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It is basically a modification that adds mature content to the game such as sex and pregnancy. What makes it different from other sex mods is xLovers is actually dynamic and depending on how your setting is, can affect your gameplay in certain way. They've got it fairly well-organized now. Latest Oblivion patch 1. If you want to use it, either disable RaperS, or change the settings in-game so you cannot rape or be raped through RaperS.

Bigger breast mod for oblivion download

Bigger breast mod for oblivion download

Bigger breast mod for oblivion download

Bigger breast mod for oblivion download

Bigger breast mod for oblivion download

Help Support LoversLab. Just click "Create account" and it goes past it. Nor will I release any further mods of this nature, for this game or others. Actor Fade Max. Bethesda complied with the request, but issued a press release declaring their disagreement with Bigger breast mod for oblivion download ESRB's rationale. Ark of Truth. Archived from the original PDF on

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So please, give me any links to any good breast mods? And it could also have a larger nipple than its lateral 'satellites'. Sign In Create Account. Maybe you could improve on the seams by using Gerra's tools? Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Ma ti prometto di farti da ombrello e parare i fulmini Bigger breast mod for oblivion download tapparti Hung in jail orecchie per non farti sentir il fragore dei tuoni. Hurrharr, boostin me post count! Something I keep referring to as the "Banana Shape". Big thanks to Symon for this because I failed to download the mod when it was available. My login is Laskitaas. Well, I heard about a large breast for Exnem EC, but it's not here. Body Replacers. Original upload 06 November AM.

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Oblivion looks kind of bad without mods especially the potato head character models , so all of these mods will make the game look better.

I only use a few mods that actually change gameplay, namely the realistic leveling mod. The normal oblivion leveling requires a ton of micromanagement and is terrible. You MUST follow everything exactly as it is written or you will cause massive headaches for yourself. Before you start, launch the game once, skip the intro, and make a temporary character.

Now go to the video options. Texture Size Large. Tree Fade Max. Actor Fade Max. Item Fade Max. Object Fade Max. Grass Distance Max. View Distance Max. Distant Land On. Distant Buildings On. Distant Trees On. Int Shadows Max. Ext Shadows Max. Self Shadows On. Shadows on Grass On. Tree Canopy Shadows On. Shadow Filtering High. Specular Distance Middle of bar. HDR Lighting On.

Bloom Lighting Off. Water Detail High. Water Reflections On. Water Ripples On. Window Reflections On. Blood Decals High.

Anti-Aliasing Off. Just run the installer. Oblivion mod manager — We need this for a few specific mods like the character model mods. Or you can use the shortcut in Wrye Bash if you really want. Run the installer. Also, make sure the steam overlay is enabled for oblivion. Run the tool and select the oblivion. Unless otherwise noted, all mods go in the Wrye Bash installer folder. Click yes and wait for the tab to load. Right click on the mod and select install. If there are any conflicts, hold control and click yes to agree to all.

Some mods will have options you can set here. On the right, the UI may be all smushed up. Some mods may conflict with each other. You will also have to do this when you are try out different sub-packages. When you have installed a number of mods, you should open the LOOT program and click the sort button that has an icon with three bars.

Click this and close the program. Also, download everything manually. Unofficial Oblivion Patch — Fixes bugs in the game. Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch — Fixes bugs in the game.

Oblivion Reloaded — This will pretty much redo a major portion of the graphics of the game. After install you will want to change your oblivion. Adjust yours to taste. The mod limits your frame rate to 30 fps. I changed mine to The mod author has a list of mod types as well as specific mods that you should not use in conjunction with his mod. LowPoly Grass — Lowers the poly count on grass to give a good amount of fps increase.

Be sure to install the normal and SI versions of it. Oblivion PolyGone Overhaul — Improves performance with very little cost to quality. Improved Trees and Flora 2 — Improves the quality of trees and flora.

Also, bark. It does that too. Be sure to download the bark file as well. Improved Fires and Flames — Improves the quality of flames. Be sure to download the optional torch file as well. Isathars Normalmapped Cobwebs — Improves the quality of…cobwebs. We use it for the Oblivion Overhaul and BTmod. Be sure to get the 16b version and NOT the 16a version. Enhanced Hotkeys — Allows you to easily assign a ton of different hotkeys. The upper right of the pop-up has special features like equipping a bow and arrows together.

Pressing the hot key will cycle through them. Clear a hotkey by clicking the X for every item in the hotkey. Keychain — Adds a keyring item to the game. Keys are automatically added to it. To take the keys off of the keyring, just click the keyring. Same for putting them back on. Works well on lower resolutions like p. Fast Exit — Allows you to save changes to settings and quit the game without it crashing every god damn time like it normally does.

Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells — Automatically levels certain items that normally are set to the level you were when you first found them. Alluring Potion Bottles — Makes potion bottles look better. Improved Signs — Higher quality textures for signs. Exnem Reznod Mannequin — Allows you to add mannequins to your house in order to create an armor collection. There are two female mannequins that are flesh and look like normal NPCs and two male mannequins that are marble and wood textured.

Improved Fruits Vegetables and Meats — High res texture pack for fruits, vegetables, and meats. VAs Better Gold — High res texture pack for gold coins. Better Horse Eyes — High res textures for horse eyes…because why the fuck not? Enhanced Magic Effects — High res textures for magic effects. Improved Amulets and Rings — High res textures for amulets and rings.

See You Sleep — Lets you actually sleep in beds instead of next to them. Enhanced Camera — Allows you to look down and see your body in first person mode. ChaseCameraMod — Removes the elasticity from the camera. I find the normal camera annoying in fights and some people can become nauseous from it.

Trifle — Allows you to see your shadow when in first person mode. Chargen With Numbers — This will show numbers in the character creator. Unfortunately, this mod also reduces the delay until the camera starts spinning around you to like 7 seconds. Map Marker Overhaul — Adds useful map marker functionality like showing whether an oblivion gate is closed. Also allows you to ctrl click the map to add your own markers.

No Helmet — Adds an item to your inventory that, when clicked, hides your current helmet or shows it again. Note that this will affect any npc that is wearing the same helmet as you.

And please, Preferably something that doesnt need a whole bunch of other mods to work? Exactly where is it? A possible variation for the six-boob body: Making the lower ones progressively larger. View Community Rules. It's called VORB and it does support BBB and different NPCs having different bodies, but no, you cannot have the chest suddenly go from small to huge in game with animations in that mod.

Bigger breast mod for oblivion download

Bigger breast mod for oblivion download. Marnette Patterson Nude And Also Mouth Ulcers Treatment With Peroxide


HGEC Better Bouncing Boobs Hcup Ecup Dcup at Oblivion Nexus - mods and community

The ESRB cited the presence of content not considered in their original review in the published edition of Oblivion. This included detailed depictions of blood and gore and sexually explicit content. The sexually explicit content was an art file, made accessible by a third-party modification called the Oblivion Topless Mod , that rendered the game with topless female characters. In response to the new content, the ESRB conducted a new review of Oblivion, showing to its reviewers the content originally submitted by the game's publisher along with the newly disclosed content.

The new review resulted in an M rating. The ESRB reported that Bethesda Softworks , the game's developer, would promptly notify all retailers of the change, issue stickers for retailers and distributors to affix on the product, display the new rating in all following product shipments and marketing, and create a downloadable patch rendering the topless skin inaccessible. Bethesda complied with the request, but issued a press release declaring their disagreement with the ESRB's rationale.

Although certain retailers began to check for ID before selling Oblivion as a result of the change, and the change elicited criticism for the ESRB, the events passed by with little notice from the public at large. Other commentators remarked on the injustice of punishing a company for the actions of its clients, and one called the event a "pseudo-sequel" to the Hot Coffee minigame controversy.

Publishers were told that they could not leave unfinished or other pertinent content on a disc. Released in March and reported on game news sites as a curiosity in April of the same year, the Oblivion Topless Mod had been created by a woman calling herself "Maeyanie.

Early success: topless mod FTW! Without nudity of the lower torso, and without self-consciousness on the part of the nude NPCs, Zenke wrote, the Oblivion Topless Mod was "as erotic as a doctor's visit.

We haven't received any complaints on the issue from anyone. What Bethesda had originally disclosed to us, as an example: In that section of the game, there is a hanging corpse. What they disclosed to us was a hanging corpse in the dark, pretty far away and without much detail.

And yet, when you bring a torch up to the hanging corpse in the actual game, you can see that it's very mutilated with lots of blood and bones. In response to the new content, the ESRB hastily conducted a new review of Oblivion , showing to its reviewers the content originally submitted by Bethesda along with the newly disclosed content. The new review resulted in a Mature rating. The ESRB reported that Bethesda, to correct for the discrepancy, would promptly notify all retailers of the change, issue stickers for retailers and distributors to affix on the product, display the new rating in all following product shipments and marketing, and create a patch for download rendering the topless skin inaccessible.

Following news of the rating change on May 3, , the Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association IEMA , an organization of game retailers, which had previously eased the adoption of industry-wide ratings enforcement, [9] issued its own statement, lauding its own retailers for the speed with which they reacted to the rating change. The IEMA release further stated that identification was needed to secure the purchase of Mature-rated games at roughly the same rate as was needed for R-rated film admission.

Following the announcement of the rating change, Bethesda issued their own press release. Bethesda announced that it was their organization, not Take-Two Interactive , that had handled the ratings application, and that they stood behind it.

Bethesda would not contest the change, and would promptly seek to implement the ESRB's demands, without demanding a product recall. Nonetheless, Bethesda stated that Oblivion was not typical of Mature rated titles, and did not contain "central themes of violence" common to such titles. The response asserted that Bethesda's submission to the ESRB was "full, accurate, and comprehensive," following the forms and requirements published by the ESRB, and that nothing was withheld.

Bethesda stressed that there was no nudity in their game without a modification, that the company "didn't create a game with nudity" and did not intend for nudity to appear in their game. Any modifications made after release fall outside the powers of the Video Recordings Act. The events passed by with little concern from either the public or gaming journalists in particular. Zenke attributed the draw in attention to bigger stories that came later in May.

The news, for example, came just a week before E3 , the last E3 before the show changed from a grand spectacle to a reserved industry-only affair. Yee called the ESRB's rating system drastically flawed, and called for further legislation to assist parents and protect children.

Game designer John Romero , lead designer of Doom , posted a statement in his blog criticizing the modders responsible:. Now what's going to happen? You'll probably start seeing game data files becoming encrypted and the open door on assets getting slammed shut just to keep modders from financially screwing the company they should be helping.

Hopefully it'll be on the developer's side. When the ratings change came, Zenke saw political caution in the move, rather than an intelligent response to new content.

Previous scandals had forced the Board's hand, and the ratings change was an act of self-preservation. Zenke, writing in June for online gaming magazine The Escapist , criticized the public for its failure to respond to the rating change, and emphasized what the change would mean to moddable games. Will the ESRB? The Escapist , thinking the issues of a year past had died down, especially since they hadn't aroused much concern on first coming to light, did not expect the discord that ensued; [21] response on their forums was heated, and the ESRB took "vigorous exception" to the piece.

Zenke conducted a follow-up interview with ESRB President Patricia Vance, who clarified that the reason for the re-classification, aside from the previously-undisclosed gore, centered around the fact that the texture for nude female breasts was created by Bethesda and already existed in the game's files, and was not created or added after the fact by the modder, similarly to the infamous "Hot Coffee" minigame from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

That sounded like a mod to us, and we investigated, and we actually called Bethesda to determine if the art file being used in this mod was theirs, and they did confirm that it was. It wasn't a Barbie Doll image, it was fully rendered. The mod may unlock it, the mod may make it accessible, but again, going back to the publisher's burden; putting the accountability on the publisher to fully account for the content that they create and they ship — that's all we care about. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Entertainment Software Rating Board. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Escapist. The Escapist : 19— Archived from the original PDF on Entertainment Merchants Association. Archived from the original on December 8, The Elder Scrolls series.

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Bigger breast mod for oblivion download

Bigger breast mod for oblivion download

Bigger breast mod for oblivion download