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My Godfather observation on my recent viewing: Fredo is gay. And Moe Greene is his lover. I mean they are literally homosexual lovers, and if true, it is a critical piece of the story. For instance, Greene takes a bullet while receiving a massage from a male masseuse. True, real-life straight guys do that everyday.

Clamenza godfather gay

Clamenza godfather gay

Clamenza godfather gay

Clamenza godfather gay

Which is ironic. The very first scene to be shot was the one where Clamenza godfather gay and Kay go Christmas shopping. Michael eats an orange while discussing his plans with Hagen for assassinating the other Dons. During the scene, Coppola's father, Carmine, is the piano player. The Mount Loretto Church in Staten Island, where the exteriors godvather the baptism scene were filmed, burned down in Take the canoli.

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The diner on the Clamenza godfather gay cover was formerly the Rosedale Diner, located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. OUT [n 1]. I believe it is now a mall of some kind. Mitch Farley May 13, at am. Showing all 2, items. The film without minuses, blunders and cliches, which pulls to review, even if you know it by heart. Lastly, Christina's pork godfathsr scored over Clemenza's veal chop, giving the women a win. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday! Ramsay's comment : "Tonight, Briana had a battle Clamenza godfather gay the cod, and the cod won. Pam Garcia March 25, at pm. They are all pretty old. Thompsons horse is named Kartune after the horse in The Godfather.

Peter Clemenza was one of the original caporegimes in the Corleone family the other being Salvatore Tessio , ruling over the family's territory in Hell's Kitchen and the Bronx.

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After the hospital thing Sonny got mad. Dopo 40 anni di tribunali e di esilio forzoso, Samantha Geimer, che venne stuprata da Roman Polanski quando aveva 13 anni,invita alla clemenza per il regista. La vicenda. In sede di…. View On WordPress. Non restare.

Nel giorno in cui la politica riflette sulla situazione delle carceri italiane, il Parlamento inasprisce le pene per alcuni reati minori. Visualizza articolo. Log in Sign up. Hell's Kitchen Clemenza gif lol. The Godfather Clemenza. Richard Castellano abe vigoda al pacino clemenza james caan michael corleone peter clemenza robert duvall rocco lampone salvatore tessio sonny corleone tessio the godfather tom hagen tom rosqui.

The Godfather Clemenza tomato sauce italian cooking. Richard S. Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. The Godfather Clemenza Cannoli Sicily. The Godfather clemenza. Take the canoli. Connessione tornata: grazie Fastweb per avermi risparmiato il colpo di grazia. Clemenza movie memorable Sicily Mario Puzo Italy. Barbie sure does suck though. I love Dana. God Father Clemenza Tessio. Ti auguro una coscienza clemente, un cuore anarchico e una colonna vertebrale flessibile. Sonny Corleone Clemenza Mafia podcast movies.

Clemenza vita citazione prigione. Hell's Kitchen clemenza. Sonny Corleone michael corleone Tessio clemenza Tom Hagen. Never change, Clemenza.

Polanski: la vittima dello stupro chiede clemenza dopo quarant'anni. Dopo 40 anni di tribunali e di esilio forzoso, Samantha Geimer, che venne stuprata da Roman Polanski quando aveva 13 anni,invita alla clemenza per il regista External image.

Archiviazione clemenza geimer polanski roman samantha stupro. Sonny Corleone clemenza The turk Tom Hagen movies by minutes. No ad un altro "svuotacarceri". External image. Hello, Carlo.

Chip Cordelli November 19, at am. Elaine January 27, at am. I am assuming they are in NJ but where at exactly? Michael Corleone James Caan The novel, and indeed, the film - is not a direct and reliable historical source, but, nevertheless, it contains the quintessence of the criminal world. Alternate Versions. SJ October 13, at pm.

Clamenza godfather gay

Clamenza godfather gay

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The Godfather Returns why is fredo gay? Key: Admin , Global Mod , Mod. Irishman12 56, J Geoff 30, The Italian Stallionette 25, SC 22, Mignon 19, Don Cardi 18, Turnbull 18, Sicilian Babe 17, Beth E 14, Print Thread. Throughout the entire novel if that's what you wana call it , Fredo was a total playboy.

Then Winegardner whips out "Fredo's gay" which totally contradicts anything stated in the past. Fredo was weak, but he definitely wasn't gay. Nor was any other Corleone. Based on Puzo's novel, Freddie was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time, so I guess that makes him bisexual. Then again if you look at how flamboyantly he dressed in the movie version maybe he was a little on the swishy side.

Don Corleone.. Cicc' a port! Winegardner or whatever is gay name is completly disgraced himself and he knows it The Godfather was a masterpiece, a classic of our time.. Puzo was a genius and Wine-gay was definitly not. I don't think anyone in the Corleone family or any of their associates weree gay We all need to forget this Stank Turd Winegardner left for the public and flush it into oblivion where it belongs. Originally posted by Tony Love: Fredo was weak, but he definitely wasn't gay.

There was a Sonny is gay thread? What about Carlo and that Pink jumpsuit he was wearing when Sonny beat him up? What about the clearly metrosexual Clemenza and his cooking lessons? What about Woltz with his frilly sculpture garden and his silk pajamas? What about Eli Wallach and all those hand gestures?

What about that kiss between Michael and Fredo? And face it, Kay had a thing for Connie. Maybe they were all gay. Maybe the next installation will be the GayFather. I told you Fannuchi was a finook.

Originally posted by dontomasso: There was a Sonny is gay thread? Yeppers he was wearing a orange suit. Don Tomasso Quote:. Then there is this whole ritualistic thing with everyone having titles which mimic the Roman Empire And those friggin bakers How gay IS this organization And what about this fixation with sausages?? What is THAT all about? And how do they set the attempted assassination of Michael? I'll tell you.. As for the tenor, Anthony Corleone And what about that betrayal of the bodyguard?

Could he have been having a hissy fit because Michael married Apollonia and breaking up the all guy trio trapsing around Sicily? And when there finally is a straight relationship Vincenzo - Mary , it's incest. See, we can act as smart as we want, but at the end of the day, we still follow a guy who fucks himself with kebab skewers. And Roth seems a little light in the loafers with all his schmaltzy sentimentality about.. And all of Fredo's gand seemed to be really turned on by that Superman show.

Man, this just goes on and on. Sonny and Lucy- She wasn't good looking and it was an affair Sonny and his wife seemed to hardley even talk Fredo and his wife- she was a slut bag that treated him like shit Michael and Appolonia- she gets whacked Vincent and Mary-INCEST In the book Johnny and his wife were divorced, and they movie star he left her for was a HUGE skank and slept with all of holywood I believe the only normal relaitonship was Vito and Mama Tom and his wife seemed to have a good one Do you guys think Puzo did this on purpose, maybe to show that the life they chooose was a hard one for loving relationships, and FFC emphasised them in the Movie Yeah, that was just an unnessicary thing.

Fredo is a whimp, but he's not gay. Fredo was a switch hitter no doubt about it. Clemenza - total homo. As soon as the war starts he arranges a slumber party with his thug boyfriends,mocks Michael for calling his girlfriend while he cooks. Think about the Don. He befriends a young street urchin,Tom.

Instead of some hulking sociopath he picks a young fella to be his bodyguard. Always at his side I'm sure. Mo Green,how did he get that name? Originally posted by henry: Fredo was a switch hitter no doubt about it. On further reflection anyone who doesnt know how to say "bannana Daiquari" in Spanish probably is straight. Originally posted by don capili: and you could also keep goin with anthony! And of course Archbishop Giday and that Swiss banker who were shacked up at the Waldorf hotel the noght Michael had a stroke.

I think the reason Fredo was shocked at the New Year's Eve Party in Havana was because he found out about his brother's bi-sexuality.

He even called Fredo a "heartbraker. Fredo turned gay because a young Al Pacino kissed him on the lips. Only just started reading the book I know, I know it's been out a year already - but I had final exams etc wasn't expecting much - but thought I had to read it anyways, and I was very very disappointed when I came to that bit.

You can't make Fredo gay. Fredo wasn't gay, and he wasn't even that 'weak' in the book just in the movie. Light a candle for the Archbishop. Well said S jr. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. Powered by UBB. Who's Online Now. Shout Box. Site Links. A word from our sponsors Active Member Birthdays.

Newest Members. Top Posters All Time. Forum Statistics. Forums 20 Topics 37, Posts , Members 9, Previous Thread. Next Thread. Re: why is fredo gay? Quote: Originally posted by Tony Love: Fredo was weak, but he definitely wasn't gay. Unfortunately, the "Sonny is Gay" thread has been deleted for server space.

It was quite "informative. The Dr. Quote: Originally posted by dontomasso: There was a Sonny is gay thread? Wasn't his suit orange? Don Tomasso Quote: There was a Sonny is gay thread?

Clamenza godfather gay