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Go behind-the-scenes and see how this year's squad came together through every step of the process. After a month of practices and auditions, the Panthers are proud to announce the TopCats roster. A behind-the-scenes look as TopCat veteran Michaela works hard to regain her position on the team. All TopCats Videos. Check out this production day video of the TopCats.

Carolina panthers cheerleaders carley

In my opinion, cheerleaders aren't celebrities! Kendall D. View photos from the TopCats' Clinic in preparation for auditions. It's also just really fun. Inthe TopCats had a total of 32 members. It wasn't actually our bust so I apologize for the pseudo-derailment.

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Julieanne P. Jump to. The U. All of the independent teams hope at some point to be embraced by the NFL as "official" cheerleaders of their local teams. Model plane wood kit note that all audition events are closed to the public. June 1, Click on Detroit. Apart from their main duties of cheering during the football games, the cheerleaders have many other responsibilities, Carolina panthers cheerleaders carley main one is marketing the team they cheer for. Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. Our cavalcade of amazing cheerleaders and dancers continues. Houston Texans Cheerleaders. Acrley R.

I come from a family of cheerleaders.

  • In a five-day gap between games, the Canes have carefully crafted a schedule that balances the benefits of such an extended break and also safeguards against the potential downsides.
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I come from a family of cheerleaders. My older cousins cheered and took me to watch a practice when I was 4 years old. I knew it was definitely something I wanted to do, so I started taking tumbling and fell in love with the sport. I'm 15 now, and I've been a cheerleader for about 11 years. All-star cheerleading is where we compete against other teams from around the world with a jam-packed two-and-a-half-minute routine.

You need to have advanced tumbling skills to make the Wildcats cut: at least a round-off back handspring full and a standing full, bounding passes, things like that. I'm a flyer, which requires a lot of flexibility and confidence in the air. You have to have a lot of body control and awareness to know what you're doing. I don't get scared—I just go for it. I really trust my teammates. When I was about 11 years old, I got Facebook.

Around that time there started to be a lot of interest in my all-girl team, the Panthers, because we won Worlds that year. A lot of people on the Panthers started getting Facebook requests from fans. I would just post pictures with my friends on the team doing baskets and stunting and tumbling, and people would Like them! I honestly don't know how I got so many followers.

It just kind of happened. Talking about the sport and interacting with people who love it as much as I do on social media motivates me to be a better athlete. Social media is also definitely a big reason cheerleaders are being noticed now.

I personally don't use the term "cheerlebrity," which is what the internet calls us. In my opinion, cheerleaders aren't celebrities! We're athletes who are recognized for hard work and dedication to the sport. And yes, cheer is definitely a sport. We put in so many hours of physical training, killing our bodies to do what we love.

I've definitely come across people who don't agree, but that's because they've never seen it. I tell them to come to a practice and watch the tumbling and the stunting and then tell me cheerleading isn't a sport.

We practice about four times a week, all year 'round. From May through the summer we work really hard on our skills. In August we start putting together the routine we'll compete with. Believe it or not, all of the teams are really close. We never get catty with each other, but it's definitely competitive. I get all my homework done on the rides, and I've made straight As since kindergarten. I've definitely had to prioritize and make sacrifices though.

I had to give up track last year because of the competition schedule, and I don't get to hang out with my school friends as much as I'd like to. I do want to cheer in college, though I'm not sure where yet. The people on my team are an important part, too! I love being able to come to the gym and feel such positive energy every time I walk in.

It's also just really fun. It's my passion! By Sara Delgado. By Bianca Nieves. Keywords teen cheerleader. By Lauren Rearick. By Kara Nesvig. By Sara Li. By Allie Gemmill.

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Carolina panthers cheerleaders carley

Carolina panthers cheerleaders carley

Carolina panthers cheerleaders carley. NFL Cheerleaders

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Please register to see fewer ads and a better viewing experience! It wasn't actually our bust so I apologize for the pseudo-derailment. But there was a WR that the 49ers picked maybe years ago that I was really hoping we'd get him.

I think his ne was Rashaun Woods? Something like that. Yeah, we did a bust trade with SF Sammy Davis for Woods and he couldn't cut it here, and that's when our WR corps looked much like yours this year. By Zeek Started 3 hours ago. By firefox Started October By Fryfan Started June 6. Hey There! Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Report post.

Posted November 3, Who are the biggest draft busts in our short history? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Any WR drafted by Hurney. Dpantherman's Mod campaign manager? Eric Shelton Rashard Anderson takes the cake. Former first round pick.

Jimmy clausen. I'm just gonna go ahead and say the draft. Biggest Draft Bust? You can send him mail at Nash Correctional Facility. Carly Wrenn. Go To Topic Listing. Member Statistics Total Members. Newest Member Stanley49 Joined 4 hours ago. A black woman was shot dead by police through a bedroom window on Saturday morning, following a request to check on her welfare. Impeachment thread. Total Topics. Well we already have an open roster slot from cutting Benenoch.

None of those are really contributors and could all likely just be put on the PS. If someone else picks them up then whatever. Oh I see what's going on here. Ok, because I'm a black dude that happens to date white women and like so called white music, I'm the bad guy now? Week Month Year All Time. Scot LinvilleGorge Jeremy Igo TheRumGone Sign In Sign Up.

Carolina panthers cheerleaders carley

Carolina panthers cheerleaders carley

Carolina panthers cheerleaders carley