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The 36 th annual bash took place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, this year, hosted by actor and comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. Both of them were given equal sharing on the night, earning three awards each despite the latter not attending the ceremony. Taylor Swift kicked off the show channeling the video for You Need To Calm Down, with references to the Equality Act before calling out the White House in her acceptance speech over the petition surrounding it. Following her publicised split from Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus provided the show with a rare raw moment of intensity — debuting new song Slide Away with sweeping strings. Despite the impressive performances, the bash was bizarrely lacking of noteworthy moments — with a bizarre closer from Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature, Redman, Fetty Wap and Wyclef Jean feeling like a fever dream from a different decade.

Laist mtv delivers first fuck of

Laist mtv delivers first fuck of

That she did so while cosplaying as characters we rarely saw black women assume — Laist mtv delivers first fuck of, cyborg, Barbie doll, anime mutant — only added to her legend. Of course, there's nothing quite like Cardi's dress out there on the high-street, but you can emulate her vibe with the tassel and fringed designs we've rounded up for you. Gerrick D. Navarro, the co-host of NBC's "Rockstar" If you could go back, knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself at the beginning of your career? The performance was the funnier for its contrast with the sweet character, Sookie St. New episodes. January 11,

How to erase porn. The Material Girl

PinoyCentric, a descendant of the website Ambibo, was founded by the award-winning Filipino photographer and journalist, Armand Bengua-Frasco, Laist mtv delivers first fuck of September Virginia will take a US passport as proof of citizenship, but Candy recipe sucker was still really annoyed at all of the money I wasted ordering certificates I never received. That said, Kid A flows seamlessly from song to song, Kuk sool uniform won to idea, fuk to emotion. None of my tweets are refering to u. Case Dimension Indonesian Class right now. I'm soo not feeling well : Buahhahahahhaa!!! Its sister title, Gizmodo Australia, ddlivers a week earlier. I hope its your best one y Sometimes I stop and think "I know you can read delifers thoughts" just in case. This book tells you how to fight back. The setting for the comic Laist mtv delivers first fuck of around a group of office co-workers in Boston and each daily strip focuses on the conversation of two of the characters in a back-and-forth manner similar to the comic Get your war on.

By Brian Gallagher For Dailymail.

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Oh, Madonna. We should all hope to look that good at And it put MTV on the pop culture map. In MTV launched the first of its genre programs, Minutes. Hosted by Dave Kendall and featuring the top acts in new wave, goth, punk, industrial, and the emerging alternative genre, Minutes provided a showcase for bands that, outside of college radio, had limited exposure in the United States. MTV Raps. In MTV launched its Unplugged concert series. When Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain committed suicide just months after the show was broadcast, it became a snapshot of the final days of a supremely gifted, but tortured, artist.

This signaled a new era of political involvement for the network, one that continued albeit in far reduced capacity until fairly recently. In MTV hosted a town hall meeting with President Bill Clinton to discuss issues that directly affected young people.

So when he married Lisa Marie Presley daughter of the King himself in , it seemed as if the relationship must be another example of Michael being Michael. The pair appeared hand-in-hand at the Video Music Awards, and were greeted with a standing ovation. They were divorced two years later, but it made for great television. The jaw-dropping pride and graciousness with which Howard accepted the award left the audience a bit humbled, but it all worked out for the best.

The trio engaged in a sultry dance routine that culminated with Madonna leaning in to kiss both Britney and Christina. You knew that Kanye had to make the list. The strange trip that was proved to be a crucial element in the creation of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy , one of the best albums of Such is the case for one Stefani Germanotta, better known to the world as Lady Gaga. It was for just that song that Gaga appeared at the Video Music Awards attired completely in meat.

From head to toe, her hat, dress, and shoes were made of Argentinian beef. The meat dress perfectly captured the spirit of Gaga, and it was placed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Gaga herself will not be eligible for induction until The technical qualities of the videos themselves improved, as directors moved away from straightforward performance pieces shot on video cassette in favor of musical narratives shot on film stock.

MTV expanded its programming to include music news coverage, game shows, political reporting, and original animated programming. But it was not always so. With that in mind, let us look back on 10 classic moments in MTV history. This list was adapted from a post that originally appeared on the Britannica Blog.

The blog has an active forum which contains the comments on posts and helps its contributors to share hints on incoming Google products. I had to sing along to those classics at one Springsteen show after another. As of , Quantcast charts it as having over 1. Damn , Grand Canyon College in Phoenix just called my mommy asking to speak to me. I have in fact recorded a woefully inadequate, in my estimation version of this piece, one of only three covers to appear among my four jazz CDs.

Laist mtv delivers first fuck of

Laist mtv delivers first fuck of

Laist mtv delivers first fuck of

Laist mtv delivers first fuck of

Laist mtv delivers first fuck of. a game of thrones

Our last hire walked in with solid programming experience and literally zero knowledge of. We want people that understand SQL well enough to switch between products with minor adjustments. Troubleshooting skills are critical, there is no way around this. Communication skills are critical. We ride the phones a lot, it is a reality of life for our line of business. Our ideal programmers understands how to fill-in the blanks from general guidelines. If you need every deliverable broken into 20 bullet points stating every little thing, this is not the kind of job for you.

We are BUSY and we frown on clock punchers. Our boss has a really simple way to deal with grumpy overworked programmers: he throws money at us until we shut up. Expect to work like hell and be rewarded handsomely for it. To offset this, we have a really kickass flex schedule which relies heavily on our ability to operate autonomously. We are process-oriented to a fault, which is one of the reasons why we are so popular with our customers.

We pride ourselves in our ability to overcome any technical hurdle. Our customers keep coming back to us because instead of saying that something cannot be done, we are ready and able to offer them multiple alternative approaches.

Individuals that show initiative and an autonomous streak while keeping in mind the big picture. Notice how I keep saying autonomous instead of independent. The idea is not to let one programmer carry a project alone, but it is important to let the programmer know that micromanagement will not be tolerated. What you get:. Principals only, please. Two guys at Motor Trend magazine took a Chevy Volt and drove it like the hammers of hell. Not only did they drive it the wrong way, but they got MPG out of it.

They used a little over two gallons of fuel to cover miles. Coachelletta from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo. Image by Sam Howzit via Flickr. From: There just might be a bunch of flamingos that show up in your yard overnight Washougal News. This is pretty cool: a high school senior class is running a fundraiser by means of extortion. Clever thinking like what the kids are doing in Washougal is the kind of thing that motivates the general public to be generous.

I would love to know what are the railway tunnels out there that were not drilled by man. Who did it, groundhogs? This is why we straight legs think you have to be certifiably crazy in order to earn your jump wings :. To add insult to injury, Sgt. Adam Sniffen st Airborne Division not only manages to land on the frickin stadium, but he had time to unfurl three flags, activate the smoke bombs AND landed exactly in the middle of the damn cross-airs.

Just plain incredible! What I love about this is the millions that some asshole at GAP spent talking to consultants and PR agencies to come up with a new logo, market research, customer opinion clinics, etc. All that money pretty much goes away. Even better: Gap telling their customers that they are listening to them and giving them what they want.

Which is exactly what they had before this mess started. Image by Getty Images via daylife. Read that again: we, the taxpayer, paid General Motors , to build a car to compete with Toyota. Then we will be overcharged for a car that we subsidized. We can either keep buying the Toyota Prius , which makes us ungrateful bastards for supporting foreign industry, or we can buy Chevy Volts, which makes us morons for paying too much money for a car simply because General Motors can do whatever the hell it wants.

This is not the craziest thing I have read in the past two weeks or so. Many years ago, Apple was dying. Right as it was about to keel over, Steve Jobs was brought back into the company. It worked pretty damn well for everyone. The technology market is so damn huge that Apple was able to rocket beyond any of our craziest dreams. Google came out of nowhere and is also now a monster on its own. Right now it would be impossible to prosecute Microsoft for any kind of antitrust, since they can claim that they are not the leaders in any of the markets that they pursue:.

Now Microsoft is feeling a bit of the hurt, but they are not closing shop any time soon. Adobe, on the other hand, is in trouble. What Adobe is not thinking through is that Microsoft makes Silverlight , and that Microsoft is no longer in need to defend itself from hostile moves, like for example, crushing Adobe once and for all.

This is one of those dark arts that geeks know about but usually refuse to even acknowledge. There is a lot of stuff that happens in the middle of the software development process that is so far away from the objective that it drives certain personality types absolutely crazy. This is why there are so many programmers that are either really wild alpha types or so completely laid back that it makes you wonder why they bother going to work.

Office politics are nowhere as black and white as programming, and office politics drive all processes. This is not a bad thing, because a lot of those alphas will refuse to leave the business and will opt to fly solo, set up their own shops, etc. This eventually drives innovation and competition. The super laid back types just let the customer fuck himself, if the customer asks for crazy the programmer dutifully provides crazy. Because the laid back programmer gets paid the same to care or to not care as long as the work gets done.

If the customer fucks up, they will either eat crow and ask for a revision at their expense, or throw the programmer under the bus to save face, then ask for the revision still at their expense. The smart project manager knows this, and makes sure that the programmers understand the game too. Everyone plays along, the project takes 5 times as long to wrap up and everyone on both sides gets paid.

I just saw the same news reported twice in a two-minute period. One came from Slashdot , one came from the BBC :. The slashdot headline is representative of what we are seeing in US news outlets nowadays. This means that for decades publishers made sure that whatever went on the top half of the first page of the paper would draw the attention of their readers, hoping they would buy their paper over their competitors.

I imagine the problem is going to be because this new exoskeleton is very compact, and adding the gyroscopes plus whatever else needed to keep it balanced would make the thing too bulky.

Still, it is a pretty badass invention. From: Whistleblower site Cryptome hacked, defaced, all files deleted - Computerworld Blogs. Or at least turn it into a hybrid tracker-less bit torrent indexing mechanism, so whenever you go to the site and click on a link you will actually pull the file as a bit torrent download. It would take very little seeding to get all of these files spread all over the damn world, which would make it excruciatingly hard to get rid of a file once it has been unleashed on the world.

If the content mechanism itself is distributed, it is insurance against stupid attacks like this. The annoying part is the social engineering aspect. All of this seems to have started with a phone call complaining of having to reset a password. How is this still possible? The original size picture is here. Saturday, October 30, Minecraft: initial train station. Friday, October 29, And the Grandmother of the Year title goes to …. The geek grandma responsible for this kickass costume for her granddaughter:.

Prequel Series Caprica Canceled. Fable 3: First impressions. The preorder got me: The game on release date, shipped to my door, for 3 cents less than retail. Yes, Amazon sent me an email bragging about how I saved the three cents. A code that allows me to create my own villager also allows you to add it to a wallpaper, see mine above. A card in the game box that allowed me to download some freebies. Related articles Fable 3 review: Join the evolution joystiq. Thanks to Pytte for showing me this.

Friday, October 22, The coolest pumpkin in the patch. We fount this at the Cox Farms Fall Festival. This is pretty disturbing:. Related articles Tumblr leaves Posterous far behind in Competition techie-buzz. Pushing paper fail. News news. What you get: Challenging work. We will give you migraines from the puzzles that you have to deal with. Just the latest thing the industrial part of the music industry fed to kids after grunge arguably died along with one of its key icons.

Pinkerton hit reset on what you thought you knew about Weezer. Andrew Moore-Crispin describes himself as a communicator, which might come as a surprise to those closest to him.

Music retrospective was a new challenge and one he was happy to be afforded the opportunity to tackle. Mariel Ashlinn Kelly is an illustrator, designer, zinester and comics artist living in Toronto, Canada. After placing fourth on the first season of La Voix —the French-Canadian version of The Voice —in , Cardin took the next three years to develop a style as eclectic and personal as it is accessible to mainstream listeners.

On her debut E. Cardin offers six songs that explore the end of love to a systematic degree, changing relationship scenarios in every song, and inhabiting the speakers with a gonzo-level of commitment that allows all of their edges to show. She is distinctive in her enunciation for being able to find new ways to bend words in the service of mood. All this is punctuated by some cascading hi-hats that back her up by being a total tease for the hypothetical recipient. She croons,.

She sounds like she is of two minds, wanting to give all of herself to the beloved but also to simultaneously take it away. The music reflects this division, the piano work awash in heavy brooding while the drums dance around her words like a devil on the shoulder. A split mind becomes a major theme of the album and a major source of its humanity.

There is something crushingly relatable about finding yourself to not be enough for someone and Cardin is continually tapped into it. Cardin is steely in her portrayal of the ache for a former lover whose embrace lingers like a phantom limb. Her cognitive dissonance is mirrored nicely in the lazy, pulsating synths and the dainty drum patterns they radiate from. She repeats this hook as if entranced by the false promises of longevity these moments of intimacy can contain.

They feel too good to consider them never happening again, as opposed to their inevitably finite natures intensifying the experiences themselves. Cardin has chemistry with Husser, who plays the lover, and whose rhymes are tightly woven with fragility hip-hop sorely lacks.

The song is a picture of the unrefined anger of holding it against someone for letting their window to love you pass on by. As such, it is a moving take on the state of feeling like an open wound. She plays someone whose lover has left her for being too young, and really sharpens her tongue to convey the cosmic irony of the world withholding someone from you for being yourself.

And I will wash off all the dirty, dirty thoughts I had about you. Her words consume the boom-bap inspired beat, piling on the outrage and existential despair over handclaps that lend an arena-rock quality to the proceedings. There is a tone of entitlement that runs through the song—in that the speaker believes she deserves the relationship—that captures a universal reaction to loss with understated grace. All three trip about, on the brink of falling apart, only to implode in a visceral finale befitting the betrayal.

There is a devastating rawness to the track that comes from her openness to being a conduit for anxiety. The two closers round off the album with an objective change in perspective. In sum, Big Boy is a concept album about unattainable love that speaks to your guts, with a singer at the helm who is unafraid to delve into the less flattering sides of desire with deeply felt fidelity. That makes the album good literature, living laid bare, its mechanisms brought into relief for those who need to brush up on reality while they put on headphones to take a break from it.

Candela Monde is a photographer and graphic artist from Argentina. She currently lives in the city of Berlin working on her personal project called Austro, dedicated to the creation of images.

Released in , Meteora was the second studio album by the California-based rock band Linkin Park. It would go on to sell over 27 million copies worldwide, become seven times platinum certified, and have one song nominated for a Grammy. But the lyrics were what really got me. To an angsty young teenager, this was insanely relatable stuff.

As I was growing and changing, losing innocence and finding vices, I was trying to learn how I fit into the world. I was trying to find somewhere I belonged, and as I listened to the words that Chester was singing, I felt like where I belonged was right there in the reverb and resonance. So I bought the album. The first album that I ever purchased. Nate Rice is a writer and music lover based out of North Carolina that can either be found enjoying the outdoors or typing frantically away in the corner of a local coffee shop.

Rebecca Myers has always loved anything with a good story, which has inspired her to become an illustrator. In it are words like boozy, gravelly, gruff, strange, and carnivalesque. The closest Frank ever gets to fame, Big Time suggests, is a job selling tickets and popcorn in a movie theatre.

None of this is particularly explicit, mind you. The album itself, divorced from the visuals of the film, is therefore best listened to without any narrative in mind. Big Time is not like that. The original had a bass line that slinked beneath the spoken word like a smoker under a streetlamp, all dark, rain-washed noir.

The live version hurtles towards its conclusion like a chaotic gypsy folk dance, twirling faster and faster each time the theme repeats. In the film version, Waits kicks his legs like a Cossack dancer, winklepickers slapping the confetti-covered floor while a fez-wearing accordionist Willy Schwarz goes into overdrive behind him. The whole thing is raucous, abrasive—and strangely delightful. Not all the songs on Big Time get you in the hips. Others are slow and heartfelt. The bellows sigh, the music sways.

Waits has a voice that takes warming to; the instrumentation is unconventional, the tracks filled with clangs and sirens and whistles and clatters. Waits also happens to revel in imperfection. The music is often rough and raw. The concept lacks cohesion, the narrative created for the film is fractured and forgettable. Because imperfection invites curiosity. Tania Braukamper is an Australian-born writer. She believes in curiosity, kindness, and music as manna for the soul.

Jake Carruthers is an illustrator and designer from Toronto, Ontario. His bold style explores surreality through a clash of dark and light subject matter. In his influential book Retromania , critic Simon Reynolds argues that the easy accessibility of recent pop music has had a stifling effect on creativity.

The sound you ended up with might bear only the faintest resemblance to what you were going for, but through that flawed reproduction process, you might have stumbled onto something new. The change is generational and has less to do I think with a difference in approach as it does with attitude.

But for many new artists and listeners , the past is simply raw material to be reduced in the service of a new vision. Somewhere in that month window, the Canadian rapper-singer emerged fully-formed as the franchise that would go on to launch a thousand think pieces and stack up video game-level numbers on the Billboard charts. It was never a huge hit for Bland 89 on the charts , but it would become a bit of a standard over the years. It feels self-contained, using these existing elements to tell its own story.

It helps that the two singers have such a public history, having been on-again, off-again lovers for years. Perhaps the genuine intimacy we sense in their voices stems from their real-life closeness; or perhaps simply knowing that they are close influences our perception of the duet. The track wraps so snugly around their star personas it feels like it was written for them from the ground up.

JM Francheteau is a writer based in Toronto, Canada. Lover of expressive art, crooked lines and color. Because it represents the moment a great artist realized her full potential. To understand the revelatory impact of Never For Ever , some context is necessary. Circa , Kate Bush was a musician frustrated. That album was a labor of love, taking two years to record. But, EMI — mistakenly seeing Bush as a flash-in-the-pan phenomenon — was insistent that she bring in her second disc in a matter of months.

The rest were leftovers from her teenage years, songs written before her debut. An uneven record, it was summarily dragged across the coals by the critics. Lionheart was a product of record label interference that undermined the reputation Bush had built for herself. Realizing that another dud could torpedo her career, the singer became the master of her own destiny on its follow-up. For the first time, she produced the record herself, affording ultimate control over the project.

Peter Gabriel , whose third album Bush had appeared on, was a clear influence, both in his individualistic approach, and his choice of instrumentation. It is suitably Floydian in parts, unsurprising given the early mentorship that Bush received from Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour. This is an album where Kate Bush, as songwriter, really shines through; It often feels like an aural storybook, creating a rich tapestry of tales drawn from the annals of history, art, and popular culture.

Out, in, out, in. We are all going to die. The impact is lasting, resonating long after the song has finished. Powerful and compelling, displaying incredible maturity from the-then year-old, it set Bush up for a string of classics — The Dreaming , Hounds of Love , The Sensual World — that are amongst the greatest albums of the s.

A journalist by day, he recently completed a Ph. When not writing about music, he plays it, fronting hard rockers Monster City. Since then, they have released another three albums that could be considered classics: Kid A , In Rainbows , and their latest release, Moon Shaped Pool.

But The Bends frequently gets lost in the mix. Like many, I started with OK Computer , and I still love that album to this day, but it took The Bends to show me how utterly stunning traditional rock music can be. Then the title track, which Yorke himself has said many times is just nonsense that was a lot of fun to write and play. Bones left me cold for a long time, nearly a decade in fact. It took me getting a little older to understand the fear and yearning within the music.

The aforementioned need for connection and the breakdown of relationships can be heard in Nice Dream , The Bends , the imploding relationship in the majestic Black Star , and Street Spirit Fade Out.

Yet it is intrinsic to the album beyond its status as curtain closer. If we remember Planet Telex statement that everything is broken, Street Spirit tries to move beyond that cynicism. If we take The Bends as a full piece, it is a story of reconnecting with life, growing older, and embracing love, despite what its less optimistic songs might imply. In the mids to late 00s, British bands and their progression, or lack thereof, between their debut album and their second was judged by criteria that The Bends helped create.

If Oasis defined the second album being the first album but with strings, then Radiohead represented a band who made a seemingly impossible jump in quality from album number one to number two. If Radiohead is now known as the band who make the trends, then The Bends was the beginning of their zeitgeist-defining status. A gloomy two shoes from way back, Kevin Michael Boyle will tell you that Jesus and Mary Chain are the best band to ever come out of Scotland and ignores the existence of The Proclaimers completely for obvious reasons.

He has been a music critic for four years mainly due to the fact that he can barely play the triangle. He has a love for drips and splats, with a style that is heavily influenced by hip-hop and skateboard culture. Overall I think it was a pretty good year for music. I loved the new sounds coming out of Toronto. Out of a swell of applause emerges an acrobatic bass clarinet improvisation unlike any ever recorded.

Yet it takes only those first 10 seconds to realize that you are hearing one of the preeminent reed instrument players of the 20th century. Just twenty-seven days after this live set, the year-old composer and musician died in a Berlin hospital of diabetic shock. His fluid phrasing and stunning leaps across multiple octaves on the bass clarinet, an instrument requiring massive breath support, are studied to this day by orchestral reed players at European conservatories. On flute, he could shift from the warmest, lushest classical tone to haunting, hollow, primal cries in an instant.

Throughout his solo, he juxtaposes relentlessly frantic, atonal phrases with tribal trills and bluesy bent notes that harken back all the way to s New Orleans. Special kudos to bassist Jacques Schols for his funky, laid back, soulful solo on this track.

The first of these is an extraordinary piece of jazz writing, with a beautiful suspension of rhythm that appears cyclically throughout the piece. In his solo, Dolphy alternates between aggression, introspection, and lighthearted whimsy. I have in fact recorded a woefully inadequate, in my estimation version of this piece, one of only three covers to appear among my four jazz CDs. His second, classically constructed solo introduction is a musical flying carpet ride to another plane of existence.

Building on that classically ethereal foundation, he performs his ornate but tasteful rendering of the melody accompanied only by bowed bass drones.

The overall effect is at once spellbinding and heartbreaking, a powerful reminder that not one of us truly does know what love is. And sadness, a vast and powerful sadness, is indeed the inevitable and appropriate emotion experienced by anyone who listens to Last Date , especially if they also watch the companion video documentary of the same title.

On June 28, , Eric Dolphy fell into a coma during a tour stop in Berlin. Fellow musicians and many others close to Dolphy tell a very different story. They insist that hospital staff, blinded by stereotypes, assumed that the African American jazz musician was suffering from a drug overdose and errantly assigned him to the detox ward. They either failed altogether to perform the simple blood test that could have saved him or conducted it only when they realized their error, far too late. Which story is true, or whether the truth lies somewhere in between, we cannot know.

Hospitals did not keep detailed records in the s. You can never capture it again. The performance does indeed melt into the air.

But I do not accept that it is gone. A wave once formed reverberates across vast times and distances, and the musical waves Eric Dolphy created over 50 years ago still set our souls vibrating today.

His writings on music have been published worldwide, and his own music has been the subject of numerous feature articles on the web and in music magazines. Hassell came up with the term Fourth World to signify the merging of third world traditions with first world technologies.

A composer and trumpet player with an academic and classical background, he had trained with the European avant-garde composer Stockhausen and associated with the American minimalist innovators, Terry Riley and La Monte Young. He also studied with the same classical Indian vocalist that had influenced Young, Pran Nath , incorporating his curving Raga based tonal progressions into his trumpet style.

The use of the wah-wah pedal on the trumpet, inspired by Miles Davis , was just one of the methods he used to achieve this crisscrossing of his metaphorical equator — the waistline.

The album begins with Chemistry , an invocation of these new combinations of sound and place. His breathy vocal trumpet sings out over Percy Jones twanging bass line. The sparse but grounding water-drop like percussion of the Ghatam an Indian clay water jug drum , played by the Senegalese percussionist Ayibe Dieng and Brazilian Nana Vasconcelos , creates an ambiance of impending ritual from an unnamable location.

The ensuing low congas of Delta Rain Dream , evoke a gathering of rain dancers harnessing the clouds, while the deep-voiced-trumpet spirit calls from a distant valley. The delta in the title here could be about the Mississippi Hassell hails from Memphis, Tennessee or perhaps the Nile. Here a phaser on the trumpet transforms it into whinnying animal, bearing the listener into the spirit world.

A small group claps hands, while small high-pitched electronic creatures of the evening alight on the wood of a creaking analog windowsill. The track makes a direct reference to the music played by equatorial Pygmies on the Hindewhu whistle to harmonize with the forest. The image, a Landsat photo from the NASA archive, is like the album: supersaturated and otherworldly. Here the trumpet sounds like its played by a howling wolf on a see-saw.

In the background, the electronic insects are replaced by a field recording of crickets and birds in Altamira, Spain, the location of delicate 35,year-old petroglyphs. Hassell also continued to produce his niche of experimental, ambient sound worlds driven by traditional rhythmics, but Fourth World Music Vol.

Alyssa Moxley is a writer and experimental composer. Carol Cavaleiro is multidisciplinary designer from Brazil. The bass begins the conversation by providing a statement which is answered by two piano chords. The bass then anchors a pedal tone creating the backdrop as the piano chords linger in the air like cigarette smoke accented by poor lighting.

The atmosphere is dark and moody while the instruments seem to be randomly offering improvised phrases. An intimate conversation that only these two instruments seem to understand. The piano gains momentum playing simple triads, but, the chromatic movement offers an air of tension.

The bass rumbles some off-handed comment before inviting the drummer to join them. I was 12 years old and worked for the local butcher in Queens, NY. I swept the floors, cleaned chicken grease and chopping blocks, knives, and countertops. Kind of Blue was my first jazz album and soon became the soundtrack for my high school and college years.

Jazz music was filled with complexity. It required commitment from both artist and fan. The perfect combination of elements for a young music nerd. Many of my friends did not know of my new musical discovery. It was confined to conversations with my guitar teacher, other music geeks that hung out at the music store, and my neighbor, an older gentlemen and jazz drummer named Bobby.

There are many sub-genres of jazz and some of them I struggled with early on. All of these fine musicians had long careers, and all would go on to lead their own bands. Except for Paul Chambers who passed away in at the age of In modal jazz, the harmony and chord structures move in a non-traditional manner. Rather than basing their improvisations on chords and arpeggios, the players approach their solos in terms of these groupings of notes. The foundation is pared down to the bare minimum, offering the improvisers greater freedom.

The recording sessions for the album were a conceptual experiment. In fact, only Flamenco Sketches has two full versions. Miles had a lot of influence with Columbia Records at the time, and the company provided him with the liberty to explore this new direction. All of the musicians played at the same time in the studio with the drums having some baffles to control the sound, but that was essentially it. The recordings in those days were done with two machines: the master machine and the safety machine.

The safety was just that, a backup in case the master went down. On these sessions, the master machine accidentally ran slow and, therefore, to play along with these recordings, musicians have had to tune down to accommodate the slower playback speed. It has since been addressed in the remastered version of this recording.

The first two tracks were recorded during the first session 2 March , and the remaining three tracks were recorded during the second session 6 April There were no splicing or studio recording tricks.

What we listen to are the live, one-time-performances of these songs. All of the tempos are slow while the textures created are transparent and ethereal. The loose interplay between Bill Evans and Paul Chambers announce that this is not your traditional jazz recording.

Rather, it sets an ethereal atmosphere where everything is allowed to develop. And on piano, Bill Evans mirrors Miles with a very stoic approach to improvising. Freddie the Freeloader is relaxed and has a very simple two-note motif as the melody. Flamenco Sketches 6 April : This is the only track that has two full takes. In fact, the theme from Peace Piece is the basis for Flamenco Sketches. The structure of this composition makes it possible for the soloist to dictate when to transition from one tonal center to the next—unlike traditional song forms, where each section is 8, 12 or 16 bars.

This makes it quite challenging for the bass player and pianist to transition from one tonal center to the next as there is no predetermined structure for the solo section. This tune is only ten measures long but has some quite unexpected chord changes that spiral throughout.

The introduction to this piece brings to mind a collaboration between Bill Evans and Chet Baker on the song, Alone Together , which was recorded in , about six months before the Kind of Blue sessions. Miles does a masterful job of drawing out the melody with his use of subtle vibrato coupled with ornamental slides and his trademark Harmon mute. The use of the mute changes the timbre, feel and texture of the music.

This composition is not a modal piece, per se, due to the harmonic structure; however, the measure form creates an ethereal landscape for the soloists. Adderley does not solo on this song, but, Miles and Trane offer powerful improvisations as well as Bill Evans who solos twice. Also, the dissonant chords before the turnaround add to the charm.

Miles plays the melody twice, then, during the 4-bar segue, he removes the Harmon mute and begins his solo which is signature Miles. That is to say; he is not playing blues, bop, cool , modal, etc. Finally, Coltrane outshines the other improvisers with his modal comfortability, technical prowess, and his use of odd-note groupings.

Three of the five tunes have become jazz standards. In addition, Kind of Blue also provided improvisers with other possibilities for soloing.

The group was filled with innovative musicians who were constantly moving forward and, shortly after this recording, moved in their own directions. Later in , Cannonball Adderley formed a group with his brother Nat.

Miles continued to innovate styles and influence musicians. This was later followed by his Bitches Brew sessions that are said to have launched the jazz fusion style. He passed away in Santa Monica, California due to a cerebral hemorrhage followed by a coma. And it will continue to inspire generations of musicians to come. Ed Lozano is a professional guitarist, instructor, producer and published author.

He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and lives in the Andes mountains. After spending time in and out of prison and rehab for his heroin addiction, Ness is using the four-year delay since Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell to sing about his pain, but also his awakening spirituality and self-realization.

About divine guidance? It seems so, and his spiritual yearnings continue with When the Angels Sing a departed loved one? Certainly, someone with his history of drug addiction and problems with the law would realize that they were always only a small mistake away from losing it all again.

Up until this album, Social Distortion had been a punk band with an American roots influence, with honky-tonk country and rockabilly never far from the surface.

With this album however they played it heavier, straighter, and with a tighter sound than ever before. Even cover songs get the Ness guitar treatment. While they may not fit in, the band, or Mike Ness, is taking responsibility for where they are and how they got there.

The band is maturing on this album, and while it is still punk, it has a self-awareness that was missing from the first few albums.

Scott currently owns a carpentry business where he reclaims wood and builds furniture. Meanwhile, Pulp, were seventeen years into their career and had barely made a dent in the mainstream consciousness. While they were chalk and cheese on paper, the two biggest bands in Britain had one startling similarity; both offered glamorous facsimiles of what life in England was like in the nineties.

Based on the years he spent at college and the class divide that left so many people in mid-nineties Britain feeling so dejected, Common People would rise to number 2 in the UK singles chart back when it meant something.

In the final verse of the song, Cocker lays out the fundamental difference between those struggling to make ends meet, and those playing at it:.

The dichotomy at the heart of Common People — a chorus purpose-built to be sung along by groups of people of all upbringings belying a message of division based on social status — is a perfect encapsulation of why Different Class works so well. Many of the songs are similarly structured, with the unassuming jaunt of their melodies housing deft observations on everyday life in Britain. Disco , which — whether by coincidence or design — bears an uncanny resemblance to the Laura Branigan hit Gloria , is a thoughtful commentary on growing older and pining after a lost love of years previous, the nostalgic effect of which has only been magnified by the fact that the hypothetical future meet-up proposed by the narrator at the turn of the millennium would have occurred seventeen years ago.

Taking the class war to a frightening extreme, I Spy sees Cocker as a working-class vigilante, sleeping with the wife of an affluent contemporary to exact his revenge for perceived crimes.

And in all that time I just wanted you to come home unexpectedly one afternoon. Twenty-two years later, Different Class serves as a fitting time capsule, a window peering into mid-nineties Britain and the cultural divide that split the country, but avoids feeling quaint or out of touch as we once again find ourselves torn between two political extremes.

We just want the right to be different. Oasis and Blur might have been stealing all of the headlines in , but Different Class stands as the defining album of that era. Daniel Teran is a professional illustrator with extensive experience working with Character Design, Vector Illustration, Drawings traditional and digital , Editorial Illustration, Commercial Illustration, etc.

The vibe of the album is reminiscent of the stories told by famed dreamers like Bowie and Zeppelin. The opening title track sets the tone for the rest of the album. It is an introduction to the new sound and invites the listener to engage by showcasing dreamy xylophone melodies and a softer, wandering performance from Howard. This style features heavy feedback, use of effect pedals, and muffled vocals that blend into an overall sound.

She is less forceful and instead offers a subtle build up in each song. After singing in church as a child, Howard has no problem being the singular source of power in a performance.

On Sound and Color, she masterfully layers and mixes her voice to match the aura of each song. She still uses her larger than life personality to add depth and interest though. His funk grounds the experimental sound and blends beautifully with the organs, strings, synths.

The songs on this album take their time to tell their story— and are unapologetic about it. The band invites us as fans to join their journey by remaining humble. Sarah Fletcher was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As a legal professional during the day, she feeds her creativity by immersing herself in music at night. She enjoys being a part of the local music scene and checking out as many gigs as she can.

Gabriel Janeiro Grokes is an illustrator, graphic designer, layout editor, guitarist, composer, writer and astrologer. He is an enthusiast of the arts, diversity and the universe. Continuing to be considered dangerous in this contemporary, shockproof world is not an easy task.

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By Brian Gallagher For Dailymail. Joining in on the success were musicians Taylor Swift, who took home two awards, and Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish, who scooped three prizes each at the star-studded music event. Beaming with excitement, Cardi told the crowds: 'Hold on, wait a minute. This is a video music award, I really want to thank my music video team, the director and everything.

And I want to thank my dance team. Thank you so much. Thank you everybody. Ensuring all eyes were on her, the New Yorker highlighted her killer curves in a red woven ensemble, which featured a turtleneck choker, a dipped hemline and a perilously plunging neckline to highlight her ample bust. Winners: Joining in on the success were Taylor Swift L , who won two awards at the event, and Ariana Grande C, pictured in London earlier this month and Billie Eilish R, pictured in Reading earlier this month , who scooped three prizes each.

Happy: 'She has to hear my mouth and in my stomach and in my butt. Thank you everybody', she shared. Glamour: Ensuring all eyes were on her, the New Yorker highlighted her killer curves in a red woven ensemble, which featured a turtleneck choker, a dipped hemline and a perilously plunging neckline to highlight her ample bust.

Visit site. Ever the statement dresser, Cardi didn't hold back for the notoriously sartorially avant-garde event, choosing a bespoke number by Deviant La Vie. The designer is synonymous with risque rope creations, just like the maroon maxi Cardi is rocking here. Click right to take a closer look at the designer, or alternatively, head to the edit below to get the look.

Of course, there's nothing quite like Cardi's dress out there on the high-street, but you can emulate her vibe with the tassel and fringed designs we've rounded up for you. Cardi loves a simple moment! Finally, the look was completed with a slick nude lip, which was created using two shades of the Mattetrance Lipstick, and a coat of the Lust: Gloss. Et voila. She has something to say: The singer used her acceptance speech to thank those who had put their signature on a petition for the Equality Act, which calls for everybody to have equal rights by law.

I grew up in a small town and my entire life all I wanted in the entire world was to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid'. So, I first want to say thank you to the fans because in this video, several points were made, so you voting for this video means that you want a world where we're all treated equally.

I grew up in a small town and my entire life all I wanted in the entire world was to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid,' Hall began. The teenage sensation was unable to collect her three awards as she was on her way to Russia.

The Bad Guy hitmaker admitted it broke her heart not to be there in person to accept her statuettes. Love you. And in another pre-recorded video message aired, she explained: 'Unfortunately I'm on tour right now, actually in Russia, so I cannot come, which breaks my heart. So thank you, thank you thank you, I love you guys.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': 'Oh my goodness, people don't have any idea! Thanking her choreographer, Sean Bankhead, for pushing her to the max, she continued: '[He] is incredible.

He pushes me to the fullest of my capacity. El Guincho for their hit song Con Altura. I'm like, 'You really think that? Kept me confident. The 'Dancing with a Stranger' hitmaker - who showed off her taut tummy in a purple velour two-piece - also revealed she 'freaked out' during the performance when one of her dancers was meant to remove just one part of her outfit but ended up getting caught up in the material.

She admitted: 'I was honestly still freaked out about the fact that the situation wasn't working but I was like, 'Go for it. I'm so happy [how it turned out]! She beamed: 'I've worked incredibly hard seven, eight long years in [preparation for] this moment and it's just really beautiful because it's also the beginning.

Putting on a show! Rosalia said it's an 'incredible honor' to be at the VMAs and letting her perform, particularly to perform in Spanish. J Balvin added that he's, 'super proud to be Latino' before adding a passionate plea to help the Amazon rainforest fire. So we need to help the jungle. Thank you,' he said. R, Alicia Keys and Ella Mai.

Hard work: She admitted a lot of 'blood, sweat and tears' went into recreating moments from the promo, which sees her twerk and have clothes ripped off her. I have worked diligently for over two decades. And I never thought that I would be standing up here receiving this award,' Elliott began. I promise you, it don't go unnoticed that the support and love that y'all have shown me over the years. And I want to -- I always got to start out by thanking god, because without him I would not be standing before y'all.

I ain't here to change nobody, but I know the god that I serve has gotten me this far,' she added. She added that her unique videos were often inspired by artists like Jackson, Peter Gabriel and Busta Rhymes, who is, 'the inspiration in me.

Y'all are the icing on the cake,' she said. And so I dedicate this to every dance community out there and including these hard workers. This is the next generation. I promise y'all, I love y'all with all my heart. If my heart could speak, you would know how grateful I am.

I am so grateful and humbled,' she concluded. They introduced Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, who performed their hit song Senorita together for the first time at the ceremony. Queen Latifah and John Travolta came up to present the Video of the Year award, with Travolta even poking fun at his history of botching names during awards shows.

The global superstar added at the end of her video there was a petition for the Equality Act, 'which basically says we all deserve equal rights under the law. She then thanked everyone who signed the petition, which has a half million signatures, 'five times the amount that it would need to warrant a response from the White House,' she added, while checking her watch.

He then joked that he had a little speech, before unfurling a huge scroll, that brought some big laughs, including one from Lizzo. Cyrus then took to the mic, revealing, 'I never dreamed I would be standing here tonight.

Johnny cash wrote me a letter and said it's good to be reminded where all goodness comes from all mighty god. I would like to thank you, the fans. Thank you. Thank y'all so much. God bless you,' Cyrus concluded. Johnny cash wrote me a letter and said it's good to be reminded where all goodness comes from all mighty god'. Joe then joked that, 'to get this award from The Sopranos is a Jersey dream.

Thank you so much'. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs took home the first ever MTV Fashion Trailblazer Award, thanking the network for giving artists a platform to express themselves.

I am beyond flattered and proud to be the first-ever recipient of the Fashion Trailblazer,' he said. Three members of the U. We're just so happy. We love you. Thank you for this. This is incredible,' Mendes said. Thank you so much to all of our fans watching. We love you so much. Engaging sight: The award winner caught the eye in a red cowboy hat, matching suit and heels.

Lil Nas X ft. Normani ft. LSD ft. BTS ft. The Chainsmokers ft. Share this article Share. Deviant La Vie bespoke rope dress Check out the designer here Visit site. Brendon Urie — ME! Paak ft. Ariana Grande — Rule the World 21 Savage ft. Back to top Home News U.

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Laist mtv delivers first fuck of

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