and discerning way.

So stop supplying your teen with the ideas and thoughts you think they should have. Our job is not to recreate our minds and beliefs in their lives. They need to develop their own thoughts and feelings and learn to process them.

Mark Gregston is an author, speaker, radio host, and the founder of a residential counseling center for struggling teens located in Longview, Texas. Crafts Art Work A variety of products for everyone Interested in becoming a vendor?

Visit to christunited. Celebrate Easter with us. Christ United - Sanctuary Enjoy a vibrant, exciting traditional family worship. There will be a special moment and gift for all children. Christ United - Christ Center Join us for a special child-friendly, high-energy, worship with passionate preaching and an incredible live band.

Each child will receive a special gift. These are just a few of our Easter celebrations we have planned. Be sure to check us out online for the complete list! If your kids are going to sleepaway camp this summer, you may be wrestling with worries and what-ifs. What if he wets the bed?

What if the other kids are cliquish or mean? Will the camp director. Jackson, AL Coverage of natural disasters and child predators makes the world seem scary. Even though our protective instincts keep us on edge, sometimes we have to trust others to care for our kids, and trust our kids to look out for themselves. Without baseball practice, piano lessons, bedtime routines and movie night, our lives would be slower and saner and…emptier.

Use them as an opportunity to confront your own needs for safety, control, and closeness. Step back. Anxieties have a way of sucking you in. Your thoughts and emotions may be swirling like a tornado around you. Get out of the eye of the storm and reflect on your feelings.

What exactly are your worries? Write them down so you can face them head on. Question your assumptions. Fears may be fueled by irrational beliefs. And wearing dirty clothes Keep goals in mind. Camp builds competence and independence. Give your kids time to stretch beyond their comfort zones.

Have a plan. Plan a romantic date or overnight getaway with your spouse. Learn something new or catch up on your favorite shows. Stay busy but in a good way. You deserve a change of pace, too. Share stories. One sure-fire way to break out of anxiety is to remember and share the fun times you had at camp with your kids. Tell them where you went and what you did. Stay connected. The kids will be gone but not forgotten. Find fun postcards, print pictures of family pets, and collect care-package items to send.

Getting mail from home makes kids feel special. Resist the urge to check in every day: kids need space. Send supplies so your kids can mail letters home. She is the author of Detachment Parenting. Master Classes and workshops for all ages throughout the month of June, with open classes July-August. Please visit our website for specific information!

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Monitoring children coverage in albanian newspapers Crime and court reporting Corruption reporting Reporting and privacy Reporting on social issues Some of the main charges against NCRT were the application of double standards in fines and license and frequency granting, its lack of objectivity and politicization, and unfair monitoring.

In case the report is turned down a second time, the NCRT has to be dispersed. On October , NCRT granted national licenses only to three TVs and two radios, which sparked a controversy that has not faded away yet. A study trip of six Albanian journalists from electronic and print media took place in late February in Switzerland. Joseph Deiss to Albania. The main aim of this visit was to get acquainted with the Swiss political system, its main foreign and domestic policy trends, and especially the bilateral relations and cooperation between Switzerland and Albania.

In the course of the visit the team of journalists held meetings with Mr. Deiss, representatives of the Ministry of Economics, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, as well as representatives with some of the international organizations with headquarters in Geneva. A group of 19 journalists from print and electronic local media outlets participated in a debate with representatives of the local media and visited some of the media outlets operating in the county of Dibra.

In the course of the debate, which took place on February 23, the main issue was the reciprocal and transparent relations that have to be established between the local government representatives and the local journalists.

The mayors of Kucova, Saranda, and Peshkopi, as well as Deputy Minister of Local Government represented the local government in the country. A training course on on-line journalism took place at the Albanian Media Institute in late February, with the participation of about 20 journalists from print and electronic media based in Tirana and other districts. Some of the topics addressed were credible and useful Internet sources, search engines, reference sites and main pages of interest, searching newsgroups, relevant media sites and journalism links, etc.

The course was organized and supported by the American Embassy in Tirana. A new statistical survey of media audience research was presented on February This publication is a collection of a print and electronic media audience research conducted in May in 14 districts. The survey also carries information on readability of daily newspapers and weekly magazines by the readers sampled in these districts.

On February 10 the Albanian Media Institute and the German Television ZDF organized a round table on the topic "Relations between Media and Politics," with the participation of publishers, editors, media analysts, and members of parliament. The participants discussed on several topics relevant to the development of a free, independent media, such as editorial policy and its conditioning by economic and political pressure, the roots and purposes of media financing, the media becoming a tool for politicians, etc.

Other issues addressed at the round table were also the government policy in advertisement distribution, the lack of working contracts for journalists, and hindrance by the government to real access to information. A team-reporting project, involving eight young reporters, from January 21 to February 2, took place at the Albanian Media Institute. The final product of this project was a series of articles on human trafficking, for the first time considering it from the viewpoint of young Albanian girls returning to their country after working on the streets of Italy.

This project aimed at introducing the journalists to the team reporting concept where reporting and writing duties are shared so none of the stories carries bylines. The project was funded by the U. State Department and the EC.

On January 25 a press conference at the Albanian Media Institute took place to inform on the closure of the two-year Swiss Radio training project, organized by the Corso di Giornalismo della Svizzera Italiana and the Albanian Media Institute. In the course of this project, 45 radio journalists were trained, and a core of six local tutors was formed. These tutors have already had training experience in courses organized by AMI since the end of the project.

This manual aims at offering radio journalists a summary of theoretical and practical suggestions to be used as a reference frame in their everyday tasks. This project was financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, which will also support a two-year PR training project, starting in March. A course on digital sound radio training took place on January, with the participation of 12 sound technicians from the two national radios and some local ones.

The course combined theoretical elements and practical ones at the very digital studios of these radios. Some of the topics addressed were speaking and its features, filtering, sound dynamics in digital studios, etc.

The two advisors spent time with reporters and editors at "Korrieri," "Gazeta Shqiptare," and "Shekulli," discussing with them on issues such as credibility building and preserving, sources of information, framing the story according to an appropriate angle, etc. A new book was published in early January by the Albanian Media Institute: "Teledemocracy: subordinate subjects or citizens," by Giorgio Zanchini translated by Agim Doksani.

This book faces a complex problem as well as a difficult one to focus on. Will there be democracy in the world of continuous and direct communication created by new telematic technology? In order to answer this the author has to examine an inventory of new means and wonder if there is a "vocation" which rules critical thought, to improve its expression or multiply it.

He has to review the forms of democracy, direct and indirect, in order to discover if relations with the keyboard of an electronic terminal exist and if yes of what kind are they. He assumes upon himself to check what cultural conditions hope, pessimism? This book was distributed to several media outlets, schools, and members of the community of journalists. Committee for Protection of Journalists stated that independent journalists in Albania continue to struggle with highly partisan politics, sluggish economic development, and security threats in its report.

Intrusive political influence, poor university training, and insufficient Western nongovernmental training are the main factors that affect the poor journalistic ethics in Albania. Also, investigative journalists still face security risks when dealing with politically sensitive issues. Meanwhile the media law reforms remained stalled in The ability of journalists to influence the media scene in the country is limited, given the existence of several press associations, whose power is severely damaged by their disunity.

A two-weeks training on photojournalism took place with reporters from the eight main daily newspapers in Albania on March During the course the two lecturers from West Washington University combined lectures and close, on-the-job counseling with the reporters. The training aimed mainly at perfecting the feature and profile writing skills, and also shooting the right photos to illustrate the story. In the end each of the reporters produced feature stories illustrated with pictures, which were published in the daily papers.

This course was organized and supported by IREX. OSCE has undertaken a series of seminars in different districts of Albania, dealing with the situation of media ethics in the country.

So far two workshops have taken place in Durres, Central Albania, and Kukes, Northern Albania, with the participation of journalists from both print and electronic media.

Also, a significant part of the lectures was devoted to the practical cases of ethical dilemmas, especially tailored to the Albanian media situation and circumstances. This series of workshops will continue during April involving journalists from other districts in Albania. Considering that Albania is on its initial steps in the field of public relations, the need for this kind of training assumes significant importance. The first part of the project is aimed at training PR representatives from several municipalities and counties from all over the country.

The lecturers for the first part of this project came from Higher School of Tourism and Hotels in Lugano, Switzerland. The two main topics addressed during the first course were Marketing Basics and Targeting, and Interpersonal Communication. Theoretical lectures were intertwined with practical exercises and dealt with issues such as time management, marketing secifics and strategies, PR and its kinds, basic elements of a conference press, verbal and non-verbal manners of communication, etc.

In the end the participants also received extensive literature on the topics addressed during the course. The course was supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Some of the topics addressed were portrayals in specific conditions, digital camera, the shapes of image and their registration, photography as illustration for features, etc. This was the third course in a row organized with the 12 participants, who are journalism majors at the University of Tirana.

At the end of the course the students were able to write features and illustrate them with photos in a professional manner. This portfolio contained information on the main publications that AMI has engaged in during the recent years.

Other books are collections of essays or articles published in a specific context by well-known journalists and analysts, e. The latest decision of the National Council of Radios and Televisions has rekindled the debate between the national TV stations and the local ones.

March 31 was the deadline for the local TV stations to pay their annual taxes and license fees according to NCRT regulations. Since some of these stations had not fully paid their dues, on April 4 NCRT decided to temporarily suspend the broadcasting licenses for the stations that have not paid the annual taxes. After a joint statement by these local TV stations declaring their commitment to pay the dues in accordance with the laws, NCRT revoked its previous decision, thus extending the payment period.

The affair is still suspended at the moment, with several hostile declarations and replies from both national and local TV stations. This organization claimed that the newsroom covered this case in an unfair and biased manner, displaying their disdainful, discriminating, and intolerant stance versus the gay community in Albania.

This declaration also made an appeal for the Albanian readers to ignore the allegations made by this newspaper. The purpose of this visit was to get acquainted with the situation of daily newspapers in Albania and examine the possibilities for training opportunities available by this foundation or exchange of experience.

These visits were also extended to the local media in Gjirokastra and Saranda, where meetings with local print journalists were held. After two years of Mr. So far the SEENPM has managed to bring together nearly journalists from the region and has organized 62 courses for them. Five different awards were distributed in the end of the competition, where 15 local radios from all over Albania participated. Awards were given for the best ad, best text, best interpreter, and best technical realization, and they were in the USD range.

Each of the radios submitted three ads, which were aired in twice-a-week shows starting from April 10 to April 24, day of the distribution of awards. This competition was supported by the Albanian Media Institute. An in-house radio training project took place in April at radio stations in Shkodra and Korca.

The workshops held by these local trainers will train the local radio journalists as well as test the knowledge and experience gained by the trainers during the previous project. These were held in Elbasan, Central Albania, Korca, Southeastern Albania, and Vlora, Southwestern Albania, with the participation of journalists from electronic and print media, spokespersons from the local government, and NGO representatives.

The second week of the first step of the training project for PR took place at the Albanian Media Institute on April During the first three days the lecturer from the Higher School of Tourism and Hotels in Lugano, Switzerland, addressed the basics of public relations, their instruments and deontology.

The other two days the BBC correspondent in Rome covered the media, news, newsroom and their requests, kinds of interview and ways to handle them. Also, PR relations with media, and interviewing techniques with all kinds of media were discussed in this part of the course.

A course on investigative journalism is taking place at the Albanian Media Institute since April 16, involving 20 TV journalists, producers, editors, and anchors. The main aim of this course is to prepare TV reporters to deal with the investigative stories, especially the ones regarding corruption. Some of the facets addressed by this training so far have been the journalists vis-a-vis the different sides they deal with, such as the owner, editor, PR representatives, politicians, etc, and potential ways to deal with problems on their way.

The course is a constant combination of theoretical lectures with practical tasks, including divisions in teams in order to produce accurate, balanced TV reporting to uncover the endemic problems of corruption.

The trainers have been experienced, working journalists from American TV stations.

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