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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Kiba Inuzuka is in a very deep predicament and his sister Hana might be the only one who can help.

Kiba hana inuzuka sex

Kiba hana inuzuka sex

Kiba hana inuzuka sex

Kiba hana inuzuka sex

He squeezed his hands Inuzuma his sides a bit, before being bold. The feel of her inner walls moving all over his cock as well as the feel of her inuzkua covering his cock from all over was something that was making the blonde Genin feel like he was in heaven. Top of Work Index. She licked her lips a bit. The world seemed to move in slow motion innuzuka she saw him in that moment. Terms of Service. Her journal mentions him a few times, and how she inferred that he was an Uzumaki. The blonde wasted no time as he sucked on her tongue, making her moan out loudly, as soon as he was done, he then kissed the woman deeply, making her moan Kiba hana inuzuka sex even louder.

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Sazanami arrived, and the four began fighting with the allies of Gosunkugi, which actually was just a trap to capture inuzukq while the thief stole the bell. While lacking some skill in domestic things like sewing she was a phenomenal cook. Annoyed he stepped back with Lee to allow the two of them to fight Kibz out as Sai revealed Kakashi's orders for them to stop. This caused Kiba Orange urine no erection exclaim that the situation was getting frightening. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Neji later collapsed due to over-use of his Byakugan. Upon leading the others to Guren's location by following the bats, they were overwhelmed by a tidal wave created by the Three-Tails. They realised the toy was stolen whilst Akamaru was Kiba hana inuzuka sex possession of it, and Naruto gave chase to the culprit who he successfully detained. Kiba dubbed it as the Team 8's last mission, something that Kiba hana inuzuka sex members of their team would be involved in, who had been through all the happiness and sorrow with each other. Kiba hana inuzuka sex along with Akamaru and Akemaru met Naruto and Himawari Uzumaki outside the opening of a toy store where all looked to purchase a limited edition Kurama doll. That's it Foxy-kun! Shit, i think i learn all this from you, mom. It was an arousing sight. Naruto Episode

With that in mind, I felt the need to write this fic.

  • Naruto walked home thinking about the Goddess that filled his thoughts.
  • Despite his headstrong, and at times egotistic attitude, Kiba is loyal to his comrades and will do anything to protect them with his trusted canine companion, Akamaru , by his side.
  • Her canine companions are ninken triplets: the Three Haimaru Brothers.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Kiba Inuzuka is in a very deep predicament and his sister Hana might be the only one who can help. Warnings: Rated M. Kiba left Konoha fourteen years previous, wanting to return to the place in which his clan originally hailed from. He wanted to live carefree and able to hunt and chase as he pleased.

For a long moment Hana didn't speak, clearing her throat before she finally found the right words. I killed your pup his voice says and Kiba looks at Akamaru sitting, resting on a little pillow, Hana is sitting there as well, watching him with obvious worry in her eyes.

Even in death, Ukon makes Kiba suffer, but no one hurts Tsume's children and gets away with it. The war is lost. But they have a hope. To go back in time with all their abilities and reset history. It just doesn't work out the way they planned. Inuzuka sees her puppy brother die, as well as seeing many of her pack die, and wishes for a way to stop it from ever happening.

She accidentally awakens a bloodline ability, and her and others have to deal with the consequences. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Also this lemon and situation belongs to the author. Main article: Sasuke Recovery Mission. Main article: Byakuya Gang Arc. She also wears a pair of form-fitting shorts cut just above the knee, bandages just below her tattoo and wrist-warmers. They fought him together, but no-one was able to land a single blow. Tsume had hopped up with Kami like speed and broken a chair on Kiba's head and proceeded to shout at him for calling his sister a horny bitch.

Kiba hana inuzuka sex

Kiba hana inuzuka sex

Kiba hana inuzuka sex.

A new mission was ordered to seal the beast and three teams were formed with Kiba being added to Team Two , alongside Rock Lee , Tenten , who are led by Yamato. When each team left to accomplish their tasks, Kiba explained to his current teammates about Guren's henchmen's abilities. Reaching the lake, the foes rose from the water. Though last to attack, Kiba finished them off with Fang Passing Fang after marking them with Akamaru's scent to bypass the inconvenience of the smokescreen. Kiba later left with Yamato to help Kakashi's team.

Unfortunately the attempt of sealing the Three-Tails failed. After learning that Naruto was inside the Three-Tails, Kiba was assigned the job of guarding the area from attackers. With the enemies they faced earlier returning, they battled.

To his surprise their capabilities improved tremendously. With the enemies new enhanced powers, Kiba along with the rest of the team were defeated and nearly killed, surviving by burying underground. After another failed attempt to capture the Three-Tails, they retreated back, returning back to the village under Tsunade's orders to formulate a new plan for dealing with the Three-Tails.

When the mission was sidetracked, due to them being close to Sasuke's trail, Kiba managed to pick up on Sasuke's scent after Kakashi's ninken proved unable to. Main article: Fated Battle Between Brothers. While on the way, the Eight Man Squad encountered Tobi of Akatsuki , and proceeded to do battle with him.

After Shino's attack missed, Kiba was the only one able to sense him, and tried to hit him, only to miss too embarrassingly, Tobi, just stepped to the side to avoid him. They fought him together, but no-one was able to land a single blow. They start chasing both of them, but as soon as they arrived, Sasuke was already collected by them. Kiba told Naruto that there still was a little trace of Sasuke's scent; however it was already too late. Because of this, the mission ended in a failure.

Team Kurenai and Kakashi returned to Konoha. Main article: Pain's Assault. During the assault, and the chaos created by Pain , Kiba was together with his teammates, watching the disaster. The Preta Path flees. Before they leave, Kiba worries about the injured medical-nin but as Katsuyu tells him she will take care of them; Tsume and Kiba then continue chasing the path. Kiba, his mother, and their dogs were caught in the Shinra Tensei that destroyed the village.

He appeared to have suffered significant injuries because of a giant column that is about to fall down on him; his mother told him to hang in there until help arrived but he's able to get it off and pushing it away with his legs.

He was later seen again with Katsuyu, watching the battle of Naruto against Pain, noting that the Konoha ninja should just put their faith in Naruto.

Kiba was next seen along with all his friends, thanking and celebrating Naruto's victory. Kiba is then seen along with all his friends in a reunion; but because of Ino 's crying over Sasuke's status as an international criminal, Kiba gets upset and tells her to stop.

When Tenten defends Ino, he stands his ground and states that crying will not change the established facts, including that they must personally be the ones who end Sasuke for good to prevent a devastating international war, much to his and the others' dismay.

He comments to Lee that compared to Ino , Sakura looked so determined, but when they do catch up with Naruto, it will all get awkward when Sakura talks to him. Kiba also states that because this is a top-secret mission, it is all on him to not only track Naruto, but also to make sure they are not being followed by Root agents or other enemies. Kiba and the others immediately arrive in the Land of Iron and find Naruto for Sakura to speak with him.

Kiba stays present in Sakura and Naruto's talking but as promised to her, he or neither their friends, would interfere. However, he became increasingly irritated by what Sakura was saying to Naruto, knowing full well that she was not telling Naruto the truth in their talk and that she lied about telling Naruto their plans about Sasuke, yet still did not speak against it.

Kiba questioned Naruto about why Sasuke was with Akatsuki if Itachi already died; but received no straight answer, at Kakashi's urging. He then quietly asked Sakura if they should tell Naruto the truth, but Sakura stomped his foot and announced they're returning home.

Immediately after, Sakura asked Kiba for help with a new job; tracking Sasuke and going after him. However, he became angry that Sakura had been lying to Naruto despite her protests. He then proclaimed that she takes Naruto far too lightly before finding Sasuke and Tobi and telling Sakura their position. Kiba then became stunned at Sakura and Sai's betrayal as Sakura prepared to knock them out to fight Sasuke herself.

Annoyed he stepped back with Lee to allow the two of them to fight it out as Sai revealed Kakashi's orders for them to stop. Refusing to listen, Kiba attacked Sai with Lee, yet were quickly restrained by Sai's ink snakes. Kiba and the others were soon found by Kakashi. Kiba, still barely conscious, told Kakashi which way Sakura went. Kakashi then moved the young ninja to a safer location before pursuing Sakura. Soon after being awakened, Kiba reproached how Sakura and Sai's actions enabled Sasuke to escape again.

Opting to return to their village, they met up with the rest of Konoha Naruto then explained to them what happened at the summit. Acknowledging how Naruto practically became a legend after defeating Pain , Kiba believed Naruto let Sasuke slip away even though Naruto continuously denied the claim.

Naruto also reinstated, much to Konoha 11's discontent, that he was the only one allowed to fight Sasuke. Main article: Power In the anime, as one of the Konoha-nin who came as backup for Team Kakashi, Kiba battled Kabuto 's reincarnated ninja.

Kiba retreated after Naruto's snake version clone went on a rampage. He later fights Kabuto's reincarnated shinobi once again. After the situation was taken care of, he and the others returned to their village.

Main article: Paradise Life on a Boat. He is reprimanded by his sister who tells him that he should not take war so lightly. Kiba leaves with the rest of his division, but soon enough, Mifune sends him, along with other ninja, to backup Kitsuchi 's division.

As the Zetsu are taken from the earth, Kiba rushes against them along with his sister, using his Fang Passing Fang. After the first day of fighting, Kiba is seen alive with Akamaru, along with Shino, Hinata, and Neji.

After night falls, Kiba, along with Neji, act as lookouts for enemy attacks. Neji later collapsed due to over-use of his Byakugan. Worried, Kiba told him that he should visit the medic compound to get treatment and that he would take over the watch. Neji however refuses to go claiming that he was fine. Kiba told him that injuring himself on the battlefield, wouldn't impress anyone to which Neji retorted telling him to shut up again, but faced Akamaru when saying this.

Kiba then tells him that his state was so bad that he isn't even capable of differentiating him from a dog. The next morning, Kiba and the other shinobi resumed fighting the White Zetsu Army clones amidst the confusion due to the latter's transformation and infiltration into their ranks. Kiba's body was left in a comatose state while his soul was sent to a new location where it was reanimate within a large barrier.

Inside, the inhabitants are able to battle normal. However, the Sound Four inform their enemies that in time, their actual bodies' halted chakra flow will eventually cause them to die.

In addition, killing the Sound Four will not undo the technique. Despite the initial stalemate, the Sound Four's enhanced Cursed Seals grow even stronger from their accumulated malice, quickly overwhelming the Konoha ninja. Seeing that, Shikamaru begins to intentionally provoke them, knowing that Naruto's new senses would pick up on it.

Eventually, Naruto finds them and breaks through the barrier, allowing Inoichi, through a telepathic connection, to release the technique and restore Kiba and the others to their bodies. Upon awakening, Kiba thanks Shino for his efforts in save them. Later, calling out to Neji in the heat of battle, Kiba told him that Hinata was in trouble. Neji failed to save the nearest Hinata from an Iwa-nin only to discover that Hinata was a White Zetsu clone. As Kiba continued toward the real Hinata, he chastised Neji for going the wrong way and told Neji to follow him.

They arrived in time to see a Naruto clone save Hinata. He and Neji were initially suspicious of the clone because he smelled and looked different than before, hence why Kiba didn't notice him. Kiba criticised Neji for not mentioning seeing Naruto sooner, but Neji claimed even Naruto's chakra signature was different. Hinata convinced them it was, indeed, Naruto, and Naruto then mobilised with them to finish off the rest of White Zetsu clones. As he runs, he states that he had marked Naruto as a rival a long time ago and that he should handle things there until he arrived.

With that, Kiba and the other members of the Allied Shinobi Forces stood to face their opposition. Later as the Alliance's counter-attack was launched, Kiba and Akamaru are buffeted by the Ten-Tails who had just reached maturity and was emerging from the hole it had been trapped in. This caused Kiba to exclaim that the situation was getting frightening.

He later caught Ino after she performed the Mind Body Switch Technique on Obito Uchiha , surrounded by his own veil of Kurama's chakra, and asked Ino if she was okay, to which she confirmed after she regained consciousness. Kiba and Akamaru later charged at the Uchiha and the Ten-Tails where their combined effort was enough to sever Madara and Obito's connection to the beast and force them to retreat to the ground.

Kiba was later shocked by Minato 's appearance on the battlefield, and later Sasuke's. He and the other Konoha 11 shinobi surrounded Sasuke and Kiba asked what he was doing here. When Sasuke declared that he was going to be Hokage, Kiba chastised Sasuke asking him what he thought the title of Hokage was. With the reunion of Team 7, Kiba yelled that he will be the one to become Hokage. Shino declared that nobody was listening to him due to Sasuke's words having made too big of an impact.

He then rushed towards the Ten-Tails with his friends. Not to be outdone by Team 7, Kiba lead his team forward, revealing that he can perform the Shadow Clone Technique. Naruto saw it as no big deal, as he was able to do it years ago, but he then observed that the clone, Akamaru and Kiba himself have transformed into a giant three-headed wolf.

He then witnessed Naruto and Sasuke's combined attack on the Ten-Tails as he urged them on. He and the others subsequently found themselves on the outside of the barrier, escaping the near-fatal attack thanks to Naruto and Minato's action. The ever-competitive Kiba was irritated by the fact that Naruto could achieve such a feat, even though Hinata tried to explain the situation to him.

As Obito unleashes the tree form of the Ten-Tails, it begins decimating the battlefield, killing countless ninja. Hashirama Senju has Ino Yamanaka everyone link-up telepathically to try and rally them. While Hashirama's words fail to inspire anyone, Naruto's senjutsu -enhanced Tailed Beast Mode combined with Ino's telepathy causes his emotions and personal memories to be transferred to everyone.

Kiba is surprised to see how much Naruto is still affected by failing to bring Sasuke back from their mission three years ago. When Shikamaru later recovered, Kiba rebuffed Shikamaru's statement of becoming Naruto's adviser, believing that Shikamaru would become his if he takes the position of Hokage himself.

Responding when Naruto called for them telepathically, Kiba, the other Konoha 11 shinobi and Sai are shocked when Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode mantle forms around them as well when he enters one of Kurama's tails. With his directives clear, Kiba and the others used the Rasengan , which Naruto had formed to break down Obito's defence and give Sasuke and Naruto a clear shot at attacking their opponent.

Kiba and the others who had all reverted to their Version 1 mantles aid Naruto and the others in wresting the tailed beasts' chakra from Obito's control as Kiba boldly stated that Naruto wanted them to help so they would do so until the very end. Though they are able to defeat Obito, another threat soon arose as Kiba and the rest of the Alliance was confronted by Tobi who overwhelmed them with a massive animate statue.

As the Alliance struggled against this new threat, Kiba smelled Naruto close by. Realising Naruto was in danger, he asked Hinata to take a closer look with her Byakugan. Inside the genjutsu, Kiba dreams of being Hokage and decides to make a holiday for dogs.

Main article: The Last: Naruto the Movie. Kiba makes an appearance in this film, set two years after the war. He is seen amongst Naruto's fans eating ramen with Shino at Ichiraku. Kiba and Shino were later seen evacuating villagers from the meteorties breaking off from the Moon, though he seemed rather upset about the fact that no one was appreciating his efforts. He and the others later celebrated after hearing the worldwide announcement of the moon's crisis being averted along with many other villagers.

Though Kiba was put on the life-saving team in the village by the Sixth Hokage , giving him the mission of quickly finding and saving the people who were buried under the rubble of buildings, which was also a mission only he could do with due to his keen senses and Kiba fulfilled it with all his might.

Kiba went running around the village with Akamaru, saving many people's lives and even protecting Ichiraku Ramen. Main articles: Konoha Hiden novel and Konoha Hiden anime As the rest of his friends began searching for a wedding present for Naruto and Hinata, Kiba and Akamaru united with Shino to find the best wedding present but realise they cannot collaboratively decide on a gift and request the aid of Kurenai. While at her house, Kiba constantly corrects the toddler Mirai about what his and Akamaru's names are as she calls them "Kibamaru" and "Akakiba", respectively as Kurenai convinces them to get the newly-weds mead of the Senju Clan.

Kiba however immediately reminds Kurenai that neither Naruto and Hinata drink alcohol, but he is convinced when Kurenai tells him that mead can be used for cooking purposes and that is has low alcohol in it. Kurenai informed them that only Sora-ku had it and requestsed that they pick some mead up for her as well.

While at Sora-Ku, Kiba and Akamaru are harassed by the ninneko Momo and many others instigating Kiba into a humorous chase. However, Tamaki's presence defused the situation and puts Kiba in a love-struck stupor.

As Kiba proceeds to successfully woo Tamaki he is reminded of his mission but still continues his own personal mission. As Tamaki leads them to the enigmatic Beekeeper , Kiba doesn't notice the dirty looks the ninneko give him for his relationship with Tamaki. Upon arriving to their destination, Tamaki warns him that the bamboo forest and it's fog are magical in nature and those who enter never leave, but Kiba once again boasts his abilities giving her ease.

With her departure, Shino and Akamaru both humorously tease Kiba about his obvious deep infatuation for the cat lover which he attempts to deny to no avail. Inside the bamboo forest, Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino quickly realised they are going in circles and as Akamaru disappeared, Kiba began to panic and runs into the fog without thinking.

Hours later, Kiba saw through the purpose of the magic fog and he escapes with Akamaru only to realise that Shino has been free for hours and already retrieved the mead, embarrassing him. As they leave Shino theorises that Kiba escape due to his love for Tamaki and once again teased him about it. During the wedding Kiba boasts about how his and Shino present is the best among the gifts but as he is asked about it, he realises he knows nothing about mead and looks like an idiot. He quickly pressures Kurenai to educate him on the mead to seem intelligent, but he doesn't really pay attention to her lessons as he tries to stop Mirai from riding Akamaru and attempts to make her get their names right for once.

Main article: The Beast that was Shot by Love!! During his many walks with Akamaru, Kiba noticed a young girl with a dog and tried to flirt with her, only to fail miserably. Annoyed, Kiba told Akamaru to mark their territory all over the park, exclaiming that any girl who dumped him would regret their choice once he became the Seventh Hokage.

When he heard two other girls admiring the "Future Seventh", he assumed they were talking about him, only to realise they were looking at Naruto, who was on a date with Hinata, much to his annoyance and depression that he didn't have a girlfriend yet. Later, Kiba went off alone to meet a Vet in order to get sleeping pills for Akamaru's immunisation shots, however, he didn't realise Akamaru had followed him and noticed him with the girl, so he had to hold Akamaru down for his much-hated shots.

As they began another walk, Kiba ran into Tamaki and the two had an immediate strong mutual attraction to each other. As Kiba walked with her, he was stopped by Akamaru who fruitlessly tried to drag him away from her in a fit of over-protectiveness. In the following years, Kiba began living with Tamaki , who moved to Konoha, where the two have many cats and dogs as pets.

His talents for raising animals became well-known and recognised as the top breeder, even becoming a promoter for various products on TV.

Kiba and Tamaki attend the Quarrel Festival , to visit the local hot springs. While arguing over which hot spring to visit first, they were quickly recognised by the townspeople for their respective reputations as animal breeders. Kiba quickly enjoyed all the praises he was getting from the dog lovers, which began to causes a rift between Kiba and Tamaki, as both began getting as competitive as the town over which animal was better.

The two were later approached by Mirai Sarutobi , who was acting as bodyguard for Guy and Kakashi. Wanting to help the couple, but seeing Kiba was too caught up in all his fans, Mirai gave Tamaki an apology letter disguised as written by Kiba. The effort backfired from her lack of understanding in cats, which Kiba would have, causing Tamaki to join the cat-loving villagers in a fight against the dog-lovers.

Mirai then used a genjutsu in the form of a Cat-Dog spirit to calm the townspeople, making them think it was a sign to stop fighter. With the feud over, Kiba and Tamaki made up, decided to got to one of the hot springs as they original wanted. Later, it was revealed that Kiba was helping in an investigation of missing girls from the Land of Hot Water by helping Kakashi and Guy gather intel. Main article: Byakuya Gang Arc. Later, when the Byakuya Gang began gaining support from several villagers, the citizens began acting out against companies accused of corrupt actions.

Kiba joined his fellow ninja in working to pacify the situation at the entrance of the Kaminarimon Company.

Ultimately, it was discovered that several of the protesters were under genjutsu. Kiba helped in dispelling the genjutsu. This, along with Naruto's speech, was able to peacefully end the riots. Kiba along with Akamaru and Akemaru met Naruto and Himawari Uzumaki outside the opening of a toy store where all looked to purchase a limited edition Kurama doll.

Kiba hoped to surprise Tamaki with the gift and he joined Naruto in the rush of the store opening but both failed in finding the Kurama doll. Kiba suggested he and Naruto split up and search other stores so they could hopefully find a doll for Himawari.

Naruto was unsuccessful in his search, but Kiba succeeded in finding the last toy in a kiosk. They realised the toy was stolen whilst Akamaru was in possession of it, and Naruto gave chase to the culprit who he successfully detained.

In the anime, after Kiba and Shino stopped a shoplifter from escaping, they bumped into Boruto and Sarada, who were hoping to find the Icha Icha books by Jiraiya in hopes understand his influence on Naruto. Concerned about such young kids reading such an adult book, the older ninja tried to get them off the topic by telling them from his own experience the kind of man Jiraiya was.

When that failed, they simply told the kids that they were too young to read the books. However, this turned out to be division by the alien, who placed a genjutsu on them to let him sneak into the village.

When Hiruko announced a fourth ninja war will occur, he was seen with Konoha 11 except Naruto assigned by Tsunade to secure the village. After Naruto and Sakura left the village to go after Kakashi, Kiba and the gang were sent to stop them.

While pursuing them, Kiba and his team were soon attacked by Ni and her beast. Kiba uses his Fang Passing Fang to break the door and allow Naruto and Sakura to go and continue rescuing Kakashi since he believed in their cause. Soon after, Kiba starts fighting against Ni in her new beast form, being a distraction as Shino prepared his trap.

After San summons and fuses himself with her and Ichi , Kiba along with the Konoha 11 starts fighting the new powerful beast. Kiba again uses his Fang Passing Fang and pierces right through the beast's wings, making it unable to fly. Kiba made his last appearance along with the rest of Konoha 11, overhearing Kakashi and Naruto's weird conversation and wondering about Kakashi's preferences. Main article: Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie Kiba first appeared alongside his friends battling several Zetsu clones disguised as deceased Akatsuki members.

Later, in the alternate world , a different Kiba appeared compared to the one that Naruto and Sakura know. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? This is the article on the Konoha ninja. For the swords, head to Kiba.

Contents [ show ]. Kiba in Part I. For a long moment Hana didn't speak, clearing her throat before she finally found the right words. I killed your pup his voice says and Kiba looks at Akamaru sitting, resting on a little pillow, Hana is sitting there as well, watching him with obvious worry in her eyes.

Even in death, Ukon makes Kiba suffer, but no one hurts Tsume's children and gets away with it. The war is lost. But they have a hope. To go back in time with all their abilities and reset history.

It just doesn't work out the way they planned. Inuzuka sees her puppy brother die, as well as seeing many of her pack die, and wishes for a way to stop it from ever happening. She accidentally awakens a bloodline ability, and her and others have to deal with the consequences. Top of Work Index.

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Naruto Deserted Island. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, all right? Naruto X Tsume Inuzuka. Author's Notes:. Now this is the eighteenth installment of the Deserted Island Series and this time, we have yet another mature woman in the mix, only in this case, this is the other Inuzuka woman in the mix. That's right, we're going to have Naruto pair up with Kiba and Hana's mother in this one!!! There is something deeply attractive about a woman who is aggressive but kind and loving at the same time.

Either that or I am developing a tsudere complex or something…. At a nearby port…. Naruto yawned a bit as he looked about to see the dock workers going at full tilt on getting the ship nearby fully ready for the soon to be taken journey back to Konoha, the ship was currently in the Land of Seas as there was supposed to be a special mission that was being done by some of the ninja in Konoha.

And for the moment, he had been assigned to work with another Jonin and this case, the Jonin was none other than Tsume Inuzuka, the mother of his friend Kiba and his sister Hana. He was surprised to be assigned for this mission but since the other teams were too busy, he had to do it, besides, instead of resisting the idea of having him come along, Tsume didn't seem to mind at all, he wondered about that until she told him that she was keen to see him in action when on this mission that they were having now.

Apparently the mission was to hunt down the ones who created the basis for the biological agent that had turned Akamaru into that giant version of himself a few years back. Apparently Tsume was not the least bit happy about that even that nearly killed her son and placed her eldest daughter at risk so when the mission came up, she didn't hesitate the take it and since she knew that he had helped in subduing Akamaru along with Hana and her daughter's dog familiars, she had asked him to help her in this mission, Kiba was currently on assignment with Hinata and Shino while Kurenai had just returned to duty after recovering from child birth so he was not available, while Hana herself was on a mission since she was free of her duties as a vet.

As for his team, Sakura was busy working with Tsunade on some new medical cases in making new cures and antidotes, while Kakashi was busy with Yamato and Sai in tracking the movements of both Orochimaru and Sasuke.

This left him alone and he had no other choice to agree with the mission since he had some desire to find out just how the virus was made so it would never be used by others ever again. They had managed to the track down the origin of the virus and brought the maker to justice, though it had been a hard chase in that time, and in that time, he had begun to see just what made Kiba and Hana's mother a very capable ninja to be in the rank of Jonin and she was as fierce or even fiercer than Kiba himself.

There was no doubt in his mind that she was very skilled and that was something he respected. The blonde shook his head and decided to focus on other matters for the time being as he looked forward to heading back to Konoha to get some word on how they were going to find Sasuke, he hoped that Sakura would do all right and be stronger for the time that both of them would soon move out and find Sasuke.

He then turned when he spotted a massive wolf like creature which he recognized to be Tsume's familiar and he turned to see the woman in question. Tsume nodded and she was itching to get back to Konoha after the successful mission to hunt down those men responsible for the virus that nearly cost her the life of her son and his familiar.

She had to admit that Naruto's contributions to the mission were quite good and she could see now why her children were welcoming of the blonde Genin. Like all the elder ninja, she was familiar with Naruto's past as the Kyuubi's container or the Jinchuuriki, and like others, she had a healthy respect and fear for the power of the Kyuubi, however she had seen how different the boy was in real life, and had agreed that Naruto had outgrown the old view of him being a talentless clown.

She also had to admit that he was going to be quite a handsome man when he was at the right age to be an adult, she smirked at that and decided not to show her thoughts as the two of them finally got their packs on their backs and headed onto the ship. The day was going to be long as the ship finally took off and was soon heading back to Konoha, it was going to be long trip for the two of them so they already had plans in order to pass the time.

For Naruto it was getting that chance to think about his favorite food as well as get the chance to be with his family and friends, and for Tsume, it was getting the chance to get back and take the time to relax while making sure that her family were doing all right and keeping up with the need to show the strength and ability of their family.

The two had very different ideas on how to relax as Tsume began to focus on getting her familiar cleaned after the battle they had been in before, Naruto was currently relaxing in his room and decided to go out and get some food as well so he decided to leave the room and go see what was on the menu of the ship at this time of the day as it was already going to be lunch.

With that in mind, he opened the door and looked into the room and was quite surprised to see that no one was in the room, he could have sworn that Tsume and her familiar were in the room when they had parted from one another only hours after they had boarded the ship.

Are you in here? He looked about, slowly entering the room and it was when he was inside the room that he was able to meet the Jonin who had decided to walk out of the bathroom and was fully clothed but apparently soaked by water.

The blonde then spotted the canine familiar walk out of the bathroom with his fur somewhat soaked and drying out…. The blonde gulped in that moment as he realized that since she had her clothes soaked by the water, the clothes would hug Tsume's frame well and did so to show that despite the fact that Tsume was older than him, she was undeniably a full blown woman who due to being a ninja was in peak physical condition and training had a very healthy and powerful physique that was all woman to anyone's eyes as the blonde found himself looking at her with considerable scrutiny.

Naruto managed to recover as he realized that he was ion a very serious situation and stopped looking at the Jonin as he tried to explain just what exactly he was doing in her room uninvited by her for any reason.

However, Tsume was quick to react before Naruto could say anything as she punched him in the face. Naruto moved back as he felt the pain on his cheek and looked at Tsume who was angry at him and glaring as she spoke. The blonde then replied while making a pleading gesture to placate the angry woman as he knew that in this case, he was the one at fault for walking in without waiting for a proper answer from the Jonin.

I tried knocking on the doors but you didn't answer and I saw that the door was unlocked…. Tsume looked at Naruto intently trying to see if he was trying to lie to her and when she saw that he was not lying to her in any fashion, she relaxed and had to admit that in her plans to give her familiar some needed bathing to get rid of the dirt and grime, she had forgotten to lock the door to her room and the fact that she had been in the bathroom to give the bath in the first place had also kept her from hearing Naruto's knocking on her door.

With that train of thought in her head, the Jonin relaxed and moved away from Naruto and spoke to him. Naruto nodded at the truth in that statement and spoke to her. The very second those thoughts began to worm their way into his head, the blonde Genin shook his head to try and get them out of his brain, the last thing her wanted were such thoughts in his head, he might have some perverted tendencies, but thinking of a Kiba and Hana's mother like that was going to get him into some serious trouble if either of them found out about, he didn't even want to guess what would happen if Tsume herself found out about the direction of his thoughts in this moment.

That's the mother of my friend Kiba for crying out loud!!! I am not thinking such things you perverted fox! Besides you do have to admit that she is rather attractive after all. Naruto knew that the Kyuubi spoke the truth in that regard but he was not keen on continuing this line of conversation with his resident and did so as he spoke to the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi however chuckled at that and replied. Naruto shook his head and turned to see Tsume come out of her room, wearing another set of clothes that were the same as the ones she wore but these were naturally dry clothes and she was wearing her vest this time, the woman gave him a stare that was neither happy nor threatening and she then spoke to him.

Tsume thought it over and shrugged her shoulders and replied. They were soon joined by the canine familiar and they were soon in the galley, they headed to the bar and Tsume ordered her food and that of her canine companion while Naruto did the same, some of the patrons however were not happy with the wolf like familiar of Tsume and their sour looks were directed at the creature, they however kept their thoughts to themselves as they knew that the three were ninjas from Konoha due to the forehead protectors they had on.

However as Tsume and Naruto got down to their tables and were brought their meals, several drunken men walked over and spoke to the woman. Tsume glared at the man and replied.

The man naturally was not the least bit happy at that as he made that very clear to both Tsume and Naruto while the familiar growled darkly at the man daring to attack it's master. The galley is not the place for flea bitten mutts like it!

I heard of that clan and that woman…. Naruto was angry, that much she could see and she realized that she might have to do something to prevent Naruto from doing something bad though she suddenly felt something in her body when she looked at Naruto who was still using the power of the Kyuubi.

The blonde knew that using the chakra of the Kyuubi on someone like this drunkard was overkill, but he couldn't help himself, the very second he heard that comment from the man concerning Tsume he just snapped, he had never known his parents at all since he was born an orphan so had no family to speak of, but even though he had never been with any parents he knew how important it was to have family, Hinata and her family were getting along well, and so did his other friends with their family, and he had a mother figure in Tsunade and even though he would never show it, he cared for Jiraiya as a master.

There was no doubt he saw Kakashi as a big brother fire and Iruka as his father figure, showing that he had a good family, and naturally he would never tolerate any insult directed to family members. The insult hurled at Tsume was so disgusting and vile that it deserved to be answered, and he answered it well enough.

By all rights Tsume should have done this instead of him since it was her family and her…. Naruto growled in an utterly feral fashion as he lifted the man and growled at him, the punch from the blonde apparently had finally awakened the man from his heavily drunk state better than the tonics normally used to cure hangovers. As soon as he lifted the man, he growled while his teeth were still shown as he spoke.

The man glared and that was enough to make Naruto follow through with a fierce punch that hit square in the gut, the man cried out as he felt himself being hit by the force of a sledge hammer crushing an egg. That was enough for the man to finally get the hint as he finally spoke. The man did as Naruto asked and this time the blonde seemed satisfied and moved away while tossing the man to his fellows and he growled at them in a very angry fashion as he spoke, also targeting the others in the galley itself.

And if any of you have issues with Tsume-san's familiar being here, then I suggest you keep it to yourselves, lest I do the same to you! The men nodded and quickly left the area, Naruto glared at them while making sure to look in a very menacing fashion at all the others who he knew disapproved of Tsume and Kuromaru, daring them to try something. They all got the message and things began to settle down, as soon as Naruto calmed down, he felt the Kyuubi's chakra recede back into his body and he felt his body change back to normal, as soon as he turned to face Tsume he was greeted by a glare by the Inuzuka matriarch and he was surprised as to why she was angry at him and she made it clear when she spoke to him.

Why did you interfere? Naruto was not happy with that as he had hoped that Tsume at least appreciated his actions in defending her honor and that of her clan, but he kept his peace and replied.

Tsume explained it and so did some of the witnesses and with that out of the way, they got back to their meal. All the while Tsume was busy looking at Naruto, her mind still trying to wrap itself around what she had just seen recently, she had just seen the Kyuubi take over Naruto for a brief moment though it seemed that Naruto had not lost control of himself when the Kyuubi's chakra had taken over him.

It seemed that the blonde had been developing his ability to control the Kyuubi's chakra and limit it's influence on his mind and personality. Like all the older Jonin, she was well aware of Naruto's hidden secret of being the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki or container, but unlike the villagers she was not like those who hated the young child, she did have a healthy amount of fear of the Kyuubi, but not Naruto himself, he was not an evil youth and was just a regular young man as she had known that he and her son used to skip school together.

He was also rather good looking now that he had matured, Tsume was a woman after all despite her fierce demeanor and she did appreciate the male form a good deal. Though she knew for a fact that her fierce nature had been the reason she had lost her husband, and the father of both her children, she didn't mind at all as she had done all she could to raise them well into adulthood, she felt great care and pride for bother her daughter and young son.

And she had very much been by herself and it suited her fine though she longed for male companionship every now and then, she focused on her duties to avoid thinking of it for the moment.

Tsume then managed to keep her thoughts from going that far as they ate their food, once they were done the pair decided to go and get some much needed time off as it was still in the afternoon at this day.

However, they had a feeling that things were going to get interesting soon enough. As they rested in their rooms, they were suddenly shocked as the boat seemed to shudder from some sort of impact that really was bad news to them. They quickly got out of their rooms to find out what was happening and they got their answer when they got on the deck itself saw smoke coming out from one side of the ship. They managed to find out that someone had accidentally set off a fire and had entered the stores of the and it seemed that some of the cargo was used for fireworks making, that was what created the explosion that they heard.

The ship was a lost cause and thus the people began to get into the life boats. Both ninja did their best to help the passengers and they soon moved out as they sent a life boat down to the sea and quickly got onboard with Kuromaru riding with them, Naruto quickly moved the boat out of the way as the night fell on them despite the sheer amount of light from the fireworks that were going off. The blonde moved further through the darkening ocean and the sounds of thunder told him that there might be a storm coming soon.

That was the one thing that terrified the blonde as he had heard stories about the terrifying effects of people being trapped in the ocea in the middle of a storm.

He knew that it was going to be a long trip, as the two of them moved a good deal out of the area and soon lost sight of their former ride, it was then that Tsume smelled the air alongside Kuromaru.

The two continued to smell the air until Tsume spoke to Naruto in a very serious tone. Tsume however replied with some good news. Naruto decided not to question the Inuzuka Clan Matriarch on the validity of her sense of smell, he knew that doing so was not going to help them at all, besides that, he knew that her sense of smell was a lot stronger than his so he would have to chance it at this point.

The blonde guided the ship in the direction that Tsume pointed out and as they moved about, the blonde was happy to see the outline of some mountains in there before them and the expanse of land there, showing that they were indeed closing in on the island.

However, that was damped literally by the arrival of the storm. The two were soon soaked by the rain and the flashes of lightning were certainly not helping as Naruto knew that if they took a direct hit from even a glancing bolt, they were done for. That was why he did his best to reach the island though they had to be careful as there were large rocks that there before them and they had to be careful in avoiding those in order to avoid sinking their ship.

It took a LOT of work for the blonde to do the maneuvering and as soon as they were on the beach, the two got the ship out. They quickly looked for a place to hide from the storm and away from the lightning and found it in a nearby outcropping of rock, they were able to avoid the rain and the lightning for the time being but it was cold for them as the wind chilled their bodies due to the wetness of their clothing and the cold wind itself.

The next day…. Naruto woke up and began to get some feeling back in his body after the long and somewhat fitful sleep that he had last night.

He looked about and saw that Tsume was still sleeping and the same could be said with her familiar, and since they were still sleeping, the blonde decided to let them rest for as long as possible as he moved out of the cave near the beach that they had been able to land in.

The blonde nodded mentally as he knew that the Kyuubi was right in that regard and they decided to head off to see just what sort of animals and plants that they would need for food in this place as well as water if it can be found.

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