Doctor erotic gay story-Gay erotic doctor story The doctor told me to unwind as they were -

Marcus said, folding his large hands over his crotch. I slouched in my chair, with my legs wide open and my arms hung over the arms of the chair. I looked into my therapist's sharp brown eyes. Marcus leaned back in his plush leather seat, his hands still guarding his crotch area. He looked about thirty two and very good-looking.

Doctor erotic gay story

Doctor erotic gay story

Doctor erotic gay story

Doctor erotic gay story

This guy was built Doctor erotic gay story a house. His mouth was open a little, and he seemed really surprised. Things seemed to be going well for Jason; until his father came into is room one evening. The doctor was the typical overweight man, about six three bald with glasses. Reason optional. Gregg made an announcement that everyone had to turn in a physical and drug test before the eritic of July. He had brown hair, big brown eyes, some scruffy facial hair and a massive build. Docgor Hottest Patients, Part 2: Ace. My first prostate exam by Doctor erotic gay story

Ultrasound enlarged heart fetus. Table of contents

John stood in his kitchen nervously. His hands were on my hips pulling me forcefully onto his dick as he impaled me over and over, fucking storj butthole. I grabbed it with my hand, pumping it slowly, but with an Docror grip. Ronalds extracted his fingers from my anus. Involuntarily my back arches. The narrator wonders whether it is Mani"s son or his own? Little did I know that this would be my first time fucking and sucking cock. Sex at the Hot Tub Spa. Fun for couples - cams online now! As I rolled over, the gown slipped right Money games for teens my back with only my shoulders still in it. Call today for your free medical consultation. Spurned by a lover, and then not wanting him back. My shaft was glowing red. Doctor erotic gay story you like it! She wore a low cut blouse and leaned across the desk quite a bit providing Doctor erotic gay story a nice show.

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Marcus said, folding his large hands over his crotch. I slouched in my chair, with my legs wide open and my arms hung over the arms of the chair. I looked into my therapist's sharp brown eyes. Marcus leaned back in his plush leather seat, his hands still guarding his crotch area. He looked about thirty two and very good-looking. I loved the way he looked in his crisp white shirt, his dark red tie. He wore tight-fitted cream-colored slacks, and a nice pair of shiny black shoes.

But the best thing about my therapist was his face: he was naturally tanned, clean-shaven with a masculine, well-defined, sophisticated face. His chocolate brown hair was immaculately cut and greatly complimented his face. Anything you want to tell me. Marcus had a beautiful pair of lips; they were small but perfectly shaped. I wondered what it would be like to kiss them. I wondered if he was gay or not. Marcus arched his thin eyebrows. He leaned forward in his chair. Marcus grabbed a small memo pad from his desk and began to write notes.

I focused on the crotch area of his tight fitted slacks to see if there was a bulge in them. I saw nothing and felt a little disappointed.

But I could my dick stiffening anyway. Lucky I wore baggy jeans, otherwise he may have noticed. Except I did want him to notice. I shrugged, looking at his large feet. He must have worn at least a size thirteen. Maybe even bigger. I wanted to see his dick. Not really too much else to say about it. Marcus smiled briefly. He had a beautiful smile and it made me smile to see that. There must be something you want to talk about.

We still have about forty five minutes left. I want to talk about you dick, I thought. Nothing else. I'm not really into partyin or gettin drunk or shit, so Marcus asked. I stared him right in his attractive brown eyes, and said, "No.

Marcus nodded his head slowly. This is a big campus. There must be a lot of girls that you can meet. Without really thinking, I said, "I like guys. It was definitely obvious that there was a lump in my pants. I tried to cover it quickly with my hands. Marcus seemed stunned by my answer. His mouth was open a little, and he seemed really surprised. I looked at his feet again, embarassed for saying that. I interrupted him. I like older men. Like your age. Forget I said that.

But it was too late. When I looked at him in the eye, he avoided my glance and began to take notes on his notepad. Marcus looked at me. You seem like a bright, nice, handsome young man. For a minute or two, there was a dense silence in the small, air-conditioned office.

I think both of us were really feeling uncomfortable. And then Dr. Marcus asked, "What is it about older men that you like so much, Kevin? I started to stammer. I mean I think they're just sexy Stuff like that. I don't know. Marcus closed his hand and began to softly bite his knuckles, while his deep brown eyes were still on me. With older men? My dick was so hard that I could hide it. Marcus saw me as I tried to push down my dick. My skin was burning with embarassment. But I have been. He put his notebook away, and now he was just sitting, with his legs spread a little apart, and his arms crossed over his chest.

It looked like there was a bulge in his pants, but maybe that was just my imagination. Marcus placed his hands on his muscular-looking thighs. He seemed really interested in hearing what I had to say. Marcus nodded his head, bit his bottom lip soflty, all while staring deeply into my eyes. Parental controls: Wikipedia.

A Gay Sex. Review s 7 Add review Report. Author: Michael Booker. We just don't like each other. I don't know what I was thinking.

Marcus said. Allow us to process your personal data? Random First gay sex How I lost my virginity when swimming

As I continued to stroke my erection I noticed the larger dildo was still resting on the counter in the leather case. Women must be pleased with it. My mind was a whirl of emotion and I tried to process what just happened. I want you to lean forward and rest your upper body on the table and lay your head on your left arm. He has been out of residency for a total of one month! Is this guy for real?

Doctor erotic gay story

Doctor erotic gay story

Doctor erotic gay story

Doctor erotic gay story. Table of contents

Just when I was not embarrassed he then withdrew his hand again. He took his glove off and asked me to roll over. I turned over and put my hands over my penis but trying not to make it obvious i was covering up. He explained to me about the prostate as I was laying on my back completely naked and mentioned sometimes the ultra sounds miss things and only I knew where the pain is etc. He then asked if I was ok with me showing him an erection as its something to do with the testies "getting tight" I didn't know if he meant a photo at home or there and then and if he would leave the room etc.

He walked away, so i half put the gown on and he said "Just leave it off" He came back and asked me to move my arms to the side. So there I was on my back with my arms down and my entire genitals right in front of him. My uncut penis laying to one side which still looked kind of small.

He still had no gloves on so I assumed it was going to be something simple Id have to do. He then proceeded to talk about random stuff nothing to do with the problem, standing beside me with his hands resting on the bed. As i was speaking to him I was looking up thinking of what he asked, then with no warning I felt his bare hands on my stomach.

Still he was talking about what I like to do on the weekends, my job, my dogs etc. He slowly put both hands back on my pubic area.

Eventually moving back and forth but not really touching anything. I remember this quite well because when I was talking about the school I went to, that exact moment when I told him, I felt his right hand slide over my penis. The bottom of his wrist was going up and down over the entire area while he was gently squeezing my balls.

This went on for a short while before he started cupping my balls with his palm whilst his fingers rubbing between them and my ass hole. My penis started feeling twitchy like during the prostate exam. He knew it and moved his right hand up from my balls. With his thumb and two fingers, he gently grabbed my shaft and started to pull it very slowly back and forth.

We were still speaking of random things like this whole experience was not happening. I felt intimidated but knew I said I'd be ok about showing him an erection.

Eventually i got semi erect but would still be considered limp. He said "just close your eyes, tell me if you feel any pain and relax" As he must of known I was semi awkward. As soon as I closed my eyes I felt my penis grow between his thumb and fingers.

It was so warm and I even remember thrusting slightly in the air, as if to say grab it all. He went for it and started puling back and forth. All the while my eyes closed laying there naked as I felt him stop at the base.

I open my eyes and see him holding it near my pubic area and pushing down trying to retract my foreskin. It seemed like the head was trying to come out.

So with his left hand he gently started to pull the foreskin down. I seen the head of my penis slowly come out as he was rolling it down like a condom.

As the tip was fully out, then the base of the head seemed to just pop out rather fast. With his right hand still pulling down, his left hand fingers where rolling around the head in a circular motion. At that second I got pretty hard. He moved his right hands position to grab what was the loose skin and now because its tight he had a much better grip on the whole thing. As he moved his left hand back to my stomach he looked at me and said "it all looks healthy, apart from your pain of coarse".

My penis has never been as hard as it is right now. He would stop after about 20 seconds and just rub around the head of my penis then straight back to a decent pulling motion. He asked me if I could tell him if and where it hurts during the next little while. He then said "feel free to let go when you are comfortable" I asked him what he meant, he said "when you ejaculate". Even though I was rock hard by now and going with it, I could not manage to ejaculate.

I was even thrusting with the motion and with his hand around my cock, I said "I really don't think I can ejaculate". Still at a fast pace with no break he said "I can massage your prostate, it may make it easier but thats up to you".

I figured it meant like a normal tissue massage so I said yes. Whilst still pulling me, he changed to his left hand and that actually felt faster and better grip. I was still gently thrusting up and down until he told me to hold still for a second and lift your bum up. So I stopped and closed my eyes again. He stopped pulling me for a second whilst he moved my left leg up with my ankle in the air resting against the wall.

He then moved my right leg so my heel was near my bum but still on the bed. So with a leg in the air and another pushed up to me and spread wide, he continued pulling me off.

A second later I felt his right hand between my ass and my balls, gently pressuring it. His wrist was near the bottom of the bed, while his fingers stroking up to my penis. It actually felt real soothing. Then I felt his hand turn upside down with his fingers now near my ass hole and palm near my balls. I was certain now this is the massage and figured this isn't so bad. All of a sudden I feel his middle finger trying to get inside me.

I opened my eyes to look down and he was looking at the entrance to my ass. I seen him try to stick his finger in, it got a bit further this time, maybe just past his fingernail. I just laid there looking at the ceiling and then felt him pull out. I just remembered he had no gloves on at all and figured he just thought of it to thats why he stopped.

Then I heard him say "you have pre-cum, you must be relaxed now" He stopped for a brief second and pulled the skin down to my pubic area making my entire shaft real tight with the head of my penis real thick.

With the hand he was trying to finger my ass with, he went to the opening of my penis and spread it with his index finger. He was rubbing the pre-cum around the hole and eventually around the entire head.

It looked and felt real wet and slippery now. It was so sensitive and with every circle around it made me moan a little. And as quick as he stopped pulling my dick, he began the motion with his left hand up and down again. I closed my eyes again as this was the first time I didn't feel weird. He had pre-cum on his right fingers and I felt his wet middle finger at the entrance to my ass again. He slowly stuck it in but this time didn't pull out.

I felt it go past his nail, the first then second knuckles. This is when he pulled back so slightly only to push straight back in. Further and further it went. Between that and my dick being pulled I started rocking back to meet his finger halfway to push it in further. It was still very tight in there but he said "squeeze your butt checks together" As I did, I felt his index finger go in to.

I released my squeeze and thats when he shoved his fingers right up until he could not go any further. I opened my eyes and could not see his fingers at all they were that deep inside.

I decided to squeeze tight again and I heard him say "this must feel good, no pain anywhere? I remember the feeling of him pulling my dick faster as he never used lube. It got hot real quick and every bit of skin was constantly being stretched but it never felt so good!

He asked me for the last time if there was any pain. I said not at all. He then leaned into me and spoke softly while my eyes were still shut. If its OK with you and you are in fact enjoying this, do you want to relieve yourself in a satisfying way? I opened my eyes to see what was happening.

He moved from my side to the very back, giving the view of my anal passage right near his face. I seen him put his head down near his own fingers and put his left hand on my thigh. He bobbed down even further with his head between my legs now. I closed my eyes to feel a tongue lick my tight but cum filled balls, right up my shaft until his lips where at the head. His mouth finally over and it was a warm, tight and wet. Before he was halfway down I nearly dropped a load.

I held back which was so hard. He instinctively knew what I was doing, so on the next way down, he swallowed the whole thing. Quickly back up and down again. This went on for another minute getting wetter and wetter with our natural lubricants.

The anal fingering got so intense he pushed so hard and lifted my bum up to his face just so he could swallow my entire cock right down to my pubes. The Physical Therapist A physical therapist is dominated by his twink patient.

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Doctor erotic gay story

Doctor erotic gay story

Doctor erotic gay story