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Inside Onigumo's cave 50 years prior to begin of the main story. Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. Toshiyuki Morikawa. Paul Dobson. The InuYasha Wiki has 94 related images.

Lover narakus

Lover narakus

Lover narakus

I refuse Loved die. She taunted him with the knowledge that he wanted Throat erosion become a full demon as he was only a half Lover narakus. With Kagome's shards in his possession, Naraku fused them with his shards, and left all but six shards naarkus be put in. She figured Lover narakus that Naraku was a half-demon and that he still possessed Onigumo's heart, whose owner still had feelings for her. Loved is always uneasy and jealous during Koga's visits because he worries that Kagome might have feelings for Koga. Heh heh heh Onigumo had lost his sanity. After several encounters with Sango and her friends, Kohaku begins to recover his painful memories, and seeks to atone for Lover narakus sins he committed while under Naraku's control by doing whatever he can to kill him.

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Arrival Lover narakus the Castle The Daiyoukai turned away from the demons he'd just slaughtered to face Kagome. Sesshomaru initially targets Inuyasha due to his obsession with possessing the Tetsusaiga, but he later shifts his focus to Naraku, his pride having been injured due to Naraku repeatedly manipulating him and Lover narakus against each other and having killed Kagura. During Inuyasha's final battle with Naraku, Dc shoes lace uses the bladeless sword he carried on his person to absorb Inuyasha's stray Meido Zangetsuha to carry out his task: slashing Kagome with time delayed Meido that would activate upon Naraku's death. Until I am Lover narakus to cast both Naraku and the Shikon Jewel from this Lover narakus, your life belongs to me. Father Son Talk Eventually with Kagura watching on Naraku's order, Muso ventures to Kikyo's former village and regains his memories of Onigumo and desires for Kikyo. Categories : Inuyasha characters Lists of anime and manga characters. Plus this way if you don't like a particular paring here then you are not subjugated to read it when you don't like a one of the parings. Both the demon and Midoriko died, but their souls combined to give birth to the Shikon Jewel.

The Inuyasha manga and anime characters are created by Rumiko Takahashi.

  • The Inuyasha manga and anime characters are created by Rumiko Takahashi.
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Shrine Priestess Guardian of the Shikon no Tama formerly. Spiritual Powers Purification Spiritual Awareness. Bow and arrow sacred arrows , Soul Collectors.

Affections Touching Across Time. InuYasha PlayStation. Noriko Hidaka. Willow Johnson. The InuYasha Wiki has related images. To live is to die. To die is to live. I am a priestess who is unable to leave this world and reach the sacred place.

No, that is not entirely the truth. Once I was a priestess. Now I am but a corpse with a cursed, false existence. No matter how much I desire to do good and help others, the truth is I live off the souls of the dead.

Pure is impure. Impure is pure. Good is evil. Evil is good. Or is it? She had the power to purify the Shikon Jewel and was the former lover of Inuyasha. After being fatally hurt at the hands of Naraku yet again, she spent her final moments with Inuyasha before she passed on for a second and final time; her spirit being carried towards the twinkling stars by her soul collectors.

Her parents apparently died sometime after her younger sister Kaede was born. Around this time, she secretly harbored and tended to Onigumo , a paralyzed bandit with burn scars all over his body. The two succeeded in defeating this demon and returned home afterwards.

Agreeing with the terms, Onigumo offered his body to a horde of demons, and thus, the demon shape-shifter Naraku was born. She then instructed Kaede to burn her body along with the Shikon Jewel so that its immeasurable power would never be used for evil again.

A dead person like herself wished only to live again, which cannot be granted, so she instead wished not to be forgotten. This can be achieved through deepening bitterness, enabling the dead to live in the heart of the living.

Afterwards, she visited Kaede and learned that Naraku was responsible for her death and separation from Inuyasha. As it turned out, the master of the castle was the man who once called himself Onigumo before he was born as Naraku.

Once Inuyasha arrived to save Kagome, she left while laughing at Inuyasha, as he could not fight a woman he still loved. Some time afterwards, Naraku left to Mount Hakurei in order to strengthen himself, and succeeded in both completely removing his human heart and becoming much stronger.

She saw his heart was his own, yet followed Naraku's orders. She was nearly decapitated by Kohaku on Naraku's order, but Inuyasha's arrival forced him to retreat.

Both she and Inuyasha exchanged intel about Naraku, and she left to find the Infant. This meant something was wrong.

At night, she was amazed to see two novice monks get past the barrier she had conjured up while recovering. She collapsed, realizing she didn't have much time. She also told Inuyasha that Naraku could not be killed with the Tessaiga ; the only way to completely destroy Naraku was by purifying both his soul and the Shikon Jewel the instant Naraku completes the entire jewel.

While traveling with Kohaku, she kept the Shikon Shard in Kohaku's neck extremely pure, rendering it untouchable to Naraku. She sent Kohaku away with her shikigami to keep Naraku's contamination from defiling his shard.

She attempted purifying the webs, but found herself unable to while being shown the day she died repeatedly. Meanwhile, Miroku and Inuyasha battled Naraku, during which Miroku opened his Wind tunnel and sucked in an enormous amount of miasma.

However, she contaminated herself when she attempted to save a child from the webs. She told Kagome, who had also been defiled by Naraku's webs, that the only way to save her life was by acquiring the longbow from the sacred Mount Azusa , but only if it was truly what she wished.

Kagome traveled to Mount Azusa, where she was tested by an illusion cast upon her by the Spirit Guardian of the sacred mountain. They talked about their past, and how Naraku poisoned their love for each other.

She then saw something she had never seen before: Inuyasha was crying. They share a final kiss before she dies, turning into a luminous sphere of light. He was possessed by this demon and left in order to give Naraku the last shard, meanwhile being forced to relive his painful past through an illusion in his sleep. He was successfully brought out of this illusion and released from Magatsuhi's possession, and Kohaku gained the strength to stop running from his past and continue to live.

However, after a struggle with Naraku, Kohaku has his shard removed, killing him. I must never have doubts or demons would overtake me. I am human yet I cannot be human. We are quite alike, you and I. You half-demon That is why I could not kill you. She showed great sympathy toward everyone, even her enemies. This was seen when she tended to Onigumo 's well-being despite him being a bandit.

She also had compassion toward Kansuke , and sympathy toward Inuyasha. I despise every living creature who's bound to time. She had developed a new-found hatred that she never had when she was alive. This freedom to hate satisfied her, as she never was granted this when she was alive.

At first, she wanted revenge on Inuyasha, believing him to be her murderer. However, she eventually found out the truth and turned her hatred toward Naraku. However, she explained that she gave him the shards to cast Naraku toward death and that she would never allow him to take Inuyasha's life. She wanted revenge just as much as he did and desired to end Naraku's life. She figured out that Naraku was a half-demon and that he still possessed Onigumo's heart, whose owner still had feelings for her.

She was never intimidated by Naraku and was bold whenever she faced him. Refusing to die alone, she decided she would take Inuyasha with her to hell. Strings called muna-himo were attached to each lapel and tied in front to keep the garment closed.

The slits on the side of her hakama , and the openings at the sleeves and shoulders of her hitoe jacket showed the white kosode she sported. This was a deliberate fashion effect. With one finger, she expelled a bothersome imp and saved a seriously injured man. Emotions: According to Tsubaki, when a priestess abandons all human emotion e.

In fact it was a fatal wound inflicted by Naraku himself that resulted in her death. Overexertion: As exemplified by both Kaede and Tsukiyomi , exerting one's spiritual powers beyond a certain point can cause extreme physical exhaustion and, if taken to the extreme, death.

This is shown when after being blown into a river of Naraku's powerful miasma and having it infect her clay body, she was incapacitated until temporarily purified by Kagome. She therefore suffers from a soul deficiency and must recharge it with dead souls; otherwise she becomes unable to move. At first they battled each other, but as time went on they both fell in love.

However, after a long period of suffering, she said her soul was saved by Kagome, so she shared a final kiss with Inuyasha and died in his arms. Although she died, her light saved Kohaku instead of destroying Naraku after her death. Both of them care and are in love with Inuyasha and several times they've work together and helped each other out and both have saved one another on numerous occasions throughout the series.

Kohaku, believing that his shard would help in destroying Naraku, decides to sacrifice his shard and dies.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. I became an ordinary woman. I longed to embrace you like this when I was alive. We are unable to turn back the hands of time.

So please, allow me to embrace you a little longer. Not even the slightest hesitation. Is life so painful for you that you welcome death? It saddens me greatly that if we had met under different circumstances, my only instinct would have been to heal this child's broken soul and encouraged him to live his life.

But my duty now forbids me from doing that for him. Forgive me, Kohaku. Do you expect me to die in your filthy arms!? It's true that you are half-demon, but you are also half-human.

This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Father Son Talk However, each is treated by Naraku as expendable minions; tools to use as he wishes. Is life so painful for you that you welcome death? Now, explain. Forgive me, Kohaku.

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Kagome snorted. She nodded, taking the brush and dragging it through his hair. He hummed softly. Like that which belongs to your former self, only in human form. Naraku smirked as his sword clashed into Sesshomaru's. Are you becoming protective of the girl? The Daiyoukai turned away from the demons he'd just slaughtered to face Kagome. He flitted in her direction, knowing he would not reach in time as a huge ogre ran at her.

Kagome took a deep breath, then sighed. She'd heard someone else scream when she had. Turning to face the forest, she watched with wide eyes as a tall, handsome demon stepped out, Ashi on his shoulder. Ashi stiffened, patting the girl's head. Ashi smirked, her eyes flashing. Kagome smirked. Fight at Naraku's side, Kiyoshiyuki. Nodded with a small frown, he reluctantly left her side to be near Naraku. My name is Kiyoshiyuki.

Kagome stared at him, surprised. He hadn't seemed to have such evil intent before. Perhaps Naraku was corrupting him already. She shook her head. Inuyasha growled, "Greedy bastard! You always get Naraku! Kagome sat on the sidelines, bored. She was useless without a side to fight on. The closest she'd gotten was erecting a barrier around Rin and Shippo, and Ah-un, when a demon had gotten too close.

She yawned, turning her attention to Kiyoshiyuki, who was fighting Kikyo. She drew back her arrow, then before releasing it, cringed in pain. Kiyoshiyuki chuckled. And maybe he could release his Kagome-sama's soul. Kagome grimaced. She was going to have to save her too.

Naraku wouldn't be very happy at all. Standing, she started toward them. Kagome shook her head. But you have to stop. I'm not going through the trouble of keeping her alive, just for you to kill her. Naraku frowned deeply, his sword locked with Sesshomaru's. He had to get over there. A tentacle jutting out of his hip, he swatted at Sesshomaru, knocking the Daiyoukai away.

He darted over to Kagome, grabbing her arm. Mine or the halfbreeds! Who do you belong to? But her face fell when Naraku smiled. Why hadn't he punished the brat? Could he possibly be different from her and Kanna?

Who's side are you on? He chuckled, biting into her hand and dragging his fangs through her skin and up her arm to her shoulder. The people, and demons, nearest fell backwards, scrambling away.

The molding of the two aura's was interrupted as Kagome leaned toward Naraku's ear, whispering with an intense softness, "This had better not endanger the baby.

Kikyo nodded, sitting up as the others gathered around her. Inuyasha nodded with a glare. She just needs our help. I can't believe we've left her in his possession for so long. I'm failing her. Kikyo narrowed her eyes. She is a fool. This is nearly the fourth time she has nearly killed herself, trying to save me. Why are you so defensive of her? Miroku sighed. We can only fine Naraku when he wants to be found. He could hide with her for years. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kagome falls for Naraku, upon being ressurected, and eventually becomes a greater evil than even Naraku himself.

Quote- "Aramitama, Sakimitama, Kushimitama, Nigimitama! Take the jewel and seal my fate! Smirking, Sesshomaru dodged, jumping aside. Inuyasha stared in shock. Kagome and Sesshomaru turned, sending heated glares at the imp.

He shrank back, jumping onto Ah-un. Kagome uneasily slid off Sesshomaru's back. She looked around. You like? And what exactly can you do? I can retrieve, create, and give souls.

What do I call you? Now, let's get going. Kiyoshiyuki shot to his feet, following her. He would not explain himself to a bastard of a hanyou. You have your miko. Inuyasha growled, pushing back. Kagome backed away. Kagome held up her right hand, shouting in fear, "Touketsu! Long time no see. I missed you! Huffing, she nudged Junsei away. Introduce yourself. I hope I'll suffice. Dance of blades!

She ignored him. However, this time," he smiled darkly, clutching her kimono and yanking it over her head, "I'm going to take my time torturing you. Kagome cringed as she stared at the campfire. She hated to admit it, but she missed Ashi.

And watching Kikyo and Inuyasha make googly eyes at each other crushed her. She felt her skin itch and heat pool into her lower stomach. She flinched. She purred softly, so much so that she couldn't be heard.

Damnit, she hated when this happened. The monk leapt in the way to plack the path, catching her in his arms when she tripped. Shuddering, she jerked away. She had to get away. She ran again, this time toward the forest, but Sesshomaru stepped in front of her.

Her claws, hair, and fangs lengthened. Smirking, she lunged at him, "Take me, Lord Sesshomaru! His beast was enjoying this. That only served to piss the demon lord off. He narrowed his eyes, punching her in the chest and watching in mild satisfaction as she flew back.

Kagome rubbed her eyes as they faded back to normal. Her eyes widened. Kagome glared. That tainted half is giving you your life back. She hmphed, crossing her arms below her breasts. She locked gazes with him, and smirked. Kagome yanked away from the slayer, pushing the monk to the grown and lowering her face to his neck. She rose, wiping her mouth. I didn't mean to corrupt your person.

Sesshomaru watched her leave, a slight frown on his face as he looked down at his shoulder. That was simply lust.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kagome falls for Naraku, upon being ressurected, and eventually becomes a greater evil than even Naraku himself.

Quote- "Aramitama, Sakimitama, Kushimitama, Nigimitama! Take the jewel and seal my fate! It came to mind. Kagome grinned, licking the tip of his nose. Their tongues clashed together in a lustful, yet loving battle. You wanted me to make love to you, did you not? Kagome let out a bloodcurdling scream, driving her nails into his back. Her cheeks flushed. He blinked, startled by her lusty tone. Getting over his momentary shock, Sesshomaru glared, "Woman, get off me.

Sesshomaru's eyes flickered red. The Miko feels nice. Kagome winced as she hit a tree. You just licked my brother! The other half of your tainted form, reincarnation?

Now, explain. I'm going to ravish him! You're tempting her! I want one too! How did you feel about it? What type of something? A lot. Death and Ressurection 2. Rice 3. I want to join you 4. Hold me 5. Submit for Rin 6. Battle 7. Kikyo 8. Make love 9. Kiyoshiyuki Banished Tending to Kagome Thoughts of Naraku Kiyoshiyuki loves Kagome Arrival at the Castle Future in the stars Scrabble Koga's death and revival Severed head Inumaru Empty Chase

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Inside Onigumo's cave 50 years prior to begin of the main story. Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. Toshiyuki Morikawa. Paul Dobson. The InuYasha Wiki has 94 related images.

I have often heard you humans refer to this as fate or destiny. Only the weak utter such nonsense. It is different for the truly powerful: they create this so-called "destiny" with their own hands.

Naraku desired the Shikon no Tama , a jewel that would be able to grant him near-invincibility should he acquire all the pieces of it.

He desired the jewel to purge his half-human self from his body, and enhance his strength even further. He was responsible for nearly all the other character's misery, something he enjoys. However, Naraku himself never found happiness. In the epilogue, after his death, the Demon of the Shikon no Tama became the last enemy of Inuyasha inside the jewel, because he always manipulated Naraku from the inside of the jewel in order to assure his continued existence.

Once, there was a man named Onigumo , who was full of deceit and hatred for others. However, Onigumo did not warn him that there was a half-demon named Inuyasha, who was keeping a watchful eye over the priestess. Rasetsu survived the encounter with Inuyasha, lost an eye, and returned to his camp only to find that Onigumo had made off with his troops.

Rasetsu discovered Onigumo and his troops at an inn down the road celebrating their change in leadership. Enraged, Rasetsu blew up the inn, but the charred body of Onigumo somehow managed to survive the blast. Rasetsu then threw the barely-living Onigumo off a cliff. Thus the countless demons were bound together in one body with Onigumo serving as a connector. In an anime special, it was implied that a spider demon, which looked like a small replica of Naraku's spider form in the second movie, was in fact the leader of these demons.

This resulted with Onigumo being reborn as the half-demon, Naraku. Naraku's very first action after being reborn was to one of the two things Onigumo had wished for: To obtain the corrupted Shikon no Tama. Inuyasha, sensed something was wrong, and instinctively went back to the village to retrieve the Jewel. At this time, Naraku took action to prevent Onigumo from consciously influencing the half-demon's actions.

Onigumo perceived this process as imprisonment in a deep dark place where he proceeded to sleep. During this time, he made an enemy of monk, Miyatsu , and cursed his family lineage with the Kazaana. Naraku did so simply to ensure Miyatsu's bloodline would suffer for eternity. He also had his first encounter with Bankotsu , and informed him of his patience in waiting for Shikon Jewel's reappearance.

He attempted to kill her, but was driven off by her spiritual power. Being a half-demon like Inuyasha, Naraku also sometimes experienced a period of weakness. During those times, he lost all of his demon powers and reverted to his "human" form. While in this form, he was composed of his head attached to countless random demon parts.

Each time he "experiments" and "reconstructs" his body, and got rid of weak and useless parts while keeping the vital ones to get stronger. Naraku eventually learned that Inuyasha had been released from his seal and now journeyed together with Miyatsu's grandson, Miroku.

He also feared the terrible blade, Tessaiga. Naraku offered a human arm with a Shikon no Tama shard embedded in it to allow the mighty demon to steal Tessaiga from Inuyasha and use it to kill him. Knowing how bothersome the Wind Tunnel would prove. The attempt ended in failure, but Naraku regained his Shikon no Tama shard. Kagome quickly discovered where he was hiding because of all the Shikon shards he had, which lead to the first confrontation between Inuyasha and himself.

Naraku revealed that he had been born of Onigumo, and attempted to flee by using a Cloud of Destruction. However, Inuyasha survived it and managed to cut off his hoari, which revealed a spider-shaped scar on his back. This would be Naraku's calling card. Naraku made a boy named Kohaku slay his father and comrades, while injuring his sister, Sango and the guards killed him.

After he lied about Inuyasha attacking the village, Naraku sent Sango after him with his demon puppet, and allowed her the use of a jewel shard to relieve her of pain that was caused by her injuries. He later resurrected Kohaku with a jewel shard and complied with the boy's wish to forget the horrible deeds he was forced to make, which left the boy's heart empty, and ready to be filled with whatever Naraku desired.

He attempted to bargain with Sango, and promised her Kohaku in exchange for Tessaiga. Sango complied, returned to the castle, destroyed his baboon pelt, and revealed his disguise as Kagewaki Hitomi. Naraku poisoned Sango and her companion Kirara , and sicked Kohaku on them to finish the job.

However, Naraku's plan was thwarted by the arrival of Inuyasha and the others. He attempted to poison them all to death, but Kagome purified his Miasma and destroyed all but his head with a sacred arrow. Forced to leave, Naraku took the castle with him, but lost Kohaku in the process. Left with only a sham of a body, Naraku locked various demons in a mountain, where they would fight to the death and the winner would absorb all the others' parts for himself.

Naraku would swallow the winner to gain a new body. He had her detained in the dungeon, but she escaped. He let in a single soul collector and infused the soul it carried with a Shikon Jewel Shard. She taunted him with the knowledge that he wanted to become a full demon as he was only a half demon. With Kagome's shards in his possession, Naraku fused them with his shards, and left all but six shards to be put in. Using the nearly restored jewel's magic, Naraku gained the ability to create incarnations of himself from his body.

He first created a demon that represented the Void, and named her Kanna. Naraku gifted her with a Mirror that was made from of his own body, which could swallow souls, reflect attacks, and become a walking voodoo doll that could copy enemy powers. As Kanna was unfit for combat uses, Naraku created his second detachment, the wind sorceress, Kagura. Naraku removed the hearts of both his incarnations, so that he could squeeze them to death if they disobeyed him.

Naraku first sent Kagura to attack the Wolf Demon Tribe members who were lured to one of his Phantom Castles due to a rumor of jewel shards. However, his plan backfired when Kagura revealed the truth after Inuyasha was knocked out. He was able to gauge the strength of the Wind Scar due to her surviving an attack from it. Kagura attacked him in anger, and made Naraku squeeze her heart as punishment. He next sent both Kanna and Kagura to attack Inuyasha, by using the villagers whose souls were sucked out by Kanna to attack Inuyasha while under the control of Kagura's Dance of the Dead.

During this time, Naraku had Kanna try sucking out Kagome's soul; however, this proved impossible due to the sheer size of it being unable to fit in the mirror. After he succeeded in having Kanna repel the Wind Scar back at Inuyasha, which badly injured him, Naraku made a personal appearance, and showed his nearly complete Shikon jewel to his enemies.

That news greatly disturbed Inuyasha. When Kanna was forced to release all the souls she captured, Naraku and his incarnations fled before Miroku had the chance to suck them all into the Wind Tunnel.

He later created the mind-reading, Goshinki , and ordered him to attack a village to draw out the wounded Inuyasha. However, his incarnation was slaughtered the moment that Inuyasha's demon blood transformed him to save his life. However he couldn't control either of them. However, much to Kagura's disappointment, it didn't work. However, just like Goshinki, both incarnations met their end. However, she later revealed that he was concerned about her because of Onigumo's heart still lusted for her.

However, this attempt was thwarted by Inuyasha, who slew Naraku's demon. Consumed by Onigumo's jealousy, Naraku used a sword to cut the skin off of his back. A retainer saw this and Naraku slew him. Kagura questioned him if he was losing his sanity, but he ordered her to clean up his mess instead.

However, no sooner was the demon revived, it burned his puppet to a crisp, and left Naraku unable to see the ensuing fight. He would later discover that his plan had failed. Naraku sent a demon puppet to watch Tsubaki cast her curse, by using Kagome's blood to taint the Shikon Jewel, poison the two shards in the girl's possession, and having them enter her neck.

Though Kagome's will remained her own, Tsubaki had succeeded in gaining control of her body. Naraku had the devilish idea of making Inuyasha relive his worst nightmare: being killed by the woman that he loved.

If Inuyasha fled from Kagome, Naraku wanted her life snuffed out, but either result was favorable. Tsubaki aged to dust. Some time afterward, Naraku became careless about his miasma, allowed it to fill the inside of his barrier, and kill the Hitomi Clan Retainers.

Naraku knew Kagura had left, thanks to Kanna's Mirror, but didn't know of this deal. The moment Kagura that had returned to the castle, Naraku had Kanna lead her down to the sub basement that he was in. He pulled her down by force and revealed that he knew that she had left the castle.

After he threatened to reabsorb her, Naraku gave Kagura one last chance to be obedient. He chained her up in the dungeon as punishment.

After he noticed that Onigumo was fighting to get free of his body, Naraku decided to grant his wish and cast him out as a lump of purple flesh. Ironically, he tossed him out at the very spot that he fell and had become crippled. However, no sooner had he done this, Naraku saw his hand transform into another demon; he barely managed to force it back to normal.

At this point, Naraku realized that it was "too soon" to spit out Onigumo's heart and went to retrieve it.

Lover narakus