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The physics system is equally simple in concept, forgoing fancy slides and maneuvering to provide only the basics. When you spot an enemy vehicle or emplacement, you can track it by hovering the cursor nearby, which brings up an arcade-style health bar over your foe. In either mode of transit, the on-screen HUD is simple, featuring a map, a list of objectives, a radar detailing enemy positions, an ammunition gauge and a hit point counter. Strewn around every map are power-ups, like Humvee rockets and health packs, presumably dropped by friendly helicopters. Old PC Gaming.

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There are far too many people out there who choose not to use their nice crystal glassware simply because they do not know how to properly clean it and are afraid they will end up damaging it. Crystal is as expensive as it is delicate. Things of such beauty should not be shut up in a cupboard and forgotten about. They should be used and enjoyed. I think everyone, on occasion, should treat themselves to a little crystalline luxury.

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Though ''The Girl Next Door,'' a naughty new comedy that opens nationwide today, concerns the behavior of porn stars, it is unlikely to be mistaken for a pornographic movie. Or so I'm told. Its own feverish confusion, that is, may be an accurate reflection of a social landscape that includes both abstinence-only sex education and ''Girls Gone Wild. Matt Emile Hirsch is a high-achieving, dutiful high school senior who gazes longingly at the hedonistic antics of the jocks, the cool kids and the popular babes all of whom look about 10 years older than he does , wishing he had the nerve to cut loose and be free. Like a live-action Jimmy Neutron, Matt, a handsome, well-adjusted young man, comes equipped with two nerdy sidekicks, in his case a sex-crazed film geek Chris Marquette and a pasty-faced, long-haired nebbish Paul Dano.