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Oh ma gawd…I have been on a hiatus for so long that I completely forgot how much I loved drawing these two together! I went with your single partents au idea and had so much fun!! Merry Christmas! Keep reading. This was supposed to come out around prom season but school and life happened.

Naruto hinata fansites

Naruto hinata fansites

Friendly hinafa Related Pages. O-O I really hope that Hinata's father gives her the rights to the Hyuga clan. Jump to. The anime-only arcs tend to cover the supporting characters, occasionally giving insight into an otherwise rarely seen Naruto hinata fansites. Meanwhile, Naruto's team uncover a riddle that risks opening the scrolls to solve

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All Rights Reserved. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ron Stoppable, goofy best friend, naked mole rat owner and loveable sidekick. Naruto hinata fansites Uzumaki, ninja of a secret ninja academy, martial arts expert, athlete. I stopped giving them money, requested a refund, and protested directly with hentai-key. A book closer by Hyugahieress reviews naruto and hinata meet in a library. Fansiyes Kurama! For Hinata, it Naruto hinata fansites a secret she never knew she kept, a group she didn't know she belonged to. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Kawaki Attacks.

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  • Although she would train to improve her skills, she would immediately give up when faced with competition and failed every mission she was assigned as a result.

I skipped many pictures all the times Naruto asked to go on a date to save the long post sorry. I quite like naruhina as a fantasy pairing. In the Naruto series, it just does not make sense. However, i would have supported this pairing if it actually had some development from the start of Naruto. Naruhina fans: Write all the fanfiction you want and make as much as fanart you want but do NOT go around commenting that naruhina is confirmed over a touch of a hand. Because love is complicated.

Love develops over time and i see that in Narusaku. If all those little hints of Sakura caring about Naruto and Naruto loving Sakura add up to NaruHina, i guess i am not the good mathematician i thought i was. People praise Naruto for never even considering killing Sasuke, and bash Sakura for her failed murder attempt.

Sakura was brutally guilt tripped by Sai. Naruto basically said that Sasuke should be dealt with but not killed. Sakura reacted to her situation in a very human way. Naruto reacted in an idealistic way. Both can be called selfish in different ways if you wanted to say some bullshit like. Log in Sign up. Reblog if you still ship Narusaku in ! NaruSaku sakunaru naruto x sakura naruto and sakura Curious.

If narusaku were endgame. We would have seen a much softer side to Sakura that would have emulated Rin and Kushina. Naruto Manga naruto anime naruto and sakura NaruSaku sakunaru naruto uzumaki Sakura Haruno sakura uzumaki naruto couples naruto shippuden naruto the last.

That will never change. You know what? Let us find out. Now what does this equal to? Openings, OVAs, and Movies. They even sang Naruto Ondo together. She cared enough about Naruto that she was nearly willing to give up Sasuke for him. As for Sasuke, she only wanted to end his suffering. So yeah, Naruto and Sakura are basically perfect. Disclaimer: Art does not belong to me. Credits to original creator. Friendly reminder The underneath of the underneath of this Databook is so precious! Narusaku sakunaru naruto and sakura.

Caution, there are spoilers present! Yeah, the hater probably refreshes the site until he finds a new hinata pic to post how much he hates her. Click For Boruto Chapter Spoiler Preview: Kawaki and Boruto are now living together, will they continue to butt heads or can Naruto show the boys a new path? With her affection for Naruto, Hinata is constantly willing to break away from her typical personality traits in order to help him. The price that is involved in hosting such content is too prohibitive in the long run and the hosting of such content would open us to legal liability.

Naruto hinata fansites

Naruto hinata fansites

Naruto hinata fansites

Naruto hinata fansites

Naruto hinata fansites. Latest Guides

They told me the issues would be resolved soon. Four years later, the same tricksters roam that site, doing whatever they want. Underrated character Hinata. Yeah, the hater probably refreshes the site until he finds a new hinata pic to post how much he hates her.

Nice outfit Naruto-Kun. New look and new style, this is great. I got my new outfit but I still have same style from before. So maybe later together. Naruto may not accept the offer. I heard Tenten has finally reopened her shop. And Sakura helped out her friend Ino and Sai to reopen her flower shop. And of course Sasuke is returning. All Rights Reserved. All image rights belong to their respective owners. All files on this site are works of fiction and should be treated as so.

All characters are 18 years of age or older. Naruto and Hinata — Rex — Naruto. Previous Next Tip: You can navigate using your arrow keys. Click to view. Anonymous Unpopular comment. Queen Hanabi Unpopular comment. Leto Unpopular comment. Flayer Unpopular comment.

Dicky Unpopular comment. Hinata has a long-standing crush on Naruto, which has been present since their time in the Academy. Her feelings for him are rooted in his determination, confidence, and strength, all of which Hinata feels she lacks. Despite her rather obvious feelings, Hinata has yet to openly admit that she likes Naruto, though many characters have been shown to be aware of her feelings. With her affection for Naruto, Hinata is constantly willing to break away from her typical personality traits in order to help him.

Her feelings for Naruto are one of the driving forces in her self-improvement, as she tries to gain strength in an attempt to both impress him and become like him. When they meet again in Part II, Hinata is unable to bring herself to greet Naruto and passes out when he comes to greet her, her feelings for him having apparently been amplified during his absence.

With it Hinata emits streams of chakra from her palms to create extremely sharp blades that she can use to hit any target in her field of vision. Due to the speed at which these blades move, the amount of control she has over them, as well as her ability to manipulate their size, and her own flexibility, Hinata can use this technique to attack and defend simultaneously.

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Naruto hinata fansites

Naruto hinata fansites