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When kids say the darnedest things, audiences laugh. He insists on bringing along his two best friends, Lucas Keith L. They meet their match in a pair of older girls next door who catch the boys spying on them, and the age differences between the two groups make for a hilarious showdown. However, once the initial shock and giggles have worn off, the potty-mouthed punchlines can feel overdone. Show Comments.

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Have you been considering a medical career in Kentucky, but are not sure if it is the right path for you? If so, why not start out by becoming a nurse aide? Not only are nurse aide programs extremely short, but by working in this field, you can experience firsthand what a medical career is like. While the majority of the 50 states require their nurse aides to become certified, Kentucky requires its to become registered. After you complete the required training, you must take a nurse aide competency exam, which is administered by Kentucky Technical and Community College.

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The age at which a person is deemed legally competent to consent to sexual activity varies widely around the world - and even within Europe. In the UK, the age of consent stands at 16, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. So how does this compare with the rest of the world? Europe: Spain previously had the lowest age of consent in Europe, but raised it from 13 to 16 in , bringing it in line with the UK, Russia, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Belgium. Children as young as 14 are considered able to consent to sex in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Portugal.

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The Flemish Eye Splice is formed by opening or unlaying the rope body into two parts. The rope is unlayed far enough back to allow the loop or eye to be formed by looping one part in one direction, and the other part in the other direction, then laying the rope back together. The strands are then rolled back around the rope body, a metal sleeve is then slipped over the ends of the splice and pressed swaged to secure the ends to the body of the sling. Applications: Suitable for use in high temperatures blast furnaces. Widely used in offshore applications.

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F or the first time in 14 years since its creation, FYF has been canceled. Poor ticket sales doomed the festival, organizers said. Billboard was first to report that low ticket sales were blamed. But the cancellation of what had become a significant SoCal competitor to the crowded music festival space was also partly explained by the controversies surrounding its founder, Sean Carlson. FYF founder Sean Carlson, who started the festival in Echo Park as an alternative music fan when he was 18 years old, had been embroiled in a sexual misconduct scandal since graphic allegations against him began surfacing late last year.