Gift lover pet unique-65 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers - Unique Dog Owner Gift Ideas

This Christmas , we're encouraging you not to forget about those four-legged friends of yours—or their two-legged owners. That's why we've rounded up the all-time best gifts for dog lovers, dog owners, and anyone who's passionate about pets. From nifty pet houses to hilarious tees and even chic water bowls, there's something here for just about any dog owner, no matter his or her style. Funny Christmas gifts for dog lovers—like a "feliz navi dog " Christmas sweater and a "corki" get it?! We've got car seat covers that'll keep fur off your best friend 's new ride, dog-themed wine glass charms for the hostess who needs a way to keep her guests' drinks in order, and even an "Embark" dog DNA test that'll give your recipient an exciting look into his or her pup's colorful past.

Gift lover pet unique

Gift lover pet unique

Gift lover pet unique

Gift lover pet unique

Nice etching Gift lover pet unique good quality packaging. We have also added links to where each item can be purchased and the official MyDogLikes reviews for your convenience. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It operates on battery power and features a durable design. These silhouettes are absolutely beautiful works of art!

Akoya aaa pearl necklace wholesale. 51 Pawsome Gifts Dogs & Dog Lovers

Sandicast is famous for their intricate and lifelike dog sculptures and they offer just about every breed you can think of. Top 5 Best Hunting Dog Collars. Loved better, buy matching holiday sweaters for dogs and owners. If the dog lover in your life is also a gardener, this wiener dog metal planter is the perfect gift idea! Pretty Packaging. He or she will appreciate this beautifully-designed journal, decorated with various dog breeds. This wooden music box features two dogs and a heart carved into the lid and can Gift lover pet unique engraved on the bottom. Stay Connected. Please enter your comment! And we certainly do enjoy spoiling them. The days are getting shorter and the weather is lovr to get cooler. Research shows that uniqye mindset is deeply ingrained in Canis Familiaris, so to withhold Available in fifteen different fragrances, this all-natural candle is pet safe and perfect for eliminating pet odors. Diane Fisher, PhD - Oct Air ambulance medical nurse transport traveling, Dogs are inherently pack animals, Gift lover pet unique like their wolf ancestors.

According to Rover.

  • There is a reason we call them our best friends — our pets unconditionally love us and we unconditionally love them.
  • This Christmas , we're encouraging you not to forget about those four-legged friends of yours—or their two-legged owners.
  • T he holidays are just around the corner again , and you're probably getting ready to do gift shopping for your dog-adoring friends and family.
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Shopping for dog related gifts for dog lovers is a fun experience because they are easy to please and will appreciate anything dog-related.

They genuinely care about their furry friends and are always looking for ways to make them happy. Dog gifts come in all forms from cool dog gadgets that fascinate canines to jewelry pieces that allow owners to keep them close to their hearts at all times. There are personalized gifts for dog lovers that come in handy when a friend loses a pet they love dearly. These help them cope during the mourning process and immortalize their memories for all time.

Check out these unique pet gifts and amaze the dog lover in your life. Here is a mind-blowing treat for art loving canine lovers. These custom portraits are amazing gifts for dog lovers as they capture their personality. The execution is spot on and the use of water colors gives them a touch of authenticity. They could make a thoughtful dog memorial gift. Find it Here.

If you are looking for a gift that blends functionality and aesthetic appeal, you just found it! It is lightweight in spite of its thickness and comes in any color of choice. Help a friend through the mourning process with these personalized pet products. They are customized mugs with a black and white art style portrait. They offer a great way to start each morning with pleasant memories of their canine friend.

It is such a simple gesture but goes a long way in keeping their feelings in check during the tough period. Our canine friends go through a lot of thirsty work with all the running and the fetching.

Here is an innovative way to keep them in tip top shape at all times. This water bottle requires a simple squeeze to fill up the water dish at the top. The Velcro strap for fastening and leak proof design make it a handy tool for all dog lovers. Celebrate beloved pets with these custom illustration portraits. And above all, they let the world know that their heart belongs to a furry friend. They could also make a perfect gift for a dog memorial. These are amazing gifts for dog lovers that any stylish owner would cherish.

The tribal design on these dog collars makes them outstanding statement pieces. They could serve as the perfect accessory to complete a tribal look.

And the fact that they are personalized adds to their sentimental appeal. We all have that one friend who lives and breathes dogs. Well, here is a way to take their affection to canines to the next level. This toiletry bag has canines plastered all around in multiple colors to create an awesome mosaic. It is a practical and visually appealing gift choice.

It is not always easy to keep up with the energy levels our canine friends possess. Thiscool dog gadget will come in handy in such situations.

It has a distance adjustment knob for convenience. It is an innovative gift that allows a dog lover to sit back while their friend enjoys a game of fetch. This is the perfect gift choice for a dog lover who also happens to love wine. It bears a hand painting of their canine friend and could even have their name at the base.

This is a unique gift for dog owners as it has both functional and aesthetic value. These dog hats keep the cold at bay while making any dog look adorable. They are a cute accessory for dog costume parties. This is a fanciful gift choice to put a smile on the face of a dog owner and everyone around them. They are not just a humorous choice but also make for high visual appeal. The use of dark walnut as well as the crisp vinyl lettering contributes to this appeal.

And it comes complete with a sawtooth hanger. If your dog loving friend appreciates convenience and comfort then these carriers are ideal. These gifts for dog lovers offer a compact carry case for canines and are airline-approved.

They feature a sturdy build that can hold a good amount of weight. The inside is soft and comfortable and will keep any canine content. Hooking up a dog lover should not be a complex task with this fanciful gift choice. It is a simple hoodie that gives dog lovers the opportunity to connect with ease. Apart from its whimsical appeal, it is also a great choice for cold weather as it comes in a warm and cozy fabric.

It is a soft fleece blanket with a custom pet photo. It uses cozy Sherpa and coral fleece for that extra touch of comfort. This is one of the simplest gifts for dog lovers. It is a fine bone china mug with a clean sitting dog illustration. This mysterious dog adds a unique visual appeal to the mug as it is not any particular breed. Giving a dog a bath can be a frustrating experience for both parties involved. But with these bathing gloves, it becomes a walk in the park. It puts an end to struggling with hoses as they control water flow by opening and closing the hand.

And they can use it with garden hoses and shower adapters. Look no further that these unique pet gifts to amaze a dog loving friend. They are simple zip up wash bags with a mosaic of different dog breeds.

They are highly convenient and will serve as a constant reminder that you care for them. Few items can compare to these stylish gifts for dog lovers. They are simple necklaces with a distinct bone charm as the pendant. Get their name or other text onto the charm to add to their unique custom appeal. Everything from the font choice to the paw print brings out its humorous appeal. The thought behind it highlights the special place the dog holds in their life.

Give everyone a reason to laugh out loud with this creative choice. These dog gifts immortalize any pet, whether living or departed. They add a charming aspect to any interior space and makes them part of the family. It uses charcoal and pencil to achieve a remarkable outcome.

It offers them the opportunity to spread good cheer to other dog lovers and keep out the scorching sun. This hat features breathable cotton fabric to ensure comfort all through. The embroidery gives it a special fanciful touch that will appeal to many.

Personalized gifts for dog lovers are especially appropriate for a friend who is mourning the loss of their canine. These minimalist bracelets feature a silver bar that could hold a special message to keep the memory alive. This is a whimsical choice for a dog lover who is not always there to speak on their behalf. The case comes in canvas to ensure durability and great looks. The big black lettering makes it hard to miss. What an awesome combination of visual appeal and utility!

This dog tracker comes in form of an adorable bow tie. It is ultra-lightweight and water resistant. Take your gift giving skills to the next level with these personalized dog gifts for owners.

They are silver necklaces with custom paw prints for friends who cannot get enough of their canine friends. The pendant also has a personal engraving on the back side and is the perfect token to remember a canine friend forever. Looking for a gift for dog lovers that will add value to their lives? They sport a dog breed illustration of choice and a name for a truly custom effect. Choose the color that best represents the canine in question and thrill the owner to bits.

Dog moms are special people who give their hearts, homes and affection to their furry friends. Celebrate the dog mom in your life with one of these stylish necklaces.

They come in silver, gold or rose gold to suit a variety of tastes. It is the perfect hideaway for dog toys and a secluded rest area for the canine. Well, here is a way for them to let the world know where their affection belongs. These racerback tank tops come in a number of colors and sport a super soft fabric.

They are stylish and fun, making a great gift for outdoorsy types. Dog poop toting walkers have always had a nightmare of a time when the inevitable happens and there is not a trash can in sight. When it comes to functional gifts for dog lovers, this is a winner.

Both the color and the son played by the music box can be customized. Kelly Pebworth, VT - Oct 14, They are easy to slip on and comfortable to wear all day. But what about spoiling the pet lover in your life with a customized gift all their own? Our dog gifts and cat lover gifts for the pet lover are second to none. This desk calendar includes some colorful language, but it also includes some hilarious texts from one dog to his owner. Available in both piece and piece formats, you can upload up to six of your favorite pet photos.

Gift lover pet unique

Gift lover pet unique

Gift lover pet unique

Gift lover pet unique

Gift lover pet unique

Gift lover pet unique. Sports Fans

He or she will appreciate this beautifully-designed journal, decorated with various dog breeds. Does your recipient drink Starbucks all day, every day? This is the hilarious gift for them. Any avid coffee drinker will get a kick out of it. Okay, so your recipient doesn't get to eat these treats—they're for his or her dog. What sorts of things should you never feed your dogs? What's the science between those irresistible eyes of theirs?

In this fun book, the editors of Country Living share tips, tricks, and delightful insights to help you better understand man's best friend. Every canine owner will love it! This candle doesn't just smell good; it looks good too. And with hundreds of glowing reviews, we're pretty sure you can't go wrong.

How lovely would this book look on your friend's coffee table? Whether or not you live in New York, it's a fun find. This chocolate bar doubles as a greeting card—how great is that? It also features a delicious sea salt caramel flavor. Beautiful photography and inspiring stories fill this book. It's just as fun to gift as it is to browse on your own! Show them how much you care about their pups with these sweet charm necklace. The Deebot vacuum cleaner is just the thing for any new pet owner.

It'll keep their space clean—no elbow grease required from them. This weighted blanket is said to help reduce dogs' anxiety—making it a great gift for pups and owners alike. If you must wear an ugly Christmas sweater , let it be one with an adorable pup. Even better, buy matching holiday sweaters for dogs and owners. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Funny Find. Yes, you can really have these socks customized with your friend's pet's face. How fun is that?

Tech-Savvy Find. For the Aspiring Novelist. This shirt comes in 12 colors, so you can take your pick. It's also downright adorable. Any dog enthusiast will love these socks. Favorite Products. What's New at Anything Dogs!

Horse Lover Gifts. Dog Lover Gifts! Unique Dog Lover Gifts! Dog lover gifts are our specialty and we are sure you will find the perfect dog lover gift idea for the pet lover in your life! Visit our Dog Lover Garden Decor for great ideas to spruce up your outdoor living areas to honor your favorite dog breed.

40 Unique Dog Gifts For Dog Lovers You Can Buy! - Awesome Stuff

Looking for something special for that dog lover in your life? Does it already seem like they have everything that a dog owner needs? Well, you have come to the right place! We have been hard at work compiling dozens of our favorite gifts for dog lovers to help put you on the right track. Our Favorite Gifts for Dog Lovers — We have broken this list down into several categories for easy browsing and to help you locate something to fit the personality of the dog lover in your life.

We have also added links to where each item can be purchased and the official MyDogLikes reviews for your convenience. Note that some of these are affiliate links, so MyDogLikes will earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase.

What follows are some of our favorite dog related accessories designed to make a pet parents life just a little bit easier. It can be a pain to lug around all the gear needed for a walk let alone an afternoon out with your pup.

TravelWags dog walking bag is the perfect stylish solution that was built just for the job. There are tons of easily accessible pockets to store treats and dog gear, plus their is plenty of room for your own accessories like a wallet, keys and phone.

They have even included a custom made flat water bottle, to make sure that your dog stays hydrated while out and about.

There are over different breed options available in black and white silhouettes or full color portraits. Click here to Shop ToteTails on Amazon! I purchased a Golden Retriever necklace obviously for Rachael and it still looks great after years of daily wear. Show your loved ones how much you care by making sure they stay seen at night while out walking their dog!

The Turdlebag is a convenient leash attachment designed to hold used poop bags while out and about. Simply drop the bag inside and fold over the top to keep the smell contained. Click Here to Pick Up a Turdlebag! Fetch It Tennis Ball Holder.

The Fetch it Case solves that problem by holding onto it for you — and it even stays closed with a magnetic clasp! Attach it to your leash or bag so you always have a ball on hand! Getting your dog leashed up for a walk is nearly impossible while wearing gloves. But not with the Nifti Safelatch! This revolutionary new clasp has an embedded magnet which draws the d-ring right where it needs to be. We love it all year long — but especially in the Wintertime!

Click Here to Pick one up on Amazon Apparel For the unabashedly dog obsessed — some of our favorite dog themed clothing designs! Not enough options for you? Check out our huge guide to the best t-shirts for dog lovers! Pet Legz is a company that will transform photos of your dog into everyday lounge-wear or daily use items.

We had the chance to try out their childrens leggings earlier this year and were thoroughly impressed with the quality. From the makers of the famous three wolf moon, The Mountain has tons of funny dog shirts that are sure to draw some attention.

These shirts are thick, vibrantly colored and do not fade or shrink in the washing machine. These cute tanks and tees come in tons of fun colors and styles, and are not just for working out! Available in lots of different colors, patterns and styles. Click Here to Purchase on Amazon Artwork.

A little dog inspired decor is always stylish in our opinion. Photo Courtesy of MyPoochFace. These gorgeous pop art paintings will add a splash of color to any wall. But best of all — they are made in the likeness of your best friend!

Just send them a photo and it will be transformed into a one of kind, hand painted piece of art that any dog lover would adore. Blueprint Dog Breed Art. Photo Courtesy of Animal Blueprint Company. Each design is a highly detailed line drawing with call-outs of physical characteristics and personality traits. They would look great in any office at home or the workplace! Prints come inside poplar frame with acid-free matting.

Looking to unwind? Below are our top picks for books and media to inform, inspire and entertain the dog lover on your list.

This gorgeous book is perfect for the coffee table of any dog lover. The latest by Alexandra Horowitz is a journey into dogs amazing olfactory abilities. Learn how their sense of smell shapes how they see and interact with the world. If you enjoyed that title you will love this one as well!

Dog Themed Coloring Books Give the gift of relaxation with one of these dog themed adult coloring books. Each intricate pattern will help put their mind at ease. There are plenty of stylish and functional dog product options these days so you can get what you need without clashing with your home decor. Photo Courtesy of PrideBites. With tons of color options for the background and piping detail, these can be customized to look great in any home.

You can even add your pets name and likeness for that extra special touch! Plus, they get a heads up that they are entering a dogs home, so they better get used to it! They come with several fun slogans and colors and would look great on the desk of any dog lover.

They are available in tons of adorable holiday and non-holiday designs. Leash Hooks Dealing with a cluttered entryway? Tripping on leashes, harnesses, vests and other dog gear? We love these cute dog leash hooks from IKEA, that will give these items a convenient home.

This Safety 1st brand walk through dog gate has a built in hinged door allowing you to pass through with ease. For the eco-conscious person on your shopping list! Inside you will find no bleach, no ammonia and no alcohol — making it safe to use around pets and children. In fact, the only ingredients are water and salt — which have been given a slight electric charge.

Believe it or not, this simple solution can kill Available in an all-purpose spray, carpet cleaner, and surface wipe. Proper hydration is an extremely important aspect of health and animals have a natural attraction to running water. These fountains are available in tons of different sizes and styles, all with built in filtration systems. We have had the Drinkwell Everflow for several months now and have been extremely happy with it! This Pet Eraser from Bissell is specially designed to tackle pet hair around the home.

The flexible rubber tip conforms to curved surfaces like furniture upholstery and stairs. Weighing in at only 4 lbs, you will be amazed at how much suction power it can deliver! The following fun or heartfelt items are inexpensive but will still pack a punch in terms of novelty or meaning! Perfect stocking stuffers! This unique gift also doubles as a fun bonding experience.

The brainchild of a glass studio in New Jersey, Hot Paws is a unique dog paw print molding kit. After forming the print from their moldable material you send it right back to Hot Paws in a prepackaged container where it will be cast in glass. After a couple of weeks your friend will receive a gorgeous glass impression of their dogs paw which can be used as a paperweight or hung as an ornament. Add a bit of humor and depth to your refrigerator door with those adorable dog butt magnets.

The 2 separate pieces sit on opposite sides of your glass and are held together with a magnet — strong enough to hold through glass or even ceramic!

Click Here to Check these out on Amazon Dog Coaster Sets Make sure that you guest always has a great place to set their drink with a dog themed coaster set. Available in lots of cute and quirky designs that add a bit of flair to any home decor.

Take a quick moment to fill it out and stick to your front door or window to let firefighters or emergency personal know that their are animals inside your home in need of rescue. Every pet owners greatest fear is that something will happen while they are not home. These simple stickers can help give a bit of peace of mind. Mount this bad boy in your kitchen or wherever you feed your dogs so that everyone in the family is on the same page.

Perfect for the ones who always seem to have things together. Each thank you note features a unique and adorable image of a dog wearing glasses.

Highly recommend for ALL dog owners! Pet Barriers. Show someone how much you love them by helping to keep them safe! Pet barriers are designed to keep your dog in the back of the vehicle where they are supposed to be in the event of a crash. This could save both of their lives!

We love these ones from Travall which are precisely engineered for fit and are available for hundreds of different models.

Gift lover pet unique